The Tasman Daily Telegram

The Tasman Daily Telegram

Nation Remains on High Alert

Staff Reporter
Paul Sutherland

Sources in the Ministry of Defence have indicated that the military will remain on high alert in response to the orbiiting Pax fleets and the heightened activity of the Hive Nodes on the Pax EP colony. The same sources confirmed massive troop deployment but would make no comment on the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Ron Pearson, spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence stated that there was no need for an overreaction on the part of citizens. Pearson, newly appointed to the position, refused to speculate on the intentions of the Pax. “EPTO will respond. We will, of course, follow their lead.”

Prior to the Pax attack on Tassalvalta, there were rumours of substantial troop deployment into the Kashaboholeth range on the eastern borders of Kangarawa. When aked if the Ministry had anticipated the Pax attack and the feasibility of maintaining a strong military presence in the mountains, Pearson declined to comment.

Travel restrictions have been issued for: Free Pacific States, Dovakhan, East Malaysia and Reziel. Non nationals have been advised to contact their Embassies in either Tasman or Lanarcus for the latest changes/updates to visa/travel requirements.

Investigation Reopened

Staff Reporter
Brenda Corrigan

The investigation into the assassinations of former President Peter Mappins and his Vice President, Chantal Scythes, has been reopened. In an unexpected press conference late last night, Federal Agent Michael Karoth stated that information recently received indicates that the Kandari may not have acted alone as was first believed. He did not provide further detail other than to say that several former high-ranking members of the Mappins’ government, including Charles Fisher (Intelligence) and David R. Miller (Interregional Affairs) were being sought to help aid in the investigation. When asked if arrests were imminent, Karoth declined to comment.

In a brief telephone interview with Jantine Mappins this morning the former First Lady expressed her shock at the new investigation. “I am appalled at the implication that anyone who worked closely with my husband was involved. As for Mr. Fisher and Dr. Miller? They were friends as well as colleagues. Fisher would never have closed the investigation had he thought there was internal involvement and I, for one, do not believe for even a moment that anyone close to my husband was involved. This is a waste of time and resources.”

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Who Profits from Privatisation?

Staff Reporter
Ethan Anderson

The Lower House was in an uproar late yesterday afternoon when it was revealed that the Ministry of Transportation had finalised the negotiations to lease Highway 302 connecting the ports of Tasman and Lanarcus to GenDom, a subsidiary of construction giant PFL, for fifty years. Completed eight months ago, the highway was commissioned to relieve traffic congestion on coastal highway #2 which cannot be widened.

“With the exorbitant tolls PFL charges, traffic on the 302 will be minimal,” said Democratic Socialist leader Paul Raineir. “This defeats the entire purpose of building this highway and is only the tip of the iceberg. Lanarcus Electric, our minimum security prisons, our rural postal services, airport security; I’ve lost track over the last six months. Where is the accountability? Where is the provision for availability of information to citizens, participation in decision-making? These P3 partnerships are a blight on democracy. Someone is making a killing off these deals and it certainly isn’t the average citizen.” When asked to elaborate on his last statement, a visibly upset Raineir declined further comment.

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The Tasman Daily Telegram

Former Ambassador Dead

Staff Reporter
Tahron Simothan

At a Press Conference early this morning, Minister of IA, Carolyn Masters, read from a prepared statement. She confirmed that Marilyn Janus, former Ambassador to The Grand Duchy of Reziel, was to have been extradited on charges of murder. The helicopter carrying Ms Janus disappeared off the shores of Kasmir Island en route to Camp Kashoth, the Kangarawan military installation in Reziel. Mr. Norman Vitras will be replacing Janus as Ambassador later today.

Ms Masters, visibly upset, left the podium immediately, declining questions. Press Secretary Ron Danbrook stated that information will be released as it becomes available, provided that it does not impact national security. He declined to comment on the existence of a Faction in Kangarawa, let alone the “infamous activities of the inhuman Kangarawan movement” as stated by Lady Ileana De Corde, spokesman for the Grand Duchy of Reziel.

(see: Speculation, pg. G3)

Candlelight Vigils held throughout Tasman City

Staff Reporter
Paul Sutherland

Police estimate that over two thousand individuals converged on the Convention Centre outside the Arboretum in the Capitol late last evening following the broadcast from the Grand Duchy of Reziel. The gathering was peaceful. Most present carried lit candles or lanterns mourning the assassinations of former President Peter Mappins, Vice President Chantal Scythes and the members of her family. Smaller gatherings occurred outside the Armoury, at the home of Mappins’ widow, and in several other locations throughout the city.

Consensus of those spoken to indicates a strong desire to see the President move against those responsible for the deaths. None had before heard reference to the mysterious faction referred to in the broadcast. Concerns that the Rezielians seemed more aware of internal corruption than our own government were voiced. Many expressed a desire to see the President utilise Rezielian expertise in bringing those responsible for the assassinations to justice.

(see: Comments, pg. E6)