Triparites Return |AU|

This Roleplay is about a young lad named Devin, one day he stumbles into a box he shouldn’t have encountered and decides to learn the ritual labeled Do not Summon To Get Revenge on the people in his home city of Alabam, Celannica after they bullied & tormented him years after his Family Kicked him out of his home, Devin Will then find all the requirements for the ritual and perform it, this would Break Triparties Bond with the Realm he was banished to.

This RP Is Open to all who may want to join

The RP takes place in Modern Day.

Kirby had woken up from his usual nap, but he realized something, his entire home was different,

So he went outside and there he saw a massive statue of Trip, he was frightened he couldn’t believe it, he thought trip was banished from this realm he ran back inside scared out of his mind and went to look for his parents,

They told him that a certain boy opened the portal once again & let trip come back and that’s what has happened, Kirby was angered

Kirby for the next 3 months he was planning on getting revenge on Kevin & Takeout Trip but then something happened…

No please im innocent! (Cell Door closes)

Kirby’s plans have been revealed and he was sent to prison for life for high treason he couldn’t believe it he was now stuck in prison for life!

Kirby was not the only one to be sent to prison for his plans, many others also tried and failed.

with Kirby and the Rebels out of the ways Tripartite now could focus on getting revenge.