Vakrestrender Claim

Flag: Your National Flag
Nation Name (long): Crown Jarldom of Vakrestrender isles
Nation Name (short): Vakrestrender

Motto: “Hvil i fred” / “Rest in Peace”
National Animal: Pelican
National Flower/Plant: Pineapple
National Anthem: Erik Satie, Gymnopédie No. 1; performed by Edward Rosser

Capitol: Vakkerhavfruebukt
Largest City: Vakkerhavfruebukt

Demonym: Norgsvelden; Vakresrtinne
Language: Norgsvelden, Staynless
Species: Orc (75,000) Human (500,000) Tiefling (750,000) Elf (900,000) Nekomimi (2,775,000)
Population: 5,000,000

Government type: Crown State of Norgsveldet
Leader(s): Jarl Bjørn the Vth; Prime Minister Ingeborg Hove; King Olav of Norgsveldet

Legislature: Vakrestrender’s Parliament
Formation:  1706

Total GDP: 415,000,000,000
GDP per capita: 83,000

Calling Code: 537
ISO 3166 code: .VTR
Internet TLD: .VTR

Historical Summary: Vakrestrender isles was originally settled by a series of hyper-religious cannibal orc tribes. The tribals waged a special kind of war against each other. Instead of trying to kill each other, they use unarmed martial skill and duel on rafts. Fighting each other until one team is left on the raft. The prize of these kinds of conflicts being in charge raids on the mainland. Being in charge gives the tribe the largest share of the loot. Agriculture was seen as a heretical act by the tribes, believing that only ending a life and sustaining life.
Raiding was considered to be one of the holiest acts among the orcs, believing that pillaging different religion’s churches bring power to their tribe’s god. Each tribe believes that each island is it’s own god that requires the flesh to be eaten on it. Orcs would go on flesh harvests or raids on nearby islands and the mainland for slaves, loot and lifestock-slaves. 
The cannibals would spend hundreds of years raiding, stealing and worshiping the flesh gods of the isles. The tribes used non-orcs they brought in as both for eating, economical uses and most importantly, note-taking. Slaves able to read and write in their home language, was used as a scribes. Copying books, scrolls, poems and other forms of religious text the raiders stole in their raids. Believing that knowledge about other gods that they bring back to their island brings power to their gods. Stealing statues, rituals knives and other assorted religious artifacts bring glory and power to the flesh gods. Their devotion and brutality was known throughout the seas. They have perfected the art of harvesting sapient species of types. Able to use every bone, organ and other assorted flesh bits into their meals. Each part of the body is reserved for a specific meal time and specific rituals.

However in the early 1100s, the tribes was united under a confederation of U’doloth. United the orc-raiding fleets into one mighty fleet, expanding its operations from raiding to including piracy, mercenary work and as slave traders. The flesh raids slowly went out of fashion, preferring the economic benefits of piracy, ransoming the crewes back instead of harvesting them.
Growing a massive treasure horde which they used to make statues of their dark gods. Believing the new found wealth will keep the endless hunger of their gods satisfied. The statues that were used in offering rituals, became lavish vaults of wealth. Being viewed as the gods personal wealth on Urth. These vaults slowly grew into massive stone towers curved into the hills, acting as both a temple, museum and as a defense structure. Each of the isles had their own tower, competing with one another. It’s still currently unknown which tower was the largest, due to the towers being completely destroyed and the foundation turned part into the sprawling cityscape of the modern day country. Only now referred to in text from local history and foreign merchants.

In late 1300 the confederation completely collapsed due to the loss of the fleet due to a storm. Civil war and strife takes hold of the isles. A renewed belief in the old gods of flesh spreads once again, blaming greed is the reason for the loss of the fleet. The orcs turned on to their slaves first, consuming all except the scribe slaves. The raids renewed once again, they harvested the nearby islands and the mainland once more. The clergy took control of the wealth inside the of

In the 1500s the confederation was reformed under a single island once more, backed by several international powers with a promise to end the raids. The renewed confederation fell apart as almost as quickly as it was formed. The civil conflict went on for nearly a century with different factions killing one and consuming one another. The war only ending when the plague nearly killed all the orcs and slaves.

The 1600s to 1700s was known as the era of chaos as the plagues, faimes and violent cannibalism drastically dropped native orc populations. Knowledge that has been taken care of for generations was lost as the scribes were consumed by the starving masses of orcs. Much history is lost in this era as many of the wooden structures were burnt down leaving only a handful of stone structures.

The 1700s brought a new foreign power to the isles, a lost Norgesveldet fleet filled with Akuanist deportrees that was once bound for greener pastures. They established a colony, under the Norgesveldet crown and for those who were not religious no longer tolerated at home. Primary the Akuanist which collected on the fringes of Norgesveldet territories and the atheists questioning the new Fylkir Gustaf II. The orc tribes were pushed violently back by the combined forces of the Akuanist and atheist deportrees, destroying many of the religious artifacts across all the islands. Stone structures being brought down by cannon shot and the statues of the flesh gods torn down. They march under the banner of tolerance, wanting a society free of persecution and wanting to dedicate their lives to art. They nearly completely geocided the orc civilization on the island forcing them to be trapped on a single lone island in the north. Believing that they can one day change stop being cannibals if they wait it out enough. They shot any orc that came out onto the beach and kept that policy for nearly hundred years before Jarl Bjørn III put an end to it. Once again allowing the orcs to come out onto the beach without being machine gunned down.

In the early 1930s, after the great war the country was under massive suffering under economic strains. Having to undergo a military occupation by Norgsveldet during the great war, which forced many of the adult members into defensive militias and grinding the economy to a halt as defense earthworks curved into the earthwork. When the occupation was lifted after the great war, the charismatic Prime Minister Torbjørn Flaten formed a government as an independent politician with a coalition government with the Liberal and Social Democratic parties. Shifting from fishing industries towards service and entertainment focused industries. Liberals pushed for becoming a tax haven for Norgsvelten entertainment and the Social Democratic finally agreed to the tax reforms in the 1940s. After being assured by several entertainment executives they will establish a “tourist paradise” and bribe the heads of the democratic party. The bribery scandal was exposed later in the 1960s and several department heads of the government were arrested. The crown realm decided to not press charges on the entertainment industries, instead reaching a backroom deal where they would create several luxury entertainment complexes and pay for the creation of a new airport.

Modern day within 2020, the crown realm isn’t suffering as it has in the past. With several art house studios, luxury hotels, amusement parks and many other relaxation services built through the isles. Diamond polishing industry has taken off in the isles as well, thanks to government subsidies and close-ties to the Norgsveldet jewelry industries.

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