University Announcements
Council of Holders:
Aelitia - Holder of the Faculty of Worldly, Fantasy & Mystery Studies
Old Federalia - Holder of Inter-Regional Law

Chancellor: Old Federalia

January 10th, 2014

Wow, TWENTY-FOURTEEN! Time flies once you graduate highschool.

Anyways, it’s been one month and a week since I was elected chancellor. There are totally new departments in the University. Instead of being subject or faculty based, it is now activity based. I’m slowly adding things to do in each subforum. The process is tedious, but progressing nonetheless. The majority of work has been in the Special Projects & Research subforum, which is now like a mad scientist’s lab.

New Subforums:
Student Admissions Office: The Starting Line
Constitutional Studies: Revolutionary Amendments, etc.
Practice Legislative Assembly: Try legislating before joining the Magis.
News Drafting: Serious journalism by new journalists.
War Room: War games, etc.
Special Projects & Research: A sandbox of ideas and information.

Progress so far:
–About getting students to pass laws, not remain afraid of complicated procedures.
–Reports on minuscule regions.
–Help new nations get involved and have fun.
–Perhaps tie the new continent to this IC Legislature?
–More room on the map to jumpstart inter-action.

One Final Thing:
Has there ever been a Poet Laureate in NS anywhere?