Treaty of Tranquility

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The East Pacific and Osiris, hereafter known as the signatories, in an expression of solidarity and cultural exchange, hereby mark a new era of friendship by signing this treaty.

Article I - Mutual recognition

Section 1. At the time of the passage of this treaty the recognized official government of The East Pacific is the Government of The East Pacific, as established by the Concordat.

Section 2. At the time of the passage of this treaty the recognized official government of Osiris is The Osiris Fraternal Order, as established by the Scroll of Horus.

Section 3. Both signatories agree to recognise the governments listed above as the official governments of the signatories respective regions. The signatories also agree to recognise any legal successor to the above governments as the legitimate government of the signatories respective regions.

Section 4. Should the governments listed in Sections 1 and 2 or their legal successors dissolve while in exile, the other signatory shall be freed from the requirements of Section 3 of this treaty.

Article II - Diplomatic relations

Section 1. The signatories agree to ensure continuing diplomatic relations with each other.

Section 2. The signatories shall maintain in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates site) and off-site embassies (i.e., on their regional forums) with one another.

Section 3. The signatories shall maintain diplomatic representatives within each other’s region to allow easy flow of information and regional updates.

Article III - Mutual Defense

Section 1. The signatories agree not to engage in any military hostilities against one another. Participation by the signatories on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either signatory’s home region shall not be considered “military hostilities against one another” for this purpose.

Section 2. The signatories will not attempt to overthrow each other or give any form of support to any parties, foreign or domestic, in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate recognized government of the other in their home region.

Section 3. The signatories shall provide one another defensive military assistance in the case of a military attack, either internal or external, targeting the other signatory’s home region, to the best of their ability.

Article IV - Intelligence sharing

Section 1. The signatories shall provide to their counterpart’s security apparatus any intelligence related to the other signatory’s in-game or off-site security, unless the signatory in possession of such intelligence reasonably believes that doing so would violate the signatories laws, or violate the terms of service for NationStates or said signatory’s forum provider, or unduly compromise said signatory’s sources of information. If this intelligence relates to actions of the other signatory’s Delegate, then it will be provided to the Viziers for The East Pacific, and the first in the line of succession for Osiris. For the purpose of this treaty the security apparatus of The East Pacific is the lawfully elected WA Delegate, and the security apparatus of Osiris is the Pharaoh.

Section 2. The signatories will keep confidential all intelligence provided to them under this Section, unless the other signatory consents to the release.

Section 3. The signatories will not in any way, direct or indirect, initiate or participate in espionage, subterfuge, or other clandestine operations against one another. For this purpose, a “clandestine operation” is one or more persons acting under false pretenses in one signatory’s home region, regional forum or Discord, without that signatory’s knowledge, and at the direction of the other signatory or other foreign powers

Article V - Culture

Section 1. The signatories will allow and encourage each other’s residents to participate in their social activities and cultural events, on or off the NationStates site, subject to their adherence to the rules of the region and of the relevant platform.

Section 2. Shared events, on or off the NationStates site, will be held at least annually, coordinated by the government members responsible for culture or by their nominees.

Article VI - Termination of Treaty

Section 1. A party that has decided to terminate the treaty must notify the other of their decision.

Section 2. There shall be a 3 day period after said notification is sent before the party in question may activate their mechanisms of repeal. If a mutual termination is agreed to, said 3 day period need not apply.

Section 3. Termination of this treaty shall not be seen as a formal act of war or hostility by either side.

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Ratified by the Magisterium on February 3rd, 2020.

The Osiris Fraternal Order at 10:31 PM UTC on August 22, 2020.