The Zukchivan News Broadcast

“Is this thing on?”

“I don’t know! Just turn the camera!”

“Well, what if they are hearing us??”

“It is kind of late for that, don’t you think?”

“Okay, okay, hit the camera. Hopefully they did not hear to much”

Camera rolls

National Zukchivan Broadcast
January 28, 2018

Words flash across the screen
Welcome to the Zukchivan broadcast system! This is the old system, revamped and anew! We will be providing national, and sometimes international news through this system! For now, we have one thing to report.

A few days ago, the Zukchivan people elected their first President! His name is Zoyral Seveni, and he won the election against four other candidates, by only a small margin!

That is all for now. Signing off.

Clapping is heard

“Happy Birthday!”

“SHUSH! The microphone is on! Get the camera rolling!”

“Why don’t you just-”

Angry whispering is heard, before feet walking quickly are heard

“Roll the camera!!!”

Camera rolls

National Zukchivan Broadcast
January 31, 2018

Hello! Welcome to the Zukchivan Broadcast System, where you hear everything you need to know!

Starting off, our President Zoyral Seveni has left to foreign lands to attend a multi-nation event. This event is being known as an important step for Zukchiva in gaining recognition with other nations all across the world. Our President was reported to have left for this important event approximately two days ago, and is currently residing in one of the five-star hotels in the hosting nation.

The House has voted on a new national Zukchivan motto with much debate. After a tense vote, it was found that 60% percent of representatives are supporting the new motto. Our President has also approved, and our new national motto shall be official shortly. The new motto for our nation is “United Under One Trust, One Goal, One Power”.

That is all for now. Signing off.

National Zukchivan Broadcast

February 10th, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Zukchivan broadcast system!

Recently new alliances have been made the Valokchian Federation! We hope to see both of our glorious nations each each other and the world for decades to come!

The House has recently been debating trying to improve Zukchiva’s infrastructure with a small project. It is possible that this will be up for vote in one or two weeks.

That is all for now. Signing off.

International Zukchivan Broadcast

February 2018

Hello! Welcome to the special Zukchivan broadcast, where everything you need to know about foreign countries is found!

Today marks the time tensions when are rising with the country known as Kraznia and The People’s Republic of Neueburg. One of our reporters is on the scene to report on the happenings and the aftermath of the battle. We will read to you the report she has sent to us.

“The Volkswehr are extremely professional and disciplined and capable, we are confident in our victory” declares an officer of the Volkswehr." as quoted from Neuburg’s battle reports. “Against all odds, against all predictions and analysis by so-called experts, the Volkswehr have victory in hand here in Dettelschau – it is inevitable; we know it and Kraznians know it. Everyone can see and knows we will win,” says an Unteroffizier of the Volkswehr in the building.

“Here in Dettelschau Neueburg’s soldiers are making their stand around the town hall, severely damaged after a mortar barrage.”-Excerpt from an unknown source.

The battle for Dettelschau is proving to be a hard fought battle, and victory will soon to be decided. It has been reported that the Kraznain militiamen
are being fought street by street, and now Neureburg soldiers are setting up a defense position in the village town hall. They plan to fight to the last soldier to hold the village. Only time will tell on who will be victorious in the first battle in what may become be a major civil war. We will continue to keep you updated as soon as possible. International Zukchivan Broadcast, signing out.

After vigorous fighting, the Volkswehr failed to keep the village of Dettelschau. The Krannain militia managed to take the village, and are now engaging in battle with the Volkswehr around the borders of the village, and are beginning to reach into Neueburg.
That is all for now. Signing off.

International Zukchivan Broadcast

April 8th, 2018

Civil War in Trukya
A new civil war in Trukya has sprung up. The Daiymos of Trukya have stopped obeying the government, and have begun fighting.
War has begun, and now multiple clans that make up Trukya are fighting for resources, and the ultimate power to rule and
decide the fate of Trukya.

Murder in Valokchia
Sometime during the past few days, Valokchian Minister of Defense, Ingwar Nesic was found dead in a warehouse. He was tied to
a chair, and found with four bullet wounds. It is currently unknown which shots were fatalities.

Shooting at Local Store
Today a shooting has taken place in a local store that was very popular with the locals. Sources say that the gun man walked in, and after ordering his items, took out a pistol and began to shoot at the shoppers. Luckily, no one was killed, though two people were taken to the hospital. It is unknown for the motive for the shooting.

That is all for now, signing off.

International Zukchivan Broadcast

April 19th, 2018

New Water Breakthrough
While doing research during the past month on water evaporation, government scientist Zataria Gonalez found a startling break though that can massively contribute to the desalination industry. During her latest experiment, she managed to find a way to desalinate water more quickly and efficiently than current methods on Urth. Experts believe that this discovery will soon hit the markets and make the desalination industry the biggest industry and trade of Zukchiva. They also expect that this discovery will grow the markets of Zukchiva by a large amount.

