The North Pacific Regional Update, June 8, 2009

Population: 2,386
Forums: z13.invisionfree.com/tnp

Delegate: Sydia
Vice Delegate: Ator People
External Affairs Minister: John Ashcroft Land
Interior Minister: Dyr Nassad
Chief Justice: Haor Chall
Associate Justices: Chowda Head, FALCONKATS
Attorney General: Mr Sniffles
Council of Lower Officers: Winter Vacationers, Mr Gaunt
Sexiest Man Alive: John Ashcroft Land

Delegate Elections

In a hotly contested election for the regional delegacy, Mr Sniffles challenged the incumbant Sydia. After a rigorous bout of campaigning, Sydia won the election ten votes to six. Other results were as follows:

Vice Delegate
Ator People - 16 (elected)

Grosseschnauzer - 11 (elected)
Outer Kharkistania - 5

Winter Vacationers - 17 (elected)
Mr.Gaunt - 16 (elected)

Chief Justice
Haor Chall - 15 (elected)

Congratulations to all!

New Cabinet

Delegate Sydia has announced a Cabinet consisting of John Ashcroft Land (Minister of External Affairs) and Dyr Nassad (Minister of the Interior). Congratulations to both.

Blue Wolf on trial

Former TNP Minister of Defense Blue Wolf has been brought to trial on charges of treason and sedition. Although originally thought to have pleaded guilty according to Attorney General Mr Sniffles, Blue Wolf has publicly stated his intention to contest the charges along with his attorney John Ashcroft Land.

Status of TNP Regional Updates

After a long lull in External Affairs activity, Regional Updates are planned to be sent out to our embassies on a bi-weekly basis at least through the term of MoEA John Ashcroft Land. The North Pacific looks forward to a continuation of fruitful communications and general happiness! And yay.