The Right to Education

The Right to Education

A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts.

Category: Education and Creativity

Area of Effect: Educational

Proposed by: Meekinos

Description: The World Assembly,

Acknowledging the importance of education as a contributing factor to self and community betterment;

Understanding the importance of an individual’s growth through continual learning;

Believing that equal opportunity learning will better the community as a whole;

Further acknowledging a nation’s right to an education system that is custom tailored to its needs;


  1. Mandates that Member States shall:
    a) Not restrict the pursuit of learning for its citizens;
    b) Promote learning and education within its borders;
    c) Ensure affordability for its citizens if it has a user-pay system, so that even the lowest income earners are able to send their children to school and return to school in order to better themselves, without incurring a burdensome debt;
    d) Create its own national standards for teachers to ensure a reasonable level of competence;
    e) Establish a standard curriculum for its students based on its own needs and future goals;
    f) Ensure that the tools needed for learning are made available to all;
    g) Not force a citizen to end their education upon reaching age of majority.

  2. Whereas no formal government funded educational system exists, Member States shall:
    a) Allow its citizens to pursue their education abroad;
    b) Allow for the private sector to provide education.

  3. Emphasises that this Resolution does not affect a member state’s right to have:
    a) Religious schools and religious teaching;
    b) Vocational schools with specific focuses;
    c) Academic schools at primary, secondary and post-secondary levels;
    d) Home-schooling systems;
    e) Any other form of educational system;
    f) Any level of government to control the education system.

co-authored with Charlotte Ryberg

While i´m not against education, this resolution is too prone to dangerous interpretations, because if you enforce article 1a, you can stop your citizens to learn bomb-making if they want, but if you enforce 3f you can ban your citizens from whatever you want… is the link to WA forum discussion.

Up to now we see some support, the usual questions over grammar, the interpretation issues that made me change my vote to against and a 2nd draft being proposed by another nation.

Last Decision

The General Assembly resolution The Right to Education was passed 4,374 votes to 1,176, and implemented in all WA member nations.