New bill passed in Congress
The Zukchivan House of Representatives has recently passed a bill, which will raise taxes on corporations starting on the week of 4/23/2018. This is to begin collected money to start training astronauts who will soon begin to rotate with Zukchiva’s representative in the Space Lab missions. It is yet to be seen if it will be signed into law, though it is looking most likely as this will help Zukchiva in the long run.

That is all for now. Signing off.

National Zukchivan Broadcast

May 14th, 2018

Hello! Welcome to the National Zukchivan Broadcast, where we share stories that you need to know about. Here are today’s main stories:

Coup of Valokchia
On April 30th, 2018 president Danilo Pejic was assassinated by a white-furred vulpine, who was later apprehended by Valokchian police. A day later on May 1st, a massive shootout occurred within the capital city. The parliament building was soon seized by members of the then later made known Valokchian Nationalist Party, after heavy causalities on both sides. On May 4th of 2018, Serpiko Pavlovic declared himself as the now Leader of the Empire of Valokchia. Pavlovic made the following statement about the coup: “This is only the first few days of my leadership, but will hopefully be for the decades to come, during my tenure will come for my hopes of further expanding the economy…And to basically bring forth a leap forward for this country, and will lead to reforms such as reforming the parliament, and especially the economy, as my confidence in the future of this nation is at an ultimate high.” President Zoyral Seveni made a statement about this coup, stating “The Republic of Zukchiva expresses sadness at the number of lives lost during this coup. Despite the unfortunate actions caused by the members of the coup, Zukchiva would like to extend an opportunity to continue the same relations that were maintained with the previous government.” The coup is expected to have various degrees of response from surrounding nations.

President planned to leave Duelland
Recently on May 14th, it was announced on the government site that President Zoyral will be leaving Zukchiva for a week long period. The reason for this is said to meet with the Presidents of Duelland and Nacata to talk about different topics concerning the nations. President Zoyral wishes that the meeting will go well with the member-nations, and that together they may become stronger. The President was recording saying “I am very excited about leaving to Duelland. This is the second time I will be attending to international affairs in my term. This meeting is another key to Zukchiva gaining allies and trust across the globe. I sincerely hope the meeting goes well, and that I will return to Zukchiva safely.” before stepping off the podium. Many people are supportive of the President’s actions. One interested citizen stated “Our nation is slowly gaining recognition from the international committee. Building alliances and good will between us and other nations is key to the success of our nation, and our prosperity.” While the majority of citizens seem to be supportive, a minority are against the President leaving so soon to another nation. “WELL, WHAT DOES THAT MAN THINK HE’S DOING??? VISITN’ ANOTHER NATION? TO EAT PANcaekS???! WHAT DAF-”. Unfortunately, we had to cut off the camera there as the man began to curse and insult our government. The President will leave on a classified date, with the Vice-President of Zukchiva stepping in to fulfill his duties until his return.

Infrastructure Project Under Debate
The House of Representatives has begun debate recently four days ago about starting an initiative to improve the infrastructure of Zukchiva. The plan, as proposed by the President, is too increase road and building construction standards. The plan also calls for the improvement of current roads around Zukchiva. Although it is unknown at this time what the House’s opinion is, it seems that they are leaning towards the project. Voting for the project is expected to take place around the 19th of May, 2018. Most Zukchivans are in support for this project, and hope that it will become a strong reality.

That’s all for now! Visit us next time for news all around Zukchiva!
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National Zukchivan Broadcast

May 26th, 2018

Hello and welcome to the National Zukchivan Broadcast! Where we tell you all that’s happening around Zukchiva, and the world! Here are our new stories.

New Science Initiative
President Zoyral has given another speech last Monday on what is another idea to occur in Zukchiva. As the press and audience settled in their seats, here is part of what the President said. “Our proud nation was just admitted into United Phoenix Nations a few weeks ago. Due to the initiative of this alliance to focus on economic and development in the sciences, we began our infrastructure program, which would increase the quality of our buildings and roads, and bring in more tourism. I am also proud to announce that I will be suggesting to the House a new initiative from the government to fund 100 scientists per year with interesting and resourceful experiments and ideas in the industries of agriculture, desalination, and military. We hope that this will encourage more youngsters to enter into the science career field and make Zukchiva a bountiful nation…”. Several scientists are happy with this news, as many believe that their inventions could help Zukchiva in the long-term. Famous scientist Ayrol Nei was recorded saying “This is excellent news! So much more can now be done for Zukchiva than ever before!” That is the current update on this story.

