The Suan Liberation Front

Greetings friends!

I am new to this forum, and new to NationStates as well. I just started yesterday and am having a lot of fun with it thus far. My nation is the newly formed republic of Suans, for more info please check out my factbook

I am new to RP so I hope you all will help me along. Anyway my intention with this thread is to create a crack team of elite sabateurs looking to disrupt the newly formed Suans Republic. This team, calling itself The Suan Liberation Front, is financed by the previous regime as well as wester corporate interests and are generally up to no good. If the RP goes well, look for our story to make an impact on the Suan Republic and our shananigans to be reported in the Suans News Service in the national news thread.

I ask that those who wish to participate please familiarize yourselves with the factbook of my nation and dont hesitate to contact me with any questions. Without further delay let us begin by establishing our characters, and preparing for our first mission.

A gentle mist rolled through the rocks of the Low’se mountain. Aaorld Au Brian took a long drag from his cigarette and let the butt fly through his fingers into the cool morning breeze.
The view he commanded was extraordinary. Small lumber villages dotted the landscape as the horizons rolling hills and lush rainforests disappeared from view. Squinting, Aaorld tried to will his vision to expand upon the city of Sol’ose, his target. Soon he would be there. After the countryside campaign was complete, he would enter that city a conquering hero… and a rich man.
Aarold didn’t like working with mercenaries, but he had little choice. He was a company man, craving structure and discipline, but he expected that the team he would lead would be anything but disciplined.
He smoothed his black, grey specked hair thinking about the bitter departure from the Secret Intelligence Agency a year ago. How could he have anticipated the rise of the East Pacific Concordat, and there relentless pressure to have the coalition withdraw from Suans. And yet he took the blame… early retirement they told him, to ease his wounded ego.
With a sigh Aaorld turned from the beautiful view and proceeded to a small cave cut into the side of the mountain. The cavern within was pitch black, yet he knew every crevice and rock like the back of his hand. In the center was a large pitfall. Aarold moved to the edge and released the rope from his harness and clipped it to an inconspicuos latch on the edge of the hole. With a deep breath, he fell through.

At the bottom of the drop, darkness gave way to a well lit chamber, computers, maps, lockers and weapon racks lined the rocky walls. Aarold unfastened his harness and let himself fall to the floor. He faced his team with a cold stare. They must fear me, and respect me, he thought to himself.

He realized now, as he inspected his team, that with his dismissal from SIS, he was free to carry out the black ops of the western superpowers. He would still serve his country, and collect a bigger paycheck in the process, and no one knew the Suans Valley like he did. He was the perfect man for the job.

“Fall in people.” He said sternly, with the authority of a man who had served all his life in armed forces “I have your dossiers, I know your story, but many of you are meeting for the first time. Tell me your history, the redacted version, if you like. We are a team, and it is important for the others here to know the solider they will be fighting beside…”
Aarold fixes the first solider under his cold stare, and waits for a response…