United States of Rocopia

Rocopia's Flag

Nation Name (long): The United States of Rocopia
Nation Name (short): Rocopia

Motto: “Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
National Animal: Lion
National Flower/Plant: Rocopia camellia

Capitol: Modexia
Largest City: Modexia

Demonym: Rocopians
Language: Codexian
Species: Elves
Population: 66 Million people (2023 AD)

Government type: Constitutional Democracy
Leader(s): President Jordan Giro
Legislature: The National Congress of Rocopia - Upper House: Federal Senate / Lower House: Chamber of Nulpin
Formation: 2015 AD

Total GDP: $8300320000
GDP per capita: $27667
Currency: Feisi

Calling Code: +11
ISO 3166 code: RC & RCA
Internet TLD: .ro

Historical Summary: In the annals of time, the captivating tale of Rocopia unfurls like a tapestry woven with threads of valor and intrigue. This enchanting land emerged from the mists of history in the year 2015 AD, when disparate Elven tribes cast aside their differences to forge a unified realm. Under the wise guidance of their visionary leaders, the tribes united under a single banner, pledging their devotion to the principles of “Justice, Piety, Loyalty.”

The nation’s heart, Modexia, a city of grandeur and wisdom, rose as the beacon of progress and harmony. With its towers reaching for the heavens and spires bathed in the light of knowledge, Modexia stood as a testament to the spirit of the Rocopians.

The Elven people, the beating heart of Rocopia, hailed their majestic national animal, the lion, as a symbol of their collective strength and courage. By law, the lion became the national animal in 2020 AD, when President Michael Karre signed the Holiday’s & Event’s Establishment Act into law. Amidst the verdant landscapes, the Rocopia camellia also bloomed in splendid hues, a reminder of the nation’s resilience and beauty.

Rocopia’s destiny was etched by the ink of time, a land graced with the gift of Codexian, a language that melded eloquence with enchantment. Through Codexian, stories of old were passed down from generation to generation, perpetuating the values that shaped Rocopia’s essence.

In 2023 AD, the population numbered a humble 66 Million souls, yet each was a luminary in their own right, contributing to the nation’s collective prosperity. A Constitutional Democracy flourished, nurtured by the adept leadership of President Jordan Giro. The National Congress convened in the hallowed chambers of the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Nulpin, where the nation’s course was charted.

Map Changes:

The big yellow dot is where the capital is located, and the black lines inside are showing where the state lines are.