Debate Over Arms
Recently the new emblem was revealed as the winner of the government contest to seek a national symbol to represent Zukchiva. However, heads are now turning towards what was declared as second place in the contest, which wasn’t just an emblem but an almost completed Coat of Arms. This re sparked the ongoing debate over whether Zukchiva should protect an individual’s Coat of Arms, and set up a government institution to record such Arms. We have brought in heraldic hobbyist Jennifi Conti to talk to us about what this could mean, and what coat of arms are exactly.

“Thank you! So for those who do not know, a coat of arms is a symbol that represents a family and such. It is completely unique to every individual, and nations can have their own. This debate could lead to making Coat of Arms a thing in Zukchiva, where people could pay lots of money to have their own family coat of arms they can pass on to their children. Now, I have to go. Byeee!!”

After a proposal to the House, it has been decided that the matter will be voted on and the result revealed to the public 15 days from today, on whether there should be a heraldic institution in Zukchiva or not.

The Coup of Valokchia- What will happen next?
Today we have another guest speaker, Ubenci Grover! He has recently traveled abroad, and has learned much about politics in the past few years. Now he will share with us what might happen to our ally nation due to their coup.

“Thank you for having me here, presenting to the people of Zukchiva! Now then, where was I? Oh yea, here we are.” cough “The coup of Valokchia, as you all know, ended sometime at the beginning of this month. Many people around the globe are wondering what will happen next? Well I propose two answers to that question, and a quick reasoning behind this. One of course is that the coup remains successful and the current government will not fall for decades. This is due to the fact that the coup was largely well accomplished, and not many if at all loose ends left untied. However, there is still a possibility of another scenario, the one of revolution. The people while having been mostly unaffected by the coup, were not left unscathed. In the coming days, further law changes will see if things will remain the same for their livelihood. On the other hand, the parties of Valokchia have gone missing from the country. While this may or may not lead to revolution, or even affect it if a revolution does occur, no one knows. These are my theories on what may happen after the coup. Good day to you all.”

That’s all for today! Tune in next time to the National Zukchivan Broadcast, where you hear all you need to know!
That’s all for now! Signing off.

International Zukchivan News Broadcast

June 11th, 2018


Catastrophe at Seveni International Airport!

Hello! Today we have breaking news to report! Recently the ambassador from the Oan Isles, Mr Atamoto Toangakau, was recently declared deceased as of earlier today at 2:32 PM, June 11th, 2018. While police are still investigating how such a tragedy could have happened, here is what was released to us.

Recently the criminal known as Ajenadro Haker was putted on the police wanted list for his latest robbing of another government bank in Fajadi. Police have stated that the have found from Haker that he had bought a flight out of Zukchiva at Seveni International Airport and was wearing expensive clothes to fit in with the rest of important travelers. However, police appended him near terminal 2B, when the late Mr. Toangakau was exiting the terminal. Due to how they looked alike and the sketch given to police was not distinct enough to discern the two, they were both asked for identities. Mr. Toangakau told them that his luggage was still in the plane, and he accidently left his identification there. While some police were dispatched, the rest guarded the two suspects.

The police do not know why, but Mr. Tangakau broke off and ran down past the terminals, gunning for the security booths. Two policemen instantly gave chase, screaming into their radios for backup. At first no one noticed, though as the shouting of the officers intensified the airport soon cleared out to give a free way for the officers to chase him down. As the walking way cleared, one of the officers raised his knife, sighted, and threw, aiming his knife to hit the suspect’s arm. At that moment Mr. Toanagaku, say the police officers who chased him, began going down some stairs and was already turning left to jump the last of them. The knife hit him in the head instead, and he fell dead to the ground.

Zukchiva grieves sadly at this tragic incident, and hope that this will not dampen relations between the Oan Isles and Zukchiva. Current investigation is being taken under way to see what the next course of action will be for the two nations.

National Zukchivan Broadcast

June 17th, 2018

Hello there, and welcome to the Zukchivan Broadcast, where you learn all you need to know! Here are our main stories.

The Result Over Arms
Recently the House had been over an argument over whether to set up a national heraldic agency. The proposal was soon put to vote with a 67% majority against the proposal. However, the House has decided not to amend the Constitution, they decided instead to have the government not support a Coat of Arms for now and to leave the Constitution alone. This means that in the future it will be easier for a citizen to propose the support of Coats of Arms agencies in the future. While many people agree that this is a very good compromise, some citizens have taken to the streets demanding that a Coat of Arms agency be supported by the government. We have asked for the opinion of one protestor, named Charlie Witoni.

“This sucks a lot man! My family has held our coat of arms for as long as we can remember! Now I’m learning that I immigrated to the one place that won’t protect my rights to Arms! I plan to propose a bill which at least gives copyright to Coat of Arms if nothing else.”

The protests have remained peaceful so far, though police presence near the protests is currently notable to prevent any possible violence.

