Wey-Yu Industries

Wey-Yu Industries is a up and coming company that manufactures everything in the defense industry from guns to missiles and plane components. With the recent sale of land, Wey-Yu seeks to expand their business into the commercialization of space and extra-solar corporate expansion from mining to construction. The goal of Wey-Yu Industries is to “Build a Better World.” Soon in the future they seek to change that motto to “Building Better Worlds.”

The company was founded by Valintino Saar’bac, a former Marine Force Recon in the Rhodesialund’s military, then he decided to strike his fortune in the private security and contracting business across the globe. A Felidae himself, he dealt with the challenges of contracting in the shitholes across Urth and did the jobs successfully. A few years of that and he decided to open his own company that would do private security and manufacturing/contracting in the defense industry alongside with two partners, Mike Weyland and Kim Yu. Together the three of them started the company and drove it to where it is now.

A artist representation of Valintino Sarr’bac during his years of Private Security…

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Services Provided: Manufacturing, Leasing, Support Solutions, Private security and consulting.

Wey-Yu currently manufactures the M45 handgun for the Rhodesialund’s military branches. Most of the revenue generated comes from private security, consulting, and manufacturing of parts of which other companies contract out to. The company also manufactures arms such as Ar-15s, AKs, and a various assortment of other firearms and explosive weaponry for the military and private world. Wey-Yu is currently planning on building a launch station of which people can line up to pay for a trip into space.

The M45 handgun that Wey-Yu Industries currently manufactures for service in the Rhodesialund’s military.
One of the many AESA radar systems that utilize Wey-Yu components and manufacturing.
A handful of the many contractors Wey-Yu employs across the globe for security and advising.
One of the employees assembling the Ar-15s manufactured by Wey-Yu.

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Rifles manufactured by Wey-Yu Industries.

Wey-Yu Industries currently manufactures these rifles for sale to foreign governments or private entities.

Wey-Yu Kalashkinova-74 (WYK-74)

A timeless design and in use by many rebels and tin-pot dictators across the globe, the Avtomat Kalashkinova 74 is the evolution of the AK design, chambered in the 5.45x39mm cartridge. Wey-Yu Industries decided to manufacture this old war classic, called the Wey-Yu Kalashkinova-74, or WYK-74 for short. The barrel is chrome lined and the receivers stamped. The rifle enjoys a rather handy length of pull (LoP) at 12.5 inches compared to the VICTOR standard of 14". The wood furniture is stained and coated to endure the wide variety of climates across Urth.

In the words of our General of the Marines, “Mad Dog” Lex, “There will be two things that will live long after sentient species in this universe has turned to dust, the cockroach, and the Avtomat Kalashkinova.”

Wey-Yu Kalashkinova-74M (WYK-74M)

Tired of having your rabble of freedom fighters or small time army being ridiculed by the fact that you field wood furniture rifles that look outdated? Don’t have enough money or political pull to give your soldiers the best of the best?

Have no fear, the Kalashkinova-74 returns in new clothing, the WYK-74M, manufactured by Wey-Yu Industries. The original 74 was updated with brand new glass-filled polyamide that is more resistant to wear and tear than it’s wooden contemporaries. Side rail brackets are installed and welded on the left side of the rifles, allowing for more modularity in terms of accepting optics for effectively engaging targets or your next victims. The rifle weighs lighter than before with the space-age material furniture, the bolt and carrier assembly been shaved to further reduce weight. With the weight cut down in the action, it fires faster, allowing for more effective cover to be laid down in a hail of lead.

Buy the WYK-74Ms, and make your band of raggedy goat-humping kebab eaters look like a professional terror group. Buy these rifles and turn your third world shithole army into a respectable fighting force that will gain you commendation.

Wey-Yu Kalashkinova-AKM (WYK-AKM)

Find yourself loving the Avtomat Kalashkinova rifle but been disappointed in the 5.45x39mm cartridge and the kebab eaters walking away with minor wounds? Have no fear, for Wey-Yu Industries has brought back the AKM, where it all started.

The AKM is chambered in 7.62x39mm, meaning more boom per boom. The cartridge is nasty and will pack enough punch to put any man-sized target within 200 yards down into the dirt. With the updated space-age plastic furniture, your army will be packing a little more firepower to send any track-suit terrorist running away in fear.

Wey-Yu Rifle-7 Carbine (WYR-7C)

Have plenty of money and want to make your private army or military look Tier One? Need to seamlessly operate in dynamic environments while still maintaining your “high speed-low drag” reputation? Look no further than the WYR-7C, for all your tactical and operating needs.

This rifle is made from high-impact polymer that’s highly resistant to the scission of polymer chains. The barrel is 4150 steel that’s bath salt nitrided to ensure the best in accuracy and extend the life period beyond those of the normal chrome-lined barrels. Modularity is bar none to this platform and with the best in ergonomics. The platform features a folding and collapsible stock for those of any stature and for easier manipulation through all kinds of situations. A carry handle is present for those long hours in non-permissive environments. Built in it is a 3.5x power scope with a red dot for rapid ease of target acquisition and engagement. The rifle is fitted with a closed bolt system for heavy use in treacherous conditions to keep out debris. With the patented quick barrel change system, the user can switch from using 5.56x45mm to any caliber designed to fit in the same platform as the 5.56mm can in 16 inch barrel options or 20 inch for the DMR and R variants. (Barrels Optional)

Dynamically operate in non-permissive environments with this “high speed-low drag” tactical carbine. Give your operators an operator’s rifle.

Wey-Yu Rifle-7 DMR (WYR-7DMR)

Need a high speed-low drag rifle with more reach than the carbine? Effectively engage targets out to 800 yards with the Designated Marksman Rifle of the WYR-7.

