The Southern Wastes / The Native Republic of Sadoriwymmu

Nation Name (long): The Native Republic of Sadoriwymmu
Nation Name (short): The Southern Wastes
Population: 10 million

Capitol: Dalesburg (de jure), Hillenburg (de facto)
Largest City: Hillenburg

Demonym: Westmorian
Language: Codexian, Staynish, Djarramhan

Government type: Republic (de jure), Anarchy (de facto)
Leader(s): Nobody (de jure), Bronson Armani, Helena DeSantos, General Joshua Abana (de facto)
Legislature: None
Formation: 1965

Total GDP: $12b USD
GDP per capita: $1.7k USD
Currency: None (de jure), Westmorian Dollar, Desiree Credits, Bottle Caps (de facto)

Calling Code: None
ISO 3166 code: SDM, SD

Historical Summary: A splinter state formed in 1965 after the Split from the Democratic Republic of Westmore, the Native’s Republic of Sadoriwymmu, known also as the Southern Wastes in the modern day, almost immediately declined into a state of total anarchy over a period of 30 years as the government became more and more unstable and non-functional. By the mid-1990s Sadoriwymmu had become a failed state and more or less was no longer a country by conventional standards.

In recent times, a degree of governance has returned to the fallen country, albeit in a less-than-favourable manner. While the old Government of Sadoriwymmu is now long gone, in its place three rival factions now vie for absolute control over the Southern Wastes. They the Arrowhead Army, a PMC led by a warlord known as Bronson Armani, the Desiree Corporation, a company that is alleged to be backed by the North Westmore government and is led by CEO Helena DeSantos, and the People’s Army of Sadoriwymmu, an illegitimate successor to the Liberation Army of Sadoriwymmu led by former LAS General Joshua Abana. Each faction is equally horrible and equally brutal to the shaken and downtrodden people of Sadoriwymmu, and as such the nation has one of the worst track records of sapient rights violations in the entire world.

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