Viviane Claim


Nation Name (long): Le Royaume de Viviane (The Queendom of Viviane)
Nation Name (short): Viviane

Motto: “Dame guide nous”
National Animal: Whale
National Flower/Plant: Water Hawthorn
National Anthem: “La Sorelienne”

Capitol: Dame du Lac (or “Grand Lac”)
Largest City: Atlante

Demonym: Vivian
Language: Vivian
Species: Human
Population: 17 246 000 (last census 2022)

Government type: Unitary Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy

  • Queen Séraphine
  • Prime Minister Clara Salmeron

Legislature: Council of the Lakes
Formation: 992

Total GDP: 1 037 329 654 000
GDP per capita: 60 149
Currency: (Vivian) Crown

Calling Code: +124
ISO 3166 code: VIV
Internet TLD: .vi

Historical Summary: Inhabited by small tribes for the most of its existence, the island where the nation resides saw Old Vivian settling the northernmost parts of the island in the 7th century. While their area of origin is unknown, historians say the migration waves continued up to the formation of the Queendom of Viviane by Queen Eléanore I in the 10th century. The name of the country coming from a goddess of the same name, said to originate/reside in the wide system of small lakes where the capital city of the country can now be found.

The country has since lived through the ages as a matrimonial monarchy with varying degrees of royal authority, peaking with absolute powers in the 17th and 18th century before slowly being reduced by the Council of the Lakes. Ultimately a Constitution was signed in 1871, officially making Viviane a democracy.

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