Vultuca Expanding

The Leader of the Nation known as vultuca has agreed to expand vultucas borders to spread their fascist ideology and to enable more security from invading nations, Yuri Vonshor Leader of vultuca said in a meeting “One of our best ways to define more security is to set up more military bases in all of vultucas islands so we must expand to ensure security in the kiegan sea” This is just one of the reasons of vultucas wanting to expand Emperor Vultuk even agrees with the leader and said this “We need more land and more places to mine resources if we want vultucas economy to grow and make sure we have naval and air dominance in the kiegan sea” With these two wanting to expand there has been a proposal to expanding into a few unclaimed islands nearby “All people living in this islands will be granted Vultucan Citizenship” said Poula Vonshor Yuris younger brother these claims have lead to the vultuca party claiming the islands as territory off themselfs. All though there is a known party known as the “Vultucan Workers Party” who always disagree with the government and are trying to get people to disapprove of expansion. Leader of the Vultucan Workers party said in a meeting " We can not let them expand their fascist ideals we must make vultuca a free communist party" Vultucan Police arrested him due to hate on the fascist ideals. So far all of vultucas leaders have agreed with the expansion and want vultuca to influence fascism world wide.