Update XXIII

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WA Delegate: Frattastan
| Culture Officer: Harmoneia | Foreign Affairs Officer: Guy |
| Media Officer: The Church of Satan | Outreach Officer: Calalin |
Speaker of the Assembly: Vulturret

Forum Move Announcement

To escape the dreaded Tapatalk, The Rejected Realms’ official forum has been relocated to https://rejectedrealms.com.
Accounts have been converted, so if you were previously registered on the old forum you can reactivate yours with a simple password reset.
If you are experiencing any technical issues don’t hesitate to contact one of the administrators on NationStates or Discord.

The Delegate has retired: Long live the Delegate

Frattastan plotting his return as TRR Delegate.

The Rejected Realms has held a Delegate election, leading to retiring Delegate Wabbitslayah being replaced by Frattastan. Proceedings kicked off with a challenge by Canton Empire against the seating Delegate Wabbitslayah. As rumours abounded that Wabbitslayah is unlikely to recontest, no fewer than nine candidates stepped up to challenge for the position in total, a record for TRR Delegate elections.

Spurred by the high number of candidates, the campaign was a vigorous and well-contested one, drawing much attention from both within and outside the region. Early frontrunner PowerPAOK/Nequedem/Glacikaldr was hampered by a dispute with Wabbitslayah regarding a supposed agreement regarding the timing of his challenge, having echoes of being TRR’s own Blair–Brown deal - Wikipedia. The candidacy of prominent invader Souls was sufficient to bring NS Gameplay into overdrive, with various commentators opining that his candidacy is either the biggest danger or the best thing to happen to TRR in its existence.

The lack of a clear frontrunner led to a second round of candidacy declarations as Marilyn Manson Freaks, Wopruthien and Frattastan engaged the citizenry with their visions for the region. The various candidates were mostly differentiated by personality and experience rather than serious policy differences, and the outcome of the election appeared as uncertain as it ever was.

In the end, for the second time in as many elections, the final outcome was determined by one vote. A surprisingly strong showing by insurgent candidate Marilyn Manson Freaks was good enough to make this a tight contest throughout the voting period, leading to frantic googling about TRR’s voting system and a 200% increase in the viewcount for Instant-runoff voting - Wikipedia. Manson and Frattastan had dominated the voting, but it was the latter who emerged victorious.

This is Frattastan’s second stint as Delegate, the first being a highly successful term in 2013-14. His platform set out a detailed agenda for the region, particularly in the areas of Foreign Affairs and the World Assembly. Work is already underway to implement Frattastan’s policy programme, with the hope of harnessing the activity and energy that the region is capable of when it works together.

Written by Guy

Not Steering Clear of VD (Debates)

For a long time barely noticed by the citizenry, the Rejected Realms Vice-Delegacy became a recurrent topic in Assembly discussions this year, and even turned into a contentious a topic in the most recent Delegate election.

Originating in August 2011, when Sedgistan appointed three Vice-Delegates as endorsees who could back him up at a time when there multiple swappers threatening the delegacy (including the infamous Rejected Redeemer, whose identity was a source of controversy), the position had almost been forgotten, with no new appointments since 2015, and one of the original endorsees continuing to maintain it despite her decreasing activity.

In part this lack of institutionalisation occurred due to the uncertainty concerning the necessity and the purpose of a Vice-Delegate in a region without ejection powers, where maintaining high endorsement and influence level is not as vital as it would be in other feeders and sinkers.

This February, then-Delegate Catalyse proposed to add the Vice Delegate as a member of the government, but the discussion died down without any consensus on the proposed change.
Her successor wabbitslayah sought to do the same, “promoting” outgoing Officer Marilyn Manson Freaks to the position of Vice-Delegate, with concurrent cabinet access for the first time in TRR history, and envisioning him as a general advisor and aide to the head of government. This move should have been paired with legislation allowing for the Delegate to appoint new government members, in addition to the four elected ones that make up the Cabinet right now, but the relevant constitutional amendment failed to pass by a single vote, continuing to leave the Vice Delegate office in a legal limbo.
To add to the confusion, in a quick and somewhat confusing succession of events in the last days of his term, wabbitslayah fired Marilyn Manson, appointed former delegate The Church of Satan, and then reappointed Marilyn Manson.
In the most recent Delegate election campaign several candidates stated their views on the VD issue. Eventual winner Frattastan asked that the position should be codified and returned to its original limited role as backup endorsee or abolished altogether, with some voters showing uneasiness at the latter prospect.

