War Sometimes Changes


When one thinks of war, nowadays one will always see wars as blazing fights of gunfire, with tanks rushing in to support massive ranks of infantry as planes fly patriotically overhead, decimating the enemy dying. Conversely, one has been taught that war is not anything related to glory, but is instead something to be feared and avoided at all costs. Why do we think so hypocritically? One half of our mind sees war as a glorious blood fest, and the other seeing it as a stark fantasy that has no place in our world?

Yet, when you look at the facts, war is the instigator of change. It is when all is told and our tales are laid to rest, the one thing that drives the world to be better. Without war, our Urth would be much less advanced than it is today. Without war, our social structures would be radically different. Without war, are we even human? Without evil, there cannot be good. So the question being is, without war… what would be missing? Perhaps our humanity, maybe our very technology we enjoy today. Or mayhaps, nothing at all.

Keeping such things in mind, I have come to share with you today a story. It’s a bit long, forgotten by the majority of the world, but one that has become nothing short of a legend. In fact, it’s a story that still affects millions of people today, and its impact has yet to stop reaching forward past the bars of time.

It’s a story filled with human things. Betrayal. Anger. Love. Apathy. All may or may not play a role in this story, as all things human may or may not affect our lives in the end. It’s a legend, so maybe facts will be exaggerated. Maybe not. But I can assure you, with the mystical credibility I hold, that these events did happen, in some form, in the past.

From this story, this legend, you may grab what you like from it. Maybe it will be a lesson that will affect your daily life. Maybe you’ll realize that war, in fact, is a reality that still drives us to greater heights at the cost of lives. Or, mayhaps all you take from this is a nice fantasy story to tell your friends.

I leave it up to you, friend. I can’t say I’m the best at storytelling, but only I truly know this story, so I will do my best to relay it. Again, it’s up to you how you view this story, and the ultimate takeaway is yours to find.