The Republic Of Galgona

NationStates | The Republic of Galgona The flag is there
(long): The Republic of Galgona
Galgona: France or Brazil

[b]Motto: Together we GO ON! . (optional) National Animal: Orangituan [b]National Flower/Plant: The plant of life (fictional)
National Anthem: We salute our past heroes, that fell for our future, we will stand as a team and we’ll rise for them with glee! (With glee!)

[b]Capitol: Galgonia
[b]Largest City: Galgonia

Demonym: Galgonan
Language: Galgonish: It dates back thousands of years but most of our populations primary language is american English but it is like Hawiaen or Irish it isn’t really a primary language but a secondary.
Population: As of this years census our population is rounded up to 5,000,000.

[b]Government type:Communist
[b]Leader (s): The mighty emperor Hyron Miriarky
The laws are made in the temple of law in the capital city of Galgonia.
Our current goverment came into power in 1925 but there was more before it. Total GDP and GDP per capita. Our GDP per year is 291 billion and our GDP per capita is rounded up to 58,000.
GDP per capita:
[b]Currency: We have our own currency called ‘Gala’

Calling Code: 295
ISO 3166 code: GG and GGA
Internet TLD: Top Level Domain of your nation. (For example, like .uk or .us) .ga

Historical Summary: A brief overview of your nation’s history. In 300 B.C. a disenfranchised Crimpatein military commander who led a munity of a small crew of trusted friends and loyal soldiers on one campaign and head off to that piece of land to create a nation that would be known till the present day as Galgona.

But before this so called conquest. without the military muscles needed for a proper conquest, Rickon resorted to playing nice by using his wits and his crew’s technical prowess to ‘impress’ the locals into helping them and from there slowly overcome local power structure and setting himself at the top - thus forming what is essentially proto Galgona.

Rickon was not a believer of speciism which Sayeed (One of the neighbouring nations) Didn’t like at all. So when Rickon (The first leader/emperor) of Galgona died and Hyron Miriarky The 1st took over as emperor that is when the actual conflict started between the 2 nations Galgona and Sayeed. You see Rickon was a very chilled out emperor he was almost ‘too chilled out’ because things started to go awfully wrong in Galgona. Crime such as murder and stealing soared up in his final year of being emperor (The final year of his life too) And as Hyron described in Galgonas 1st official election. "It took 1 man and 1 man only to take us out of our misery of death due to the people we love aka our own citizens. Shangron Ertuiol who had snuck into Rickons sleeping quarters and stabbed him with the end of a branch. This took place in 874 AD.

The Hyron Miriarky The 1st Era 875 AD. - 900 AD
Hyron was the emperor to present the descion to the public that we create a native language. So that we can communicate in situations such as during a sayeed attack (which Hyron thought would be imminent in the near future and I will explain why later) But after some convincing the public and multiple polls the public finally agrees to a native language. Of course people from other nations before that moved in already had a secondary language but were willing to take this language up.

It took till 888 AD for the first official book of words to be released to the public lets go back to 880 AD where another issue arises. Remember when I told you that Hyron thought that conflict and/or attack was immanent. Well a hand written letter came from the Emira (Queen of Sayeed) to Hyron saying that they don’t think that it is good for a non speciism nation to be above an extremely specified nation (That is Sayeed) and that if they didn’t flee there homes and give Sayeed the land then conflict will happen between Sayeed and Galgona. Hyron saw this coming and notified his government about the letter he had been given on that normal Sunday morning in 880 AD Hyron wrote a letter back starting the letter off saying that ‘as a first time contacting a new country that is a horrible way to at least fake to be nice’ Hyron in the letter said that they will not be fleeing their homes and that it dosen’t matter speciism or non speciism we are equal as humans.

After a lot of back and forth between the 2 nations Hyron Miriarky died of a stroke it is thought in 900 AD

The War Of Galgona and Sayeed 901 AD - 915 AD
A new emperor was elected and it was Hyron the 1st son Hyron Miriarky the 2nd who wanted to continue his fathers leadership. He knew that he had joined at a pretty bad time but that didn’t matter. Meanwhile Sayeed was getting ready to stealthily move into a southern village called Shurkrook (It was a newly built town 5 miles north from the border between Galgona and Sayeed) And at apparently 5:21am September time 901 AD The village didn’t know how to react and it only took 2-4 hours to wipe the entire town and burn it down afterwards.

The Galgonan Government didn’t know how to react when Sayeed a country that they were only going back and fourth with via letters just wiped out hundreds of their citizens and after the attack Hyron declared war on Sayeed. And for 14 long years attacks went back and fourth. Some examples of attacks is when a crew of 40 Galgonans killed one of Sayeeds old board officials or when Sayeeds army tried to attack the capital of Galgona, Galgonia and were stopped from doing so 23 times in 2 years.

But in 915 AD. Sayeed became too strong for Galgona and later that year and agreement was made that Galgona would give Sayeed 1/6th of their land to have full ownership of (In the south of the nation) And it looked like the war completely ended.

The Galgonan Civil War
In between the years of 915 AD - 945 AD Sayeed moved in 1 million of thier citizens. But meanwhile Hyron formed an army that is known as the GNA (Galgonan National Army) and made multiple attacks on Sayeeds share of the land.

In 947 AD. Hyron Miriarky The 2nd died and he was replaced by a man called shurkuk lansmar who is a big part of the rest of this civil war. In 949 AD . Sayeeds share of the land made a group caled the SGNNA (The Sayeed-Galgonan Non National Army) Who made several successful attacks on villages in Galgona and The GNA made even MORE successful attacks and the SGNNA knew that the GNA would never gave up and so they deployed some SNA - Sayeed Nation Army to help the SGNNA to keep the land that is ‘theirs’.

In 951 AD The GNA was officially named the new official army of Galgona after the government made the decision after trialing this army. This meant that the entire Galgonan army would join the GNA. Which they did. Another thing that happened is that the SGNNA attacked the capital which wasn’t part of their land so other nations didn’t respect Sayeed anymore.

In 953 AD. The GNA had to wipe out one of their own towns (That Sayeed owned but used to be theirs) after the ratio between Sayeed residents and Galgonan residents got way to bad (80% Sayeed 20% Galgonans) They completely wiped out 800 Sayeeds.

In 955 AD. Sayeed surrenders after a last attack was made killing 450 members of the SGNNA and 60 civilian’s in the city of Ghaldont and after the surrender all people originally from Sayeed had to move back.

`955 AD. - 2023

From then on Galgona became a very neutral country. The conflict between Galgona and Sayeed became very political and the rest of the events that took place aren’t really important enough to have their own section.

In 1129 a group was formed by a SGNNA member and he named it SRA (The Sayeed Revenge Army) or (جيش انتقام سعيد) they attacked innocent people from South Galgona in between the years of 1129 - 1155 until the leader was assassinated

In 1455 a new government took over and it went from ወርቁ መንግስት (The Gold Government is what they called themselves) to አዲሱ ታላቅ መንግስት (The new great government) both names sounded unprofessional but they were both extremely serious about their job of running the nation.

In 1566 The first Hyron Miriarky to be emperor since the 2nd takes over he is Hyron Miriarky the 8th and his a fantastic emperor and can debate with the Sayeeds really good.

In 1678 The first 2 political party’s started there was the ኮሚኒስቶች (Communists in Galgonian) and ዴሞክራቶች (Democrats)

In 1925 the newest government comes into power and call themselves የጋልጎናን መንግሥት (The Galgonan Governments) Which is the government that you know now.