The Topic of Minor Strat Retcons

Well, I’ve decided that if a very slight tweak ever needs to be made, I’d post it here to make it official.

Wodka, the main Strataric alcoholic beverage, has been renamed “senikhost.” It comes from “pishenistakost”, which is a combination from the word for wheat (pshenitsa) and the word for liquid (zhidkost). Shortened and slightly modified from its original name to the modern name due to the cumbersome nature of the word.

After talking a bit with Furni on the topic a few days ago, I’m retconning the Valyet’s value (which had previously been at 0.35 or so USD). As it’s not made from a base metal, but instead silver, the realistic value would in fact be 3 USD.

Unless my brain’s fried and I’m misremembering that entire conversation.