Vistrica Submission

Nation Name (long): Vistrican State
Nation Name (short): Vistrica
Abbreviation: VST

Governmental Info
System of Government: Junta
Economic System: State Capitalism
Leader(s): General Marshal Paul Wanzinger
Legislature: General’s Council
Formation: 1979

National Info
Motto: Hweila Wiz Aþanaz, Wiz Freis Standan (While We Breathe, We are Free)
National Anthem: Cross of Palm
National Symbol: Great Arms of the Vistrican State
National Animal: Highland Jackrabbit
National Plant: Eastern Great Willow

National Statistics
Capital City: Rauchenburck
Largest City: Rauchenburck
Population: 25 Million
Official Languages: Vistric
National Languages: Vistric, northern dialects of Tetridian

Economic Info
Gross GDP: 428 Billion USD
GDP per capita: $17,120

Related to the neighboring Tetridian people, the Vistricans inhabit the Thurassic Basin, located to the west of Sarvimaa, the south of Katyunon, and the north of Tetrid. A proud nation, the Vistricans are somewhat insulated from global affairs given their landlocked position, and as a result are in a constant balancing act with their neighbors. That was, at least, until 1978. In this year, the corrupt King Roderic III and senate which he enabled were rapidly and violently overthrown by a popular revolution, supported by the military which had suffered budget cuts on account of the lavish excess of King Roderic. Following this, a military government was established under Marshal Loic Rendulic and, while initially envisioned to be temporary, proved to be quite effective in stabilizing the nation and governing effectively, and proved popular amongst the people. On account of this, the military government remains in place some 44 years later, with little internal unrest. The nation finds itself at loggerheads with the Sarvians, claiming a right to a coastline on the Central Novaran Lake. This has led to several border conflicts and skirmishes over the Vistrican holds to the east of the Oessic Mountains, and continued sabre rattling for what is seen to be an ancestral right to the lakeshore. All totaled, the Vistrican nation is some 25 Million strong, with a GDP of 428 Billion. The nation is balanced between agrarian and industrial, though most of the population is spread across the nation in rural areas, with the largest city being the capital of Rauchenburck, with 3.5 Million residents. Vistrica is divided into 15 counties to ease governance, with each county’s governor appointed by the General Marshal. Individual liberties are more than would be expected in a junta, with entrepreneurship and private ownership of firearms encouraged.


Flag of the Vistric State

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