Uranium Mining Standards Act

The World Assembly, noting its consistent efforts at bettering the environment for future and current generations;

Observing that the uranium mining industry plays a pivotal role in the economies of many member nations;

Concerned that whilst this industry is indeed of great importance to many member nations, this is often to ecological detriment;

Determined to ensure the least possible impact on the services this industry provides and the revenue it generates;

However refusing to allow this to take precedent over the often severe impact made on the landscape and environment;


i: Mandates that nations allowing uranium mining within their territory conduct an annual audit of each operational mine to ensure that basic radiation precautions are in place and being utilized.

ii: Charges all national governance with the responsibility of assessing operational mines for any issues relating to waste product disposal, radiation containment and structural integrity.

iii: Further requires all nations to conduct a survey on surrounding flora and fauna at potential mine sites and currently operational mine sites to ensure that the construction and resultant operation of the mine will not endanger nor has endangered any species in the general vicinity.

iv: Instructs nations who discover flora or fauna indigenous solely to the potential mine site to make documented efforts to relocate either the mine, or the relevant species to ensure that the species suffer as little impact as possible.

iv(a): In relation to mandate iv; should a nation be required to relocate a species they are required to coordinate these efforts with the Protection of Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to ensure maximum efforts made at preservation.

v: Charges all national governments with assessing the areas directly around mining operations currently in progress and annually thereafter on all active mines, to ensure that no significant contamination of water supplies or soil has occurred and take all possible measures to treat and prevent the further spread of contamination if such is discovered.

vi: Re-establishes the Nuclear Energy Safety Commission (NESC) with the provision to assist nations with the testing requirements under this act should they require it.

vii: Directs the Nuclear Energy Safety Commission (NESC) to conduct these tests on behalf of nations and to give government mandates based off of these findings.

viii: Makes provision for nations to apply to the WA General Fund on the provision that they can show verified needs for assistance in order to conform to directives given by the Nuclear Energy Safety Commission (NESC) or by their own self audits.

ix: Empowers the General Accounting Office (GAO) to conduct any and all essential financial checks required to verify a nations economic requirements to conform to this act and to approve or deny funds appropriately.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Repeal “Rainforest Protection Act” was passed 6,429 votes to 5,183.