The Republic of North Westmore



Nation Name (long): The Republic of North Westmore
Nation Name (short): North Westmore

Motto: Libertas
National Animal: Fox
National Flower/Plant:
National Anthem: The Internationale

Capitol: Byron
Largest City: Northland City

Demonym: Westmorian
Language: Staynish
Species: Human, Vulpine, Nekonomini
Population: 8,540,221

Government type: Republic
Leader(s): President Holt Byron
Legislature: Parliament House, Northland City
Formation: 1933

Total GDP: $482.2 billion
GDP per capita: $56462
Currency: Dollar

Calling Code: 540
ISO 3166 code: WM, NWM
Internet TLD: .wm

Historical Summary: A relatively peaceful and stable country that hasn’t really been involved in the geopolitical scene. It has been mostly isolationist for most of its history but only recently began to reach out to other nations around it.

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