Welcome to 1099!

The year is 1099.

Fractured kingdoms span the four corners of the Urth, and tales of magic and chivalry abound.

Only two centuries after the old empires fell, knowledge is now scarce, and safety is fleeting. Relics and libraries are held in the highest regard, and those who can read and write are among the highest in society. The languages of the old empires have begun to splinter; violence is the only language all are fluent in. But tales of wondrous inventions trickle down from the last bastions of major civilization; word of new, massive settlements known as “cities,” whilst myths still abound of men who conjure lightning, and swords that glow with an unseemly light. Whether these are credible, is anyone’s guess.

This century seems more and more to be a turning point, as wars come to a head, kingdoms grow larger; No longer fighting in the hundred, but again in the thousands, these new nations have risen again and aspire to reclaim the mantle of civilization that seemed all but lost. Science seeks to explain what magic claimed to be inscrutable, whilst men in cloaks perform impossible feats and baffle onlookers. Men have rose to power in ways not seen since the last collapse.

Do have your wits about you, for this land is a changing one.

Welcome to the the old world.

[spoiler]Magic is allowed, but should be defined in a system to avoid godmodding, and tech should generally be around early Middle Ages; with exceptions where well explained or RP’d.

This will be on a distorted ye-old version of our 2019 map, so if you have middle-ages headcanon for your country, now’s your chance!

Anything goes wrong, give me a shout and I’ll help out![/spoiler]