TRR Update No 17

Update no. 17, July 2015

Hello. LR here as the Foreign-Affairs Officer of TRR. It’s been awhile since our last update, so I hope you all don’t miss us too much and enjoy this pleasant update :slight_smile: .

New Delegate Elected

Most excitingly, we have a new Delegate. Following an intense election campaign, former TRR Delegate and prominent RRA Commander Guy was elected Delegate, replacing Unibot.

The election was initiated by Gradea, who first announced his challenge, reasoning that a year was too long for any GCR delegate to hold office. This drew inspiration from the community, as Cormac and Crazygirl also challenged for the position. Finally, Guy placed his name on the ballot. The campaign was fierce and the debates were intense, leading to a number of candidates withdrawing from the race. At the end of the election, the results were clear: McMasterdonia/Guy, a committed member of the community since 2011, pulled a clear majority, ending Unibot’s time as Delegate. We thank Unibot for his time at TRR.

Guy highlighted his major plans for the Delegacy as being the improvement of cooperation with other regions on cultural and security matters, as well as continuing the engagement and close relations with the on-site community.

Election Season: Yup, There Were More

As mentioned in our last update prior to this one, TRR’s constitution was modified to have regular Officer elections every 4 months, to be held every April, August and December. Since then, we also decided to accommodate regular elections for the position of Speaker of the Assembly, who is primarily responsible for maintenance of debate in TRR’s legislature. Elections for the Speaker are now held every four months in-between regular Officer elections. Delegate elections, however, will continue to remain on a challenge basis.

The April Officer elections resulted in fierce competition as seven candidates, both newcomers and veterans alike, contested for the four available positions. The results were as follows:

*Christian Democrats (WA Affairs)
*Kyorgia (Internal Affairs)
*Libetarian Republics (Foreign Affairs)
*Sad-States (Human Resources)

Prior to the Delegate election, the June Speaker elections were held. Guy was re-elected unopposed. Following his election to the Delegacy and vacation of the Speakership, a new contest was held for Speaker.

Two candidates put themselves forward for Speaker: ChurchofSatan and Tim Stark, otherwise known as Osiris’ Pharaoh. Following a very tight vote, and the candidates making their cases to the best of their abilities, Tim eventually secured the Speakership with a vote of 10-6. We’re looking forward to the Timtatorship his most benevolent Speakership.

Helping Lazarus

The formation of the NLO in Lazarus and subsequent conflict strongly affected all aspects of TRR life. Lazarus is the RR’s closest and oldest friends, the true bonds of friendship also being reflected by no less than four treaties. TRR immediately took the lead in responding to the situation, first attempting to secure a diplomatic solution through encouragement of the NLO regime to undo its devestating actions, and then more proactive measures through deployment of the RRA and the provision of temporary shelter and BBQ to the Lazarene natives-in-exile. TRR further boosted diplomatic support for the LUS by withdrawing embassies from the NPO and voting for their condemnation.

The RRA was closely involved with the Lazrene liberation attempt, with several RRA veterans leading the charge against the NLO through endo-tarting and RMB support. More importantly, the clandestine plan that eventually led to the NLO’s demise with closely supported by RRA Commanders Frattastan and Guy.

We wish our Lazarene friends all the best with their new government and Constitution, and we are looking forward to continuing working with them closely.

Speaker’s Report

Howdy everyone! While I’m currently serving in another office, I had the privilege of being TRR’s Speaker for the previous few months beforehand.

The last two months were very busy ones in TRR’s Assembly. Delegate Unibot laid out an ambitious legislative reform agenda, which included both Constitutional and statutory changes.

First, following passionate debate on our regional identity, TRR chose to entrench in its Constitution its respect for the principle of regional self-determination and opposition to invasions. This idea seems to have caught on, with our Lazarene friends using similar wording in their new Constitution. Second, as mentioned above, regular elections were extended to the Speakership. Lastly, TRR enacted its very first Charter of Civil Rights, which provides for ten rights afforded to all Rejectees, that decision-makers should have regard to.

Treaties have also been keeping the RR busy, with no less than eight treaties being ratified this year alone. Many of the Treaties involve reaching out to regions not usually involved in Gameplay, such as, while others are with more established regions such as Osiris.

Some proposals have not enjoyed as much success. Gradea proposed legislation relating to Vice Delegates, forming a Security Council (bearing a likeness to TNP’s) and providing the power to declare nations Persona non Grata to the Delegate. These proposals were rejected by the community, as they had either already been provided for by existing law, or they failed to take into account TRR’s unique situation in lacking the power of ejection. We wish Gradea every success with his future legislative endeavours.

Rejected Realms Army’s News

The RRA is still here, and still defending 12 years since its inception. It participated in several defensive missions including liberation of belgium, Eternal Scholars, and A Blank Canvas. The RRA assisted with the delegate transitions in the North Pacific & supported the liberation efforts during the recent Lazarus crisis.

News In Brief

  • The Citizenship Council is under new management. The Council consists of long-standing citizens Frattastan, Guy, and Christian Democrats.

  • Natives of Taco Island invade Kandyland! Recently, the natives of 10000 Islands arrange a friendly visit to the Rejected Realms RMB. We celebrate with BBQ & Tacos.

  • CG complains for more coffee