Two political party emblems

Hi ho, hi ho…

I was wondering if anyone can come up with two political party emblems for my tepwiki’s.

This is one ^ is for the Ethalrian Communist Unity Party, I’m thinking of having an emblem that resembles
 in shape, replacing the text with capital letters reading “Kommunistische  Einheitspartei Ethalria” and replacing the inside with a a star encompassing the ethalrian phoenix, both in this colour #A7060C (Ethalrian red).
Apart from those specifications, please feel free to mess around with fonts and border colours et cetera.

This is one ^ for the Vothetrian Socialists’ Party. Taking
, can you just change the reds to #A7060C (Ethalrian red) and change the writing to “Vöhmian Sozialistische Partei”  in all capital letters and feature a small ethalrian phoenix maybe at the bottom in the writing area.

I owe my thanks and gratitude to whoever pulls this off for me, thank you very much and good luck to anyone that tries.

Hope these work ok:

Nim, I f*ckin’ love you

thanks again <3