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An elated Sergeant Kapriel Gorgodian holding in his arms his young daughter as he returns home from the fighting, now helping distribute humanitarian aid along with Coalition soldiers. August 15, 2023.

With forces of the Coalition of the Willing closing in from all directions, the Holy Askarabani Guards under the Council for National Rejuvenation led by the Grand Admiral of the Blessed Fleet, Kersam Babajanian, announced early morning yesterday that forces under its command would cease any and all hostile actions. Representing the will of the Askarabani people, His Excellency had temporarily taken administrative control of the Theocratic Republic and placed Priestess Maryem Kocharyan and members of her government under house arrest until a solution arises for their judgment.

In a broadcast made around the start of the working day at 6 AM, His Excellency, the Grand Admiral of the Blessed Fleet, Kersam Babajanian had made known the will of his government with the interests of our People at heart. “Our Armed Forces have suffered great defeats, and the foundation upon which our war efforts were built, is shattered,” His Excellency spoke in the broadcast, “With the nominal defeat of our armed forces, power lies with the advancing forces of the Coalition of the Willing. It is in their hands whether the government I have appointed in place of the decadent one of old and I can continue working or not. Suppose I can benefit and help our Askaraban through my official activities. In that case, I shall remain in this office until the will of the Askarabani people can find expression in the appointment of a head of state, or until the Coalition Forces make it impossible for me to continue in office."

“We all have a difficult road ahead of us,” His Excellency continued, “We must walk it with the dignity, bravery, and discipline that the memory of our fallen demands of us…we must walk it in unity and justice, without which we cannot overcome the hardship of the coming time. We must walk it in the hopes that one day our children will have a free and secure existence in a peaceful continent.”

With the end of fighting between forces of our armed forces, and the coalition, the place of the Mundo Theater was organized as a location for the official signing of the Instrument which would bring about the cessation of hostilities and the restoration of peace. Officially ratified at 4 PM yesterday (Abrashk Time), representatives of the Council for National Rejuvenation headed by Grand Admiral Kersam Babajanian, Warmaster of the Gaoirgálos, Raibeart Morganach, representing Mirhaime, and Battlemaster of the Fórsim, Caitríona Seachnasaigh representing Thalor. Scheherazade Al Sayyed, the Emira of the Serene Emirates of Sayyed herself represented Sayyed in the signing.

But yet, as peace was restored, and the announcement was made that the Holy Council be reorganized in light of the current circumstances with the house arrest of Maryem Kocharyan, the Noble Hosts have announced that they shall not obey official orders for the immediate cessation of hostilities, and will remain non-compliant until the Priestess is released from custody, and her government restored. A unilateral agreement was made between His Excellency’s Government, and the Coalition that the deadline for the cessation of hostilities be extended to till after midnight for the Noble Hosts, after which they will deprive themselves of the protection of the laws of war, and will be attacked from all quarters.