The Wolfist Manifesto

“The Wolfist Manifesto!”. A foundational document for Modern Raider Unity. Many modern raider propaganda and conceptions of modern raiding armies borrow ideas from “The Wolfist Manifesto”.

Evil Wolf - March 13 2007
One day Evil Wolf of Lone Wolves United got into the vodka cabinet again and got really hammered. By a cruel twist of fate he found a pen and a pad of paper and began to write. The follow is the blight he unleashed upon us all…

The Wolfist Manifesto!
translated to the best of his abilities by Scardino because Wolf was really, really smashed

A specter is haunting Nationstates- The specter of Wolfism! All the powers of old Nationstates have tried to hunt down this specter and exorcize it: Pope Hope and ADN, Eurosoviets and RLA, Grub and TITO, FRA, SFBA, and more! All have failed!

Where in the feeders has there not been a party immediately branded as Wolfist for standing against the government? Where has not the justification for the overthrow of an otherwise just government been anything but Wolfism?
Two things result from this fact:

  1. Wolfism is already acknowledged by all Nationstates powers to be itself a power.
  2. It is high time that, in the face of all, Wolfists from across Nationstates publish their goals, views, and tendencies and meet this backwards nursery tale of the specter of Wolfism with a manifesto of thought. To this end, I have taken it upon myself to publish this school of thought for all the world to see and then have it published across Nationstates itself!

I. Raiders and Defenders

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggles. Prime amongst this vortex of clashes are the raiders. The raiders are backbone of Nationstates, it is them who make our world interesting by ever stocking our shelves with conflict. They are the ones who make Nationstates a fun game and without them the world as we know it would be dull. It is the goal, nay, the responsibility of all who play the game to strive to become the best raider they can be!

By contrast are the defenders, who once where the weaker of the two parties now stomp around as if they rule the place. Once defending was a good idea, it kept the game in check by limiting the successes of raiders and making things more interesting for all. But with their rise as a power the world has now reached a dullness never seen before. Partly to blame is the defender domination of the feeders. The feeders once were a place ripe with conflict where delegates changed one a week and governments rose and fell. Now all feeders are concrete, there is no change, thanks to defender dominance, and the world has become slightly greyer.

More so to the point, defenders have abused raiders to gain power and status within Nationstates. Raiders are the true heroes of the game and deserve recognition as such and yet defenders, through their conniving ways, prevent this from ever happening!

II. The Raider and the Wolfist

In what relations do Wolfists stand to raiders as a whole?

The Wolfist does not form a separate part opposed to other raiders.

They have no interests separate and apart from those of the raiders as a whole.

They do not set up any sectarian principles of their own, by which to shape or mold the raider movement.

The goals of that of a Wolfist and that of a raider only differ as such

  1. Wolfists seek to stomp out all forms of defenders no matter where they take refuge and thus bring about the “dictatorship of the raider”.
  2. Wolfist believe that all regions should be raider and that to raid a region should be of the greatest honor for that raided region and thus propels them towards the enlightened path.

The immediate aim of the Wolfists is the same as that of all other raider parties: The formation of a raider power, the overthrow of defender supremacy, the conquest of all of Nationstates by raider powers.

The theoretical conclusions of the Wolfists are in no way based on ideas or principles that have been invented, or discovered by the so called “reformers” of Nationstates, defenders.

In this way, we, the Wolfist, hope to make the game less dull and feel that this change is unavoidable and part of the evolution of the game, which is need if it hopes to survive.

The Wolfist disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only through forcible overthrow of all existing game conditions. Lets the ruling defender classes tremble at a Wolfist revolution. The raiders have nothing to lose but their chains, but have a whole game to conquer!

Raiders of All Nationstates, Unite!