When Push Comes to Shove

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Toksun Ance City, March 15, 2017, 1450 hours

Taylor Joseph was the director of a fairly important agency (or at least in the eyes of top military officials), the Toksun Ancean Nuclear Armament Program (TKANAP), which was strictly kept a secret to the point that not even the prying eyes of the Tretridians had any clue to what was happening. And to Joseph, it was always good for the Tretridians or their Atlaesian buddies not to know.

Or at least, not yet.

His car approached a gate barring the path to the parking lot to an elegant building. Manning that particular gate was a young guard who was examining papers. Judging by the bored look on his face, Joseph could tell that it was a tedious job.

When Joseph stopped and rolled down his window, the guard looked up at him and asked (with very little emotion in his voice), “Do you have clearance?”

Joseph gave the man the paper that was issued to him several days earlier. The guard gave the paper back to Joseph and opened the gate. Joseph drove through, and he heard the gate close behind him.

After he parked, he opened the door, took out the slip of paper, a manila envelope with ᴛᴏᴘ ꜱᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ stamped on the outside, and closed the door. He then walked across the parking lot and entered the building.

He found him in the lobby, with a receptionist checking her schedule. He gave that receptionist his slip of paper. She looked over the paper carefully and said, “You’re Taylor Joseph?”

Joseph nodded.

“And you have an appointment with Minister Williamson?”

He nodded again.

The receptionist checked the slip against the schedule. “It all checks out.” She then gave the slip back to Joseph and gave him directions to Williamson’s office.

Once he had reached the door of Williamson’s office, he read the plaque on the door.

— Begin quote from ____


— End quote

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Joseph saw a barcode reader on a platform just next to the door. He scanned the barcode, saw a light go green, and heard a clicking sound. Apprehensive, he took a deep breath and opened the door.
[hr]TAAF Headquarters, Toksun Ance City, 1500 hours

Williamson was seated in the room, with another chair opposite him that was vacant. When Joseph entered, Williamson’s eyes darted upwards to meet Joseph’s face. “Please take a seat.”

Joseph nervously sat down.

Williamson looked directly into Joseph’s eyes, something that always made Joseph uncomfortable. “I hope… your little project is going well?”

Joseph didn’t answer, but he placed the envelope on the desk and carefully opened it. He removed some reports. “These are reports of our progress. I expect a fully-functional bomb will come within months.”

Williamson read the reports, then placed them on his desk. “Good. I hope you have a functioning bomb by April 15.”

Joseph squirmed in his seat. “Only 1 month?”

Williamson looked directly at Joseph. “Yes. We expect a demonstration of your nuclear capabilities on that day. The Great One himself will be in attendance.”

It was rare for the dictator of Toksun Ance, who was referred to as “The Great One” or something similar, to leave his underground bunker deep in Toksun Ance City.

Joseph stammered, “T-The Great One h-himself?”

Williamson nodded. “If your bomb fails in any way, or you don’t have it ready, let’s just say that there will be… unpleasant consequences.”

“Wouldn’t the Tretridians and their allies find out if it succeeds?”

Williamson paused. “Those bastards? Certainly. That’s when we unveil our newfound capability. I also expect you to have another bomb, but not to detonate.”

“What will we do with them?”

“Why, ballistic missiles, obviously.”

Turgan Island, Toksun Ance, April 15, 2018, 2100 hours

Turgan Island was an island just south of Forgan Island (the long island in the northern part of Toksun Ance). It was used as a military testing range.

When the TKANAP was created, an entire half of the island was given to them.

Only people working on projects or top military officials were allowed on the island, and nobody, regardless of rank (except for Williamson and The Great One), was allowed to enter the part of the island reserved for the nuclear program.

Nobody (except for the aforementioned two) in that project was allowed off that island, except for the occasional exception of Joseph. They did all their construction in roofed sheds, to make sure Tretridian spy satellites could not see what was happening. And so very little people knew about the existence of the TKANAP.

Until now.

Several miles away from the field, an observation stand stood. It was a safe distance from the explosive power of the bomb, yet it was close enough that the explosion would be visible. The bomb was hoisted in the air, with some people doing last minute preparations before moving to the safety of the stand.

“Detonation in 10 minutes.”

This was it for Joseph. All the work he had ben doing in the past years, it all culminated to this day. Toksun Ance would finally become a nation with nuclear weapons, or so he hoped. He was visibly shaking from the pressure on him.

Sitting next to him was Williamson and the Dictator himself. He was slightly younger than Williamson, but more impatient.

“Detonation in 5 minutes.”

For Joseph, each second ticked by slowly. He started to break out into a cold sweat.

Sunglasses and sunscreen were being distributed to further protect everyone from the radiation from the explosion.

“Detonation in 1 minute.”

This was the longest minute that Joseph would ever experience, or at least, that was how it felt. Sweat was dripping down his face, and everybody had, at this point, noticed his shaking.

“Detonation in 30 seconds.”

Joseph was making quick and shallow breaths from his anxiety. His heart beat was fast and boomed in his ears.

“Detonation in 10 seconds.”

It was time to learn if all the work they had done would pay off. This was when video cameras that were placed for when the program was to be revealed turned on."

“Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.”

Joseph put his sunglasses on.

“Four. Three. Two.”

Joseph stared into the distance.


He crossed his fingers. He would finally find out if all his effort had paid off.


And suddenly, all was bright.

[hr]A blindingly bright light shone, forcing nearly all observing the explosion to turn away. When their eyes adjusted, they saw a glowing plume rising in the air, the top flattening up into a mushroom cloud.

Joseph exhaled. It worked.

After a short pause, the men who had spent so much time working cheered.

Shortly afterward, the detonation was reported to the state-run media and declared to all of Urth. It was time for the world to know what Toksun Ance could do now.

Joseph imagined the expression on the faces of those Tretridian dogs and smiled.
[hr]The Executive Building, Tretridia, 11:00 PM

Prime Minister Robert Evans felt like he was now accustomed to his job.

After settling down from a campaign season heavily influenced by the Auroran-Pacific War, he had insisted that Tretrid take a new path of peace. He had insisted that Tretrid be neutral in the crisis in The Atlae Isles, for example.

Then, on 10:30, news reports came out that the Toksun Anceans had successfully detonated a nuclear warhead.


He wasn’t sure what to make of it, or even if they were true or not.

He was reading on the subject when Foreign Minister Travis Peters entered his office. “I assume you’ve seen the reports about the Toksun Ancean Nuclear Program?”

Evans nodded.

Peters placed a folder on Evans’ desk. “Seems like they declassified their nuclear program and insisted on sending a heavily censored summary to everybody in the AA. Here it is.”

— Begin quote from ____

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, a nuclear warhead was detonated ████████████████. The bomb was a ███████████████████ nuclear device. ██████████████████████████ The test is considered a resounding success by Toksun Ancean authorities. More nuclear bombs have been created█████████████████████████████████. More are expected to be produced in the coming months.

— End quote

So it was true.

Evans looked up. “I’ll contact our allies. We’ll see what we can do.”

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Xagrurgian Consulate: Luthernburg, Kuthernburg
As the Xagrurgian ambassador was twiddling his pen around in boredom at his desk, he felt a small shaking. Intrigued by this as there aren’t any faultlines near the city he was aware of, he proceeded to check the news and radio stations, none of them reporting on a Urthquake. Except for the fact there was a nuclear detonation on an island by a nation called Toksun Ance. His knowledge of the nation was spotty as best and it only went as far that it was a militaristic dictatorship north of Tretrid. He immediately picked up his phone and dialed the number of Prime Minister Rico, planning to inform him of the developing situation and ask about the safety of the region.