[VOTE] A-2023-17 Amendment to the Pacificum Orientale Awards Act

Magister AMOM has proposed an amendment to the Pacificum Orientale Awards Act on Saturday, March 25, 2023 4:56 AM UTC. This was seconded by Deputy Provost ArenaC on Friday, March 31, 2023 6:38 PM UTC.

Pursuant to the Concordat & Standing Orders of the Magisterium, this proposal needs a standard majority of voting Magisters to pass. In addition, the quorum of 50% must be upheld.

Voting period of 168 hours (1 week) occurs between the following time period 2023-04-01T12:15:00Z2023-04-08T13:15:00Z

Choices for voting:
Vote AYE or FOR if you are in favor of the proposal.
Vote NAY or AGAINST if you are against the proposal.
Vote PRESENT or ABSTAIN if you cannot make a decision in good conscience.

A-2023-17 Amendment to the Pacificum Orientale Awards Act
  • AYE / FOR

0 voters

List of Active Magisters - 15
  • A mean old man
  • Asendavia
  • ArenaC
  • American-Cascadia
  • Cappedore
  • CyberiumShadow
  • Dremaur
  • Kyon Thomas
  • Mangegneithe
  • Marrabuk
  • McStooley
  • Sammy23
  • Zukchiva
  • Kingdom_of_Napels
  • The Ambis

WA: The British Boy
TEP: The East Ambis

TEP/WA: Marrabuk


TEP/WA New Leganes


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This vote has concluded as of 2023-04-08T13:15:00Z

As 9 out of 15 eligible Magisters have voted, Quorum has been met.

Vote Count Voting % (Total %)
AYE 8 88.89% (88.89%)
NAY 1 11.11% (11.11%)
ABSTAIN 0 N/A (0%)

Non-Voting Magisters

  • ArenaC
  • Asendavia
  • Cappedore
  • Kingdom_of_Naples
  • KyonThomas
  • McStooley

Pursuant to the Concordat & Standing Orders, The Magisterium has voted to approve this Amendment.

It will now sent to the Delegate for approval.