WAA Ministry: 2023 Agenda

October 2022:

  • Setting up of the organisation of the Cappedore WAA Ministry, setting the agenda for what is ahead

January 2023:

  • Revitalising WA activity, getting Hussars and Citizens involved in the WA discussion in main server
  • (hopefully) Setting up a “weekly WA discussion” event in main server
  • Making provisions to set up resolution votes in main server to help influence the Delegate’s decision on WA resolutions

March 2023:

  • Establishing a “World Assembly Forum” (WAF) of citizens (don’t have to be in the WA ministry) for a more in-depth analysis and involvement in the WA discussion on NS. Will include:
    ---- Weekly discussions and debates on WA proposals and drafts in forums
    ---- Looking at + analysing former WA resolutions from both GA and SC
    ---- Setting up authorship contests, pitching ideas for future proposals and resolutions in weekly forum discussions
    ---- Setting up provisions for members of the WAF to join the ministry and establishing more organisation

Huzzah who knows we may be able to get this done AHEAD OF SCHEDULE (and before my mock exams start)