To whom it may concern

To Whom it May concern-

We are Cascadia, a humble, hard working nation fleeing political tyranny and oppression. We are hoping to find asylum and citizenship among the good people in The East Pacific.

The Cascadian Collective is a group of well educated persons who had to flee their home land after their revolution was violently crushed by a despotic government that cared only for its possessions and wealth, not its people or precious natural resources. The cascadians are a group socialists who champion civil and economic rights, as well as environmental protection. We hate rampant consumerism and capitalism, and distrust and distrust any government that i run by small groups of people (a substantial group distrusts any government at all). For these reasons we where oppressed by our former government. After much debating by a group of Cascadians learn’ed in politics and social patterns known as the speakers, (Who frequently are the only visible leaders) choose The East Pacific as a acceptable place for the Collective to settle. We hope the people of the various nations in The East Pacific will welcome us, for they will find we are a easy bunch to get along with.

~Jeremy Vedder, Chief Speaker of the Cascadian Collective.