[Vote] Referendum on Article C and Article I of the Concordat (2022.8)

[spoiler]Article C: Judicial

Section 1) This Concordat does hereby invest judicial power in the Conclave, which shall be the interpreter of this Concordat and the judge and jury of Citizens.

Section 2) The Standing Orders of the Conclave shall be considered legally binding within the Conclave, unless contradicted by this Concordat or statutory law.

Section 3) The Conclave shall be composed of four Arbiters, which shall not serve concurrently as the Delegate or as a Magister. In the final decisions of the Conclave, the total number of votes cast may not exceed 3, as determined by the Standing Orders of the Conclave.

Section 4) The Arbiters shall elect from amongst themselves a Viceroy who shall oversee the proceedings of the Conclave, administrate elections in the Region, and represent the Conclave to the Executive, the Magisterium, and the Praesidium. The Viceroy shall submit election regulation changes to the Magisterium for majority approval. The Viceroy shall be charged with maintaining the Standing Orders of the Conclave.

Section 4) Arbiters are appointed for six month tenure, after which they shall retain their seat until a Member is nominated to replace them. An Arbiter may be reappointed when their term ends.

Section 5) The Conclave may rule on the actions of the Delegate or the Praesidium and nullify any which are contrary to this Concordat or statutory law. Furthermore, the Conclave may nullify any law passed by the Magisterium that is contrary to this Concordat. The Conclave is empowered to compel a legally required action by Order with any indictable penalty. The Conclave cannot overturn Concordat Amendments.

Section 6) The Conclave may rule on the actions of any Citizen to be in violation of this Concordat or of the indicted offences as prescribed by the laws of the Region and sentence those found guilty pursuant to statutory limits. Trials in the Conclave shall be in open session.

Section 7) The Conclave may remove a Vizier by 2/3 decision or a Magister by majority decision, for absence or high crimes.

Section 8) The Conclave may not apply any legislation to any situation that occurred before the legislation was passed. The prohibition of the Conclave overturning Concordat Amendments, as stated in this Article, shall be an exemption to this mandate.

Article I: Enactment and Amendment

Section 1) This Concordat recognizes itself as the descendant of the first concordat of The East Pacific, which took effect following a ratification vote of nations of The East Pacific, as overseen by the Elders. This Concordat repeals and replaces said elder concordat.

Section 1) This Concordat is understood to have been established on January 11th, 2009, taking effect following a ratification vote of nations of The East Pacific as overseen by the Elders.

Section 2) The Magisterium may propose an amendment a Proposal for Amendment to this Concordat by a 2/3 vote; such an amendment a Proposal for Amendment must receive the support of 2/3 of Registered Voters voting in a referendum administered by the Conclave to be ratified and become a legally binding Concordat amendment. A legally binding Concordat amendment ratified as such shall be known as an “Amendment” or as a “Concordat Amendment”.
Section 3) Amendments to the Concordat shall take effect immediately upon referendum close.

Section 3) Upon Amendment Referendum close, a Proposal for Amendment that gained the necessary support during the Amendment Referendum shall immediately be considered an Amendment.

Section 4) Proposals for Amendments shall be defined as changes, additions and/or removal of provisions within this Concordat or replacements of this Concordat that have not been ratified in an Amendment Referendum.

Section 5) A Proposal for Amendment is not binding law unless it becomes an Amendment.
NOTE: Only registered voters can vote in this thread

This is a referendum being opened on amendments to Article C and Article I of the Concordat. It adds clarity on how amendments to the Concordat works and adds a provision to the Conclave.

The amendment was discussed [CONCORDAT] Amendment to Article C, I - The East Pacific - Tapatalk and passed on 4th October [VOTE] Proposal to amend Article C and I of the Concordat - The East Pacific - Tapatalk

Voting is open for a period of approximately one week from the time this referendum is announced until Tuesday, October 11th.
This vote will close on 11th October 2022, at 10:52 PM UTC (6:52 PM EDT).
Votes made or edited after this time will be discounted. Votes cast from citizen accounts not registered to vote will be discounted and are liable to penalty as voter fraud.

Vote AYE or FOR if you are in favor of the proposal;
Vote NAY or AGAINST if you are against the proposal;
Vote ABSTAIN or PRESENT if you find yourself unable to reach a decision in good conscience.


TEP/WA: Pakitsk


ArenaC (TEPWA) votes AYE

TEP/WA: Empire of Dabiristan

Votes: For



TEP/WA Eastern Alksearia


Dremaur (WA: EPSA) votes Aye

WA/TEP: American-Cascadia


TEP/WA: The Fourth Imperium


TEP/WA Endertopias


Sammy23 (TEP/WA New Leganes) votes FOR


[Voting ended. Votes are being Tallied]