Outfitted with a 20 inch 4150 steel melonited barrel, a 3-9x40 Riflescope Standard Duplex Crosshair, and the operator is prepared for engaging threats with surgical precision out to 800 yards. 20 round magazine capacity comes standard for ease of dynamically setting themselves up for the high-precision shot.

Wey-Yu Rifle-7 Rifleman (WYR-7R)

Needing more precision from your carbine but don’t want a 3-9x40 powered riflescope standard duplex crosshair? Look no further than the Rifleman variant. For all your needs in dynamically operating in non-permissive environments of medium ranges. Rapidly swap barrels in different calibers should the situation arise.

Wey-Yu Rifle-14 Synthetic (WYR-14S)

Find yourself wanting a rifle that packs a bigger punch than your typical operator’s rifle? Say Hello to the WYR-14S, a synthetic furniture variant of the WYR-14. With less weight on the rifle, and being able to carry more in ammunition, don’t feel under-gunned when you know you are carrying a rifle that can fire full-powered cartridges like the 7.62x51mm. This platform also comes with chamberings in .243 Winchester, .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmore, 7mm-08, .338 Federal, .300 WSM, and more…

Wey-Yu Rifle-14 (WYR-14)

Like the M14 but hate the “High speed, low drag” aesthetics? This rifle is for you, bringing back a touch of class from the old world, one rifle at a time. Enjoy the beautiful stock and the grain of the wood as you sip on a scotch on the rocks while enjoying yourself a fine cigar rolled by the hands of the disadvantaged in third world dumps.

Wey-Yu Rifle-14 ‘Super Sized’ (WYR-14SS)

Find yourself needing even more firepower for hunting big or even dangerous game animals? Feel that Sasquatch has been shitting in your yard for far too long? Say hello to the “Super Sized,” a M-14 rifle available in the ‘ass-kickin’ .338 Lapua Magnum. For all your monster hunting needs.

Wey-Yu Rifle-15 (WYR-15)

Want to dynamically operate in non-permissive dynamic environments but don’t have the funds for the best? No shame in admitting it, so Wey-Yu Industries has come out with their take on the AR-15, the AK’s capitalistic rival.

Designed by Gene Stoner, the AR-15 was the quintessential rifle of capitalists. Everything about this rifle is military spec. As the rifle evolved, the mission capabilities of it changed. It became the must have cheap rifle that boasts remarkable ergonomics and modularity, it’s uppers capable of being swapped on the fly for dynamic situations. From clearing houses full of kebab eaters to eliminating high-value targets at considerable distances in which accuracy is key. This platform boasts a wide variety of chamberings for different mission objectives. Rhodesialund’s military currently services the M65, a 6.5 Grendel chambered piston driven rifle, for supreme ballistic performance from 200 to 800 yards.

Wey-Yu Rifle-15 Retro

Love the modularity and ergonomic benefits of the Stoner rifle? Don’t like being “dynamic?” The Retro variant of the rifle features a built in carry handle and rear sight. Alongside with this model comes wood furniture, for more of that “Old World” class. This is the perfect hunting rifle for beginners from varmints to medium sized game depending on the chamberings used.

Wey-Yu Rifle-338 (WYR-338)

Brought to you by the gun geniuses deep inside the bowels of Wey-Yu Industries, the WYR-338 is the must have Tier One Anti-Personal rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Hit high-value targets from over a mile away and watch limbs go flying with the raw power from the impact of the round. This Semi-Automatic Roller-Delayed rifle features a patented recoil softening design capable of ensuring accurate man-sized hits at 500 yards during rapid fire, providing your eardrums didn’t burst from the sound of such a monstrosity rapid firing. The melonited and specially tuned barrel ensures the best in accuracy, leaving no compromise at such vast distances it was intended for.

“For those moments when you really gotta give an unsuspecting terrorist 2 miles away the bitch-slap from God himself…” -James Reagan, Secretary of Defense[edit_reason]Pic Size[/edit_reason]

Wey-Yu Industries is proud to announce a new weapons platform that is currently being manufactured.

Say hello to the Wey-Yu Rifle PDW! (WY-PDW)

To address the common issues of PDWs chambered in less than intermediate cartridges like the P90, MP7, and QCW-05. Wey-Yu Industries decided to do a more powerful take on the PDW. Chambered in any cartridge that can fit in your normal Ar-15, from the 22lr to the 50 Beowulf and in-between. The standard model for sale is chambered in the ubiquitous 5.56x45mm caliber. However, customers can order it to be chambered in something else.

All WY-PDWs come standard with front and rear flip up sights, a 10 inch barrel, free floating hand-guard for added accuracy and better barrel harmonics. Including suppressor-capable flash hiders, for those moments when you need to quickly put on a suppressor for those quite moments.

The platform utilizes a roller-delayed blow-back system, common in the MP5 sub-machine gun and G3 Rifle.

(An Early prototype before the final production version)

In addition to the line of weaponry that Wey-Yu Industries manufactures, the WYAR-408 is considered the ultimate in long range shooting.


Chambered in 408 Cheytac, this rifle is effective out to over 2,000 yards (2,000 m) while retaining supersonic performance. Delivering a 305 grain projectile down a 29" barrel at a screaming 3,500 ft/s (2,386 mph / 5,633 kmh) with surgical precision for those long range shots.


Wey-Yu Industries is now located in the Comona Islands. The territory formally Rhodesian but now under Wey-Yu jurisdiction and sovereignty.

The headquarters of Wey-Yu Industries is now situated in New Haven Island.