Vote: Admission of Zeorus

Zeorus joined the Magisterium September 9, 2013.

The admission thread can be found

An objection was raised on September 9, well within the one week provided for objections.

A vote now has to be held in accordance with 1.2 of the Magisterial Standing Orders.

— Begin quote from ____

…1.2- Any Citizen can object to a new Magister being accepted in the Magisterium. This objection has to be raised within a week of said Magister reciting the Magister’s Pledge. The Magisterium shall, by majority vote, decide whether the new Magister will be accepted.

— End quote

Vote AYE or FOR if you are in favor of Zeorus’s membership, NAY or AGAINST if you’re against, ABSTAIN or PRESENT if you feel that you can’t reach a decision in good conscience.

You must state your WA nation at the time of your vote with the following two exceptions:
(1) If you do not have a WA nation, then you must make a statement to that effect.
(2) If your WA nation is on assignment with the EPSA, then you must make a statement to that effect.



TEP/WA nation: Ramaeus.

See this Zeorus has withdrawn his request to join the Magisterium.

Hence, this vote is being terminated.