Local anarchist icon The Grim Reaper, self-described “NS equivalent of like a CEO you call in to handle a corporate dissolution and then you fire them for incompetence with a beefy golden parachute” and “really good at this whole legislature thing”, submitted an alternative proposal meant to establish Zyonn as the first person behind the Delegate in any order of precedence, and allowing her to take over the region at will, but this suggestion seems to have been largely ignored despite the increasing religious devotion towards ‘Lady Zyonn’.

In typical Reject fashion it’s expected that the issue will be talked to death until there’s a consensus. If ever.

Written by Frattastan

Less than Diplomatic

For the past several months, the Rejected Realms has been gripped in crisis. No fewer than 22 players have made and broken alliances, plotted schemes – often behind their friends’ backs – and backstabbed each other when expedient. With the struggle for power as vicious and the stakes as high as ever, the question on everyone’s minds has been “who will emerge on top?”

That’s because TRR has been playing Diplomacy, a popular 1950s boardgame that is set in the run up to the Great War. Six games have already been played, following the formation of an official Diplomacy league within the region. Participants take control of one of seven European powers, with the goal of taking over the entire continent and being crowned the Diplomacy champion of TRR. Wopruthien has taken an early lead with one solo victory and one draw, and Souls is close on his heels in second.

Any player is free to join the league and become involved in the brutal games of Diplomacy. You also have ample opportunity to stab Frattastan in the back. Now who wouldn’t want that?! Or if betraying Frattastan is not your cup of tea, maybe you can gain revenge on Souls for his NS transgressions. Whether a citizen, interested observer, or ambassador to sign up register your interest in the TRR #Roleplay Discord channel.

Written by Wopruthien

Invitation to TRR’s CYOA Game: “Fallout Arizona”

War. War never changes. Even with the Old World rushing off to its doom, there are those who still safeguard the values, lessons, and convictions of America from the ruins of the atomic fallout. In the West, the values of democracy and the rule of law, and, in the East, the lesson to never repeat the same mistakes. The clash of the Bear, the New Californian Republic, and the Bull, Caesar’s Legion, was inevitable as their quests for glory consumes them. What remains by 2897 is a shell of both, as the NCR prepares to push back against the final holdouts of the new Caesar. First Sun City in the ruins of Phoenix, and then the final march to Flagstaff. A swift victory is promised by Mason Salvatore, one of the two possible candidates for presidency within the NCR’s upcoming election in the senate. All that stands in the way of the reborn crime family’s rise to power is candidate Aaron Hanlon, the nephew of retired Chief Hanlon of the NCR Rangers who is facing waning support. The NCR-Legion war has become a final opportunity for the many schemes of the Old World to take root. Will the conquest Arizona be what finally allows the NCR to remake America, or will the legacy of Caesar be one that forever changes the NCR’s very values? You enter Arizona as a Reject (https://i.imgur.com/zK302iy_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium), watching helplessly like the many other casualties of this war as the senate decides America’s future and the Legion does its best to make them pay dearly. Will you correct America’s path; or will you be its downfall? Or maybe you might just end up dying to an extra sneaky bark scorpion.

Ultimately, you decide, in the Rejected Realm’s Choose Your Own Adventure Game: “Fallout Arizona”! The NationStates | The Rejected Realms will be made daily—or as regularly as I can remember and am able to make them—and will be open for the entirely of the interregional community, resident or otherwise (not that we would ever banject or eject you, or could for that matter, even if you did move in a puppet just to vote). So here’s where you come in: we’re inviting you to join in on our CYOA Game written by yours truly, NationStates | The Holy Frozen Purple Empire of Glacikaldr, or Nequaldraok if you’re looking for a portmanteau. The concept was first inspired by NCR vs Legion - Who will ultimately win America? - YouTube by ShoddyCast, but I could list many more that would be best to keep hidden: otherwise I’d ruin some of the many surprises I have instore for you!

So far we’ve just done a few parts within Chapter 1, and you can catch up on the setting, story, and previous options chosen, as well as the character sheet we’ve made through both gameside and offsite polls that we will be developing together throughout the process with almost every decision we make, through the dispatch following dispatch: NationStates | Dispatch | TRR CYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona".

Further, if you’re looking for a better to stay updated on when a new NationStates | The Rejected Realms is made, look no further than the new subscription service for the game! You can learn how to subscribe, for either RMB mentions or Discord pings, NationStates | Dispatch | CYOA Game: "Fallout Arizona" Subscription Service. Thank you for joining us on this journey if you choose to do so, and we look forward to seeing as many of you over on our polls as able and willing!

Written by Glacikaldr