VOTE: Amendment to the Regional Officers Act

This amendment to the Regional Officers Act was proposed by Vizier & Viceroy Zukchiva. The bill, debated [AT VOTE] Repeal the Identity Act + Amend the Regional Officers Act - The East Pacific - Tapatalk, was motioned to vote and the motion was seconded by Provost A mean old man on May 16th, 2020 (UTC). The amendment will read as follows:

— Begin quote from ____


(a) By merit, the Delegate shall have authority in the World Assembly, Appearance, Border Control, Embassies, Communications, and Polls Regional Officer positions. This grouping shall only be referred to as “WA Delegate” on the Regional Page.

(b) Viziers shall, by merit of being a Vizier of The East Pacific, have authority in at least Border Control and Communications Regional Officer positions. This grouping shall only be referred to as “Vizier” on the Regional Page. The amount of Viziers that have Border Control and its implementation may be further defined in law.

(c) All other titles not defined in the Concordat (Non-Vizier Officers) must be publicly disclosed by the Delegate or a Citizen appointed by the Delegate to the Magisterium prior to implementation. This disclosure must outline the position title and description, the Regional Officer position(s) requested, and which Citizen the Delegate wishes to appoint to this position. The disclosure must be posted in a thread within the Magisterium sub-forum.
…(i) For 72-hours after the posting of the disclosure, objections may be made against the appointment. Should two Magisters object to the appointment, a debate and vote shall be held on the appointment following the procedures of the Standing Orders of the Magisterium.
…(ii) Should no objections be made during the 72 hour period, the Provost shall approve the disclosure. Once the disclosure has been approved by the Provost, the Delegate may instate the appointee.
…(iii) If appointment passes through vote, the Delegate may immediately instate the appointee
…(iv) If appointment fails, the Delegate may amend the Regional Officer position(s) requested and/or the appointed Citizen, and bring back the Officer proposal for discussion and vote, following the procedures laid out in the Standing Orders of the Magisterium and in section c…iii and c…iv of this act.
…(v) The Delegate shall disclose any changes to the authorities or titles of a Regional Officer to the Magisterium, following the same procedures for the appointment of a Regional Officer under this Act.

(d) The Conclave may dismiss a Non-Vizier Officer in a manner to be determined by The Concordat of The East Pacific. If no protocol exists, the Conclave may dismiss a Non-Vizier Officer by simple majority vote.

(e) The Delegate may dismiss a Non-Vizier Officer at any time.

(f) The Delegate may dismiss a Vizier Officer only as it is defined in law.

(g) At the start of a new delegate tenure, all Non-Vizier Officers may be dismissed by the Delegate, leaving only the Delegate and Viziers as Regional Officers.

(h) A New Delegate shall assume the Delegate authority and shall only be referred to as “Incoming Delegate” (or another title requested by the incoming delegate) on the Regional Page. The Former Delegate will also have the Delegate authority by merit of the in-game position until they are overtaken or resign. The Former Delegate may not exercise any Delegate Regional Officer power unless instructed by the New Delegate.

(i) The Delegate, and any Regional Officer (Non-Vizier Officers and Vizier Officers) with the “Appearance” Power, shall not be allowed to instate the following tags: Imperialist, Mercenary, Defender, Invader, Independent, Neutral.

— End quote

This bill requires a simple majority.

Voting begins on May 16th (UTC) and will last a period of 168 hours. It will end on May 23rd (UTC).

Voting Choices:

  1. Vote AYE or FOR if you are in favor.
  2. Vote NAY or AGAINST if you are against.
  3. Vote ABSTAIN or PRESENT if you cannot make a decision in good conscience.

It is required that you supply your nation residing in the East Pacific and your World Assembly status, if applicable. If you are currently an active member of EPSA then you are exempt from this rule.

Eligible Magisters: 21

AC5230 (Deputy Provost)
A mean old man (Provost)
Gorundu (Deputy Provost)
Great Algerstonia
Mangegneithe / Aivintis / Lerasi
Rage Mage
Todd McCloud

Suspended Magisters: 1



Acronis (TEPWA) votes YES

Tretrid (TEP/WA: [nation=Tretrid]) votes AYE.

SirShadow(WA/TEP: Eastern Alksearia) votes AYE

AYE, says Aivintis (TEP) and Lerahlsi (WA)

Great Algerstonia (TEP/WA) votes AYE.

Sycona (TEP/WA) votes AYE

Gesendet von meinem SM-A520F mit Tapatalk

TEP: Arkhamanishka


(TEP: Varanius the Second, WA: Varanius)

VW53ALand (TEP/WA) votes:


Dylan (TEP/WA Staynes) votes FOR.

Brotherlandprez1 (WA/TEP: Brotherland) votes FOR.

Sokala (TEP/WA) votes AYE

TEP: The Atlae Isles


Bachtendekuppen (TEP/WA) votes AYE.


Todd McCloud (TEP / WA Nation: Todd McCloud) votes Aye.

TEP/WA DRagons Blood


(TEP/WA): Vultuca Votes AYE