UCA Embassy

Union of Commonwealth Alliances

Motto: The Strength of Balance

The Union of Commonwealth Alliances also often abbreviated into UCA is an international trade alliance and millitary alliance compossed by nations near the Concordian Oceans, with members from Acturia, Gondwana, Concord and Novaris. The alliance was firstly an trade alliance first, was founded in 1981, with the founding nations being Norgsveldet, New Leganes, South Peragen, Puntalia, Dvalheim and Eyjaria. With the millitary aspect coming in affect in 1987 when protection of trade became more important. With the point of the alliance of mutual defense between it’s members and protection of trade.

The alliance having gained 4 member since it’s founding, those of being Atlae, Lokania, Lapinumbia and Durakia. With the three last nations being mentioned having joined it very recently in 2020. The alliance also holding joint cooperation with other alliances. 
Current members of the alliance being: Imperial Realm of Norgsveldet, Cooperative Commonwealth of New Leganés, Oblivion Islands and Shoneria, Kingdom of Atlae, Kingdom of South Peragen, Republic of Puntalia, Grand Duchy of Dvalheim, Commonwealth of Eyjaria, Commonwealth of Lokania, Miner’s Republic of Durakia and Most Serene Republic of Lapinumbia.

The Alliance goal is to ensure a greater sense of power balance in international politics, to ensure that nations don’t need to be pressured to siding with the super powers of the world. It is willing to let in nations that shares that goal and is afraid of their national soveirgnthy being threatned by bigger powers.

  • Diplomatic Agreements
  • Membership
  • International Joint Peace program
  • Individual Joint partnership

Ivar Ragidal, Secretary General of the UCA.

Greetings from Fargo
Glory to the confederated state

This transmission is to be made in attempts to establish good relations with the UCA, we’re a newly formed nation that overthrew the former Assowolf government in the January revolution, since when we’ve been establishing good relations with neighbouring and plenty of other nations.

The confederacy feels as of right now that relations with the UCA would be mutually beneficial for us both, we do not seek membership for now, but more we wish to learn and see the ins and outs of UCA, we are very interested after all and we can assure you cooperation and respect of our great nation.

We hope to hear back from you soon.

Yours truly
Embassy of Fargo
Glory to the confederated state

Official Transcript From The Northern Shield Treaty Organization

Greetings Eastern Alksearia,

It is a pleasure to be able to request for Diplomatic Agreements and International Joint Peace Program Agreements, NSTO constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party. NSTO partnerships has helped increase stability and prosperity around the globe. It is aimed at promoting stability and cooperation, and at building a Urth united in peace, democracy, and common values.

We hope that the UCA-NSTO Relationship can continue far into the future, creating Historical ties for future generations to take note and learn from.

NSTO Military Committee Kaj Ladefoged

To Fargo

It should be known to the leadership of Rufuina that the majority of the UCA is willing to start having cooperation with your nation to ensure a more stable future. We are also willing to allow your nation learning more about the UCA if the alliance intrests you.

Well meet and keep the balance,
from Ivar Ragidal, Secretary General of the UCA.

NSTO Military Committee Kaj Ladefoged

The majority of UCA members has accepted your Diplomatic Agreements and International Joint Peace Program Agreements. To ensure protection of trade and stability around the world. We hope as well that the future generations will learn well from our two alliances. Our goals might be slightly diffrent, but that won’t stop for future agreements to be ensured.

Well meet and keep the balance,

from Ivar Ragidal, Secretary General of the UCA.

Greeting and Salutation from the Kingdom of Alksearia,

We would like to apply for memberhood within the UCA given a) recent developments within the International communities and b) recent friendly relations with New Leganes and close allyship with Norgsveldet.  We have recently made big movements toward democracy, and we think it would help solidify relations.


King Eldras IX Tuvania, King of Alksearia
Duke Alexander II Emeritus, Lord of Foreign Affairs

Greetings my friend. We are a new country formed in South Gondwana south to Bynzich. Despite being a new country, Waves by our principles, is a peace-loving country. Therefore, it is our earnest request to consider our country’s membership in UCA.

We will await your decision. 
Sucharita Chakraborty,

To, Vice-President Sucharita Chakraborty

We will give you the pleasent news that the UCA members has voted for your embassy, with the huge majority voted for. You are now officaly an member of the UCA! May us all keep the balance of Urth and protect the national soveirgthy of nations that are threanted by larger powers.

Sincerly, Ivar Ragidal, Secretary General of the UCA.


The Imperial Government wishes to become part of the UCA. The Emperor wishes to establish open trade, and alliances with the members of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances. President-Emperor Sygarius Septimus Augustus, wishes to take a seat within the UCA as an member and establish good relations with neighboring nations, and to defend his people.

As for trading, the Republic has metals to offer such as steel, iron, silverite, and everite! These metals are hoped to be exchanged for more valuable goods such as food, weapons, and technology!

