Vultucan Victory

These last few months vultucas war with terrorist has been worse than any other year, but good news has come around, the Vultucan forces have captured the last remaining headquarters for the Shanshin, the remaining Shanshins escaped in boats to other nations, President Canon addressed to the public that the 86 year long war with the Shanshin is over! Crowds of vultucans celebrate not just in vultuca, but in nations across urth. Vultuca can now get back on track on rebuilding their nation.

With this good news vultuca can start rebuilding and hopefully return to normal stage, president canon announced that the Ghina Palace (Built in the year 891) has been repaired so now the public and tourist can go and have a tour and visit the ancient vultucan palace, other palaces have been repaired as well for the public, Vultucan Police have reported crime and drug use in vultuca has decreased from 10% to 1.5%.