Vultucan News

Masqurade, Vultuca about 10,000 Jewish people land outside Masqurade City at 2:35 am and start bombarding with artillery, gunning down the population, Swat, police, Military forces respond quickly killing about 2,546 of the Terrorist 3,436 Captured the other 4018 escaped with the vultucans losing about 3,456 people out of 5,035 in the town and went into hiding they are proposed to be in the vultucan Shelia Hills this is the 73rd terrorist attack by Jewish people/ancestry out of 74 in total of vultucas history, years before jews were banned due to their violence, and attempting to take over the government about 4 times, the population of vultuca want the jews to be killed off world wide for their crimes

Update: Vultucan Offical found survelliance that the craft came from the east, possibly from atlantia or concord, a vultucan plane spotted a small nest of machine guns aimed at the in coming military and they were bombed vultucan military captures the machine gunners puts them for questioning, apprently they are from adumara, nacata and other nations around urth and their group is called " Vila Mila" and they attacked due to vultucas high population of ademarites & Shinkia Religion groups and for vultucas ancient leader Melka killed the leader of a jewish independent town in 467 CE having a Jewish downfall in vultuca

The Vultucan Government would like to remind Nacata that Jewish violence against vultuca has existed for centuries and we can not let those terrorist keep on attacking us and not doing anything, vultuca needs to put pressure on terrorist by executing the terrorist to lower the chances of more attacks, just as a meeting in the vultucan congress building was held, 7 Jewish terrorist attacked an elementary school killing 2 teachers and 142 children before engaging in a crossfire with police officials until 2 were shot and the rest captured, the public opinion of jews has lowered once again and now their anti-jew protests across vultuca.

The Vultucan Government listened to Nacatas peace offering but the public violence has gone high and now people are attacking any jew they see and offend killing them, the Vultucan government has asked for people to stop attacking the jews so they could talk with nacata but violence has increased more and police and swat forces can’t hold them off.

The Vultucan Government has officially Legalized Judaism, and killing a jew in the next 2 months unless of self defence will lead the criminal up to 30 years in prison, also has called off the manhunt for jews and will personally allow any jew to escape and flew to neighboring countries such as nacta, mexiregiona, kuthernburg or duelland if they feel threaten by the recent violence. Vultuca will supply their transport to the nation so they can be safe from the violence while vultuca resolves this.

Update: Vultucan Population calmed down, Jews are officially legalized and hold all the normal vultucan rights if a citizen, if not they hold the same as a resident/non citizens rights.

Hello, this is Vultucan News, about 40 minutes ago, Phoniex Airline Flight 21 Going from OuteBurgh. Vultuca to China, Yuno was shot down by 4 unidentified Missles off the coast of Adumara, Vultucan Authorities don’t know who fired the missiles or what type they were,

9:54 Pm OuteBorgh International Airport, Phoniex Airline Flight 21 Departs with 321 Passengers and 21 Crew

10:42 Pm Phoniex Airline Flight 21 Checks in with air traffic control

11:21 Pm all four engines of Phoniex Airline Flight 21 are shot down causing the plane to stall and dive straight down into the ocean with a speed of 532 MPH off the coast of adumara, All passengers and crew die immediately, No one knowing where the missiles came from.

Vultucan News will update on this story as more information comes

New Information has revealed, Showing the Missles came from the North East, with investigators and spies working together,

Meanwhile President James Canon declared that the Terrorist Organization Al-Jaheed is respondsible for the attack,

others are supporting this idea with also a group of people blaming adumara

it is unlikely that adumara attacked since peace talks have been occuring, and most evidence shows to be al-jaheed attacks

More updates,

Reports from radar and spies have shown missles coming from the taikow islands, but not from adumara, a al-jaheed missle was fired so its thought al-jaheed attacked and tried to frame adumara

vultucan officals reported that al-jaheed was trying to sabotage relations between vultuca and adumara