Update 6-3-11

The South Pacific Report

World Assembly Delegate: Southern Bellz
Chairman of Assembly: Todd McCloud
Minister of Justice: King J
Minister of Foreign Affairs: HEM
Regional Power: Extremely High
Regional Forum: http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/theSPacific/index.php

Back in Business!
We’re getting the Fudge and the carpentry team to work on the storefront…

Greetings to all our friends across Nationstates! It is my pleasure to be writing our first foreign update since the recent turbulence brought on by Devonitians (sedge). The South Pacific is currently in full gear, discussing multitudes of matters carrying varied importance. As our friend, it is my solemn duty and honor to drone through these matters with as bland and boring of a demeanor as possible.

(See, if you set expectations low, you’ll be impressed at how good the rest of this thing really is) :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the South Pacifician reactions to a slow start to the peace talks between HEM and Punk Daddy

After the coup, the South Pacific has a number of fires to stamp out with regions across the world. HEM (the stunning chap he is) in his capacity as Foreign Minister began to reach out to the West Pacific for peace. The first phase of talks bore little fruit, however, perhaps owning to how both parties were mired in fighting over the small details. Using the stellar tool of IRC later, HEM and Punk Daddy held a marathon negotiation where a settlement for a ceasefire was forged. Provisions of the agreement included an activity mandate for Southern Bellz and the hope of free elections for the delegacy.

This agreement had a mixed reaction in the South Pacific. Some citizens expressed skepticism that it could work out, as some West Pacific citizens were organizing a condemnation of Southern Bellz. Overall, most members seemed eager to give peace a try. If only to shut up the lady in the image above.

Major Charter Changes Considered
Similar debates: Far better fashion

The Regional Assembly has began a series of serious discussions over the future of the regional government. A proposal to re-introduce a military position to the Cabinet has been met with near unanimous agreement. On the flip side, there are still some disagreements as to handle the prospect of regular delegate elections within the region.

Namely the issues are not the large macroeconomical sized debates, but rather, over term limits. The region seems nearly evenly divided as to whether the delegate should be subject to term limits or not. Proponents for the limits say that it encourages new blood and younger members to step forward. Opponents say that it just kicks out good, qualified Delegates without any reason and that people can run against the bad delegates anyway.

A vote will be held to decide this issue in the coming days. The overall method for the election has been agreed to is a two step election: Initially candidates will face the forum population to narrow down the field to two candidates and then they will go through the traditional endorsement race to see who ends up as the final delegate. This is considered a compromise to two differing schools of thought.

During this discussion, Topid announced he would be seeking the delegacy. This announcement was received as reasonable on the forum as he takes his campaign to the region.

Gossip Column!
Come on…it’s what everyone has been waiting for…

Topid: Is only running for Delegate to cover up his connections to the New Jersey mafia? Will these thugs make sure he wins?

LadyRebels: Opposes term limits because of blackmail threatening to reveal to the region how she has never partied with a lampshade on her head (a storied South Pacific rite of passage)?

HEM: Is only writing this foreign update to help kick a storied addiction to various substances?

*All gossip has no connection to truth.

In Other News:

  • “Enter if you Dare” spamming forum springs back to life! Who is the biggest spammer? Only time will tell…

  • TSP’s IRC channel welcomes many active participants! Feel free to jump in at anytime!

  • Randomness galore? Off topic sections of the forum are eager for more!