Best Regards,
Your’s Truly,
President-Emperor Sygarius Septimus Augustus

Dated: 12 August 2008

To The Secretariat of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances:

I write to you today on behalf of His Majesty King Mital II of the Acronian Empire to apply for Acronian membership in the Union of Commonwealth Alliances. Our interest is and always has been in global security and prosperity, and we seek to join with you in order to increase peace and prosperity in our country as well as in those of your members. We can pledge to you both our strong economy and our proud military tradition and look forward to seeing increased cooperation with you into the future.

Endra Tivriš Žovradai
Prime Minister of the Acronian Empire

Official Transmission from the Republic of Pledonia

Ivar Ragidal
Secretary General of the UCA
Union of Commonwealth Alliances


The Republic of Pledonia extends our warmest greetings to you. Due to rising tensions with our neighbors, we seek membership in the UCA. We’ve always tried to uphold peace, however, as a small nation, we have no chance at this alone. With this membership, we hope to not only uphold peace in Vestrava, but across Urth as well.

Best Regards,

Dated: 19 August 2008

To: Endra Tivriš Žovradai
Prime Minister of the Acronian Empire

After a recent meeting of UCA nations, a vote was held on the acceptance of your nation.  We are pleased to announce that you have been ACCEPTED into the Union of Commonwealth Alliance!  We will be sending a warm welcome, and we invite your ambassador to join our next session!

Vándel Karúnei
Secretary-General of UCA

To: Oddbjorn Stensland
Minister of Foreign Affairs

After a recent meeting of the members of the UCA, we are pleased to announce that you have been ACCEPTED into the Union of Commonwealth Alliance.  We invite you to join us in our next meeting with your representative.  We look forward to your contributions to our Alliance.

Ivar Ragidal
Secretary-General of the UCA

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you, as a representitive of United Free Provinces of Western Suvania to apply to join the UCA. We are a small, democratic nation in Western Yasteria, bordering Vistaraland to the West and Upper and Lower Suvania to the East and South. We ask to join your alliance in hopes to deter another war in the region, as we fear agression from the Communist Upper Suvanians and the Nationalistic and Expansionist Lower Suvanians, with our reliance on Vistari protection alome seeming to limit our foreign policy.

I thank you for reading and hope you may consider our application.


William Baker,
Foreign Affairs Office.


To whom this may concern:

Recent events have demonstrated the need of international organizations to maintain the general peace in the face of aggression from other nations, whether they be powerful or not. As such, the Kingdom of Tretrid has determined that it is in its interest to cooperate more closely with the UCA. As part of this, Tretrid wishes to apply for observer status in the UCA.

Prime Minister
Kingdom of Tretrid

To Eoforwine,

After recent meeting between UCA members, and after all the votes between the members. It will come to your attention that the UCA gladly ACCEPTED Tretrid’s observer status. As such we hope that the UCA and Tretrid will continue to coporate in the future for a more secure world. The balance shall be kept Inface of future agressors.

Signed, Ivar Ragidal.
Secretary-General of Union of Commonwealth Alliances.

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To the leadership of the UCA,

This is Count Archibald Klein of Derrim, from the Council of Foreign Affairs of the Aivintian Empire. I wish to inform you that, after discussion with Emperor Thaddeus I and the Council of Foreign Affairs, the Aivintian Empire has come to the decision that applying to join the Union of Commonwealth Alliances is a prudent move.

As such, The Aivintian Empire wishes to formally apply for membership within the UCA. If the application should pass, an adequate representative shall be assigned to oversee our relations with the alliance as a whole. Further diplomatic relations with other member states are highly likely as well. Should you desire to ask any questions, please address them to the Council of Foreign Affairs. We shall respond in a timely fashion.

In solidarity,
Archibald Klein
Count of Derrim, Foreign Affairs Councillor
The Aivintian Empire

Dear Archibald Klein,

I announce you with a great happiness feeling that, after the corresponding voting session, the candidacy of the Aivintian Empire to join the Union of Commonwealth Alliances as member has been approved. As its Secretary-General, I welcome you to our alliance, and wish this is just the beginning of a fruitful cooperation time for Aivintis and the whole UCA, in order to keep cultivating our main values: balance, sovereignty and collaboration.

Signed, Ivar Ragidal.
Secretary-General of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances.


Greetings from The Senate.
This transmission is made in an attempt to seek membership among the UCA. We are a 63-year old country, founded in 1947 when the region gained independence from Frilandr. We are peace-lovers, but can and will use force if necessary.

Gaining membership will be beneficial for all nations involved, as we have several major exports for others, and several imports we need to support our deficiencies.

Major Exports

  • Alcohol

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Planes

  • and Wool


  • Oil

  • Marble

  • Glass

We hope that our membership in the UCA will guarantee the long life of all.

Yours sincerely,
The Tribune, Leader of the people, Jared Haskoff

To, William Baker

I am giving you the unfortunate message that the members of the Union of Commonwealth Alliance has REJECTED your membership, though we put out the offer that your nation can gain observer status within the UCA and cooperation around security in your region will be on the table. Though you won’t become apart of the UCA, I am certain our members will look at the situsation in your region with intrests. Well meet, and hope you keep the balance.

Ivar Ragidal
Secretary-General of the UCA