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This is the place to find general documents from the Chancellery of the University along with where questions about UTEP can be answered.


The arts and humanities can be explored including fine arts, history, philosophy, theology, music, and so on.

Subjects such as psychology, sociology, archaeology, economics, and political science can be explored.

Topics of natural science such as biology, astronomy, geology, and any empirical science can be discussed.

Where any NS topic not pertaining to The East Pacific directly will go whether it be about the history of another region or the science of card collecting.

Bachtendekuppen Memorial Library

This is the University’s institute on The East Pacific topics. Explore the region’s history or speak about the experiences that have taught you life lessons while being a part of our community.

TEPwiki on the Forum

Gameplay-related forum-based wiki articles.

UTEP Archive

Archived threads.