United Malordia Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs (economic partnership and cooperation program for the next 25 years)

mission sent by Mr Surya Abdi the president of United Malordia to Retno L. P. Marsudi

To Utopia
-Retno L. P. Marsudi

Welcome to the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of United Malordia. Our state was apart of the MBE colonies we successfully ceeded. bc of the pressure. anyways welcome to the economic partnership and cooperation program.

Our current government is permanent current president mr. Mr Surya Abdi he has been running this country for for roughly 45 years or less.
Our humble country is willing and grateful to accept diplomatic  and economic relations from nations with good reputation.
We are willing to accept diplomatic relations of:
• Mutual Recognition
• Embassy Exchange
• Economic Support and partnership 
• economic/political/military alliances
We are willing to consider offers of:
• Trade Deals
• Foreign Investment

  • companies moving in. Pls do consider out anti-trust laws and corporate tax from the previous protectionist leader. ir. Agung Airlangga

  • Bank merges, corporate merges

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of United Malordia wants to work with MBE on Infrastructure Investment and partnership program and Technology program, the potential social economic benefits of its people of united malordia, and wuch programs are 5 cities program 1 new capital city 4 new metropolitan cities around the current capital city (honor city) and also fresh brand new highways, the venturis dam, rails canals and irrigation infratructure to feed the future 100 million united malordia the goverment of united Malordia wants to spend UM$430 billion in infrastructure projects from 2021 to 2024 and 81.8 trillion in UMRP(united Malordian Rupiah) this economic partnership will benefit both of us your bank equities and companies can get invovled and move in the goverment saought to nationalise more of the mining sector industrial sectors. MBE allies could also get involve BUT we have established anti-trust laws, we’l also like to increase exports. we also have low goverment debt to GDP lower than the world average.

current projects goverment wants to continue building and

  • extensive railway lines contruction and improvements

  • extensive highway contruction and improvements

  • public transport

  • mass rapid transit

  • ports

  • venturis dam

  • high speed rail passanger network

  • industry (mining, manufacturing and such)

  • airports and airports improvements

  • city contruction


Dear whom it may concern,

The United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Justelvard recognises United Malordia as a sovereign state.

We wish to grow our relationship by allowing residents of Great Morstaybishlia to visit the UM and vise versa using a 45 day Visa Program. In the future, perhaps we can develop this onto a free workers movement. Furthermore, we believe erecting an Embassy building in your country to be the utmost importance for our citizens; if you agree to the exchange of embassies we shall send Ambassador Rihan Loores.

Great Morstaybishlia wishes to open trade with your country. We can recommend both government owned and private companies. The biggest exports respectively from each of the four countries of Great Morstaybishlia are cited below.

Refined Petroleum
Petroleum gas
Precious metals (Silver)
Luxury automobiles
Agricultural (Foodstuff (Seaweed, hobstiberry are examples)
Beverages (Hobsti Tea, wines, fruit ciders, lagers)

Precious metals

Sand or glass products
Ice cubes/bottled water
Precious metals
Grain (Amaranth)

Precious metals (Diamonds)
Palm oil
Fruit (Banana, Mango)
Spice (Vanilla, Jerk Spice)


Great Morstaybishlia does produce other products; those listed are the major exports.

Great Morstaybishlia requests that English language - Wikipedia be an optional pathway when choosing a language for studies in secondary and post education. Being an extremely popular language taught, studied and spoken across multiple forums around the globe; we wish that we can allow more people to understand each other from language isolationism when abroad and in regions of higher Staynish speaking peoples.


Parliament of Great Morstaybishlia and its respective administrations,

Franklin Barvata
Prime Minister

Serving under His Majesty,

Lambertus VII

Official Communique of Packilvania
luKhaman luMalayka aluBakhilfaniya
7 March 2022
Dear Mr President, Surya Abdi,
Your Excellency, the Sultanate of Packilvania would like to commence trade negotiations with your country. We would like to strengthen our trade partnership. On 6 October 2022, we would like to invite you to our country to have high-level talks between you and our leaders to set out the arrangements for the future of our respective nations.
Blessed Assimilation,
His Imperial Highness | muWaluf muShahitishme
Prince Alawadun a-Jibrael Bedon
Minister of Foreign Affairs | muVazeer aleZayna


To your Excelency we accept your invitiation to commence talks about trade negotions with your respective nation, we accept the date of 6th of October 2022. For the future betterment of both of our countries and peoples and economy.

President Handoko Susanto Sudjarwadia
Vice President Boris Latupapua
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of United Malordia | Irwan Darma Salim