Massacre in Seveni
Recently in a hotel located in Seveni, a massive tragedy had taken place. A total of six people had been killed by what police have released to be vulpine Seienpik Slovek. It is reported by police that the vulpine went insane at around 3:32 PM in the afternoon. He first murdered an attendant who hotel staff reported was worried about the vulpine. Mr. Slovek then proceeded to walk down the hall way, murdering five other people with bite wounds around the throat and on the face. He then fell down on the floor after his sixth victim, where investigators speculate that he lay for a few minutes before quietly passing away. While the body is being sent back to his homeland, medical experts have managed to get some of his blood before his body was taken. It is currently being examined for a possible connection to rabies. The hotel is currently closed as it reevaluates security and the safety of future residents to make sure this never happens again.

Oan Ambassador Investigation Continues
After speaking with lawyers, the Oan Isles has decided to pursue legal action against the two officers involved with this case, with the backing of our government. They will also be sending in private investigators to see what they can gather to further their case in court. This action is expected to lessen the damage this incident has done to Zukchiva’s relationship with the Oan Isles. The Zukchivan government is currently exploring traces of corruption and lack of training in the government and state police forces. While there is no issue with this occurring, the families of the police officers have reported being in distress and preparing to fight the Oan Isles in court, though the odds do not seem to be in their favor. The case is very tense as both parties begin to ready their evidence.

That’s all for today! Tune in next time to the National Zukchivan Broadcast, where you hear all you need to know!
Signing off.

International Zukchivan Broadcast

July 21st, 2018


The news reporter looks flustered and unprepared, as if this news broadcast wasn’t planned…
New Virus suspected to be in Zukchiva

Recently a new virus was announced from a KNN international broadcast to the world. Already many small riots have erupted around the country due to this result. We have received many inquiries if this disease is within Zukchivan borders. While we are not sure yet, the government is searching for new evidence and is going to examine corpses from minor insanity cases that have been happening for the past few weeks. Already the first test result shows that the disease is within Zukchiva. However, the government reminds everyone NOT TO PANIC. Researchers are being called from all over Zukchiva to study this foreign disease, and more blood is being tested to see if the disease is wide-spread yet.

The symptoms of the disease are still being figured out, though it is expected that the final stages include dementia and insanity, as well as increased aggression. While still unsure, investigators have reasoned that the vulpine who murdered six people in that hotel may have contracted this disease in some way. The disease is currently being classified as an evolved form of rabies and should be easily avoidable once the symptoms and ways of transmission are discovered. Research is expected to begin soon.

The President will be giving a speech soon on the matter.

Hail Zukchiva!

National Zukchivan Broadcast

September 13th, 2018

Welcome residents of Zukchiva! We are reporting your daily news.

Pandemic Panic Gone, Research Continuing
Recently the government of Zukchiva has released a statement regarding the recent disease that has spread among Zukchiva. Currently, about 5,238 people have been infected in total, with around 100 dying. The statement was released on the government website. Here is the post:

”Hello, citizens of Zukchiva.

We are happy to announce that we have continued heavy research for the past two months. We believe we have a breakthrough in terms of how the disease spreads.

We will be issuing a health advisory effective one hour from the time of this post. To sum it down, it states:

  1. A contagious disease has spread throughout Zukchiva.

  2. It has been found that it can spread through blood. Therefore, all residents are recommended to avoid the exchanging of blood with other people. Please also make sure you are only accepting blood from a known and nationally-recognized hospital or blood service.

  3. While no evidence has been found that the disease can be spread through other bodily fluids, it is recommended to use preventive measures during intercourse to stop exchange of bodily fluids. However, this is only a preemptive measure until solid evidence proves or disproves the disease spreading through reproductional bodily fluids.

Thank you, citizens!”

The next upcoming story is also related to the pandemic.

Talks of Quarantine
Recently, a bill has been proposed to the House to enable a temporary quarantine of Zukchiva. The reason provided for the proposal was to prevent the spread of the disease until it either a cure was found or all people who had the disease are dead. It has recently entered the floor yesterday and has faced heavy opposition from many members. There are two main sides to the debate that have found a nearly split majority. Most politicians have gone home today, however, we managed to snag statements from two politicians, one from each side, as they were leaving for home. Here are the statements. Both politicians wished to remain anonymous until the end of the debate.

”…this proposal is stupid. It’s a guise under health and protection to leech the civil freedoms of Zukchiva. With this proposal, Zukchiva can quarantine anyone whenever they want, and spread false lies of a disease! I’m firmly against this proposal and…”

And now for an excerpt from the other politician we interviewed.

”…this proposal is what Zukchiva needs right now. We are in a health crisis which needs immediate action, or Zukchiva is doomed. And to all the people who are yelling their heads off in the ‘name of civil rights’, the bill specifically states that it will only allow Zukchiva to do so once. Once Zukchiva ends the quarantine, it cannot start another one. Seriously, I-”

That’s it for today! Tune in next time for the Zukchivan National Broadcast, where you know what you need to know!