Who is the Mol?

(intro of the show with the portrets of al the contestants of the show)
Hello and good evening to this new Blueacian show “Who is the mol?” this show is all about 8 people who are together for a few weeks. they do challenges to earn money for the bank or immunity for the to advance to one of the next rounds. but there is a twist, there is also a mol. who does everything to get as least money as possible. at the end of each show 1 of the contestants will go home, except for the mol who never has to go home. i’m your host Louis Trudeau

in this series we welcome:
Natanaele Andreason the social influencer of 23 years
Alvaro Bergamaschi the tv host of 52 years
Aleandro Trentini the racingdriver of 49 years
Maurizio Ferarri the 30 year old actor
Angelina Lucchese the 57 year old singer
Catherine Charette the 28 year old singer
Alina Belluci the model of 32 years
and last but not least we have Eugenia Généreux the actor of 38

for this season we will be in Asendavia. for some this adventure will endure longer then to others.

(The contestants are standing facing the host of the show)

“Hello, and welcome you all. I’m here to give you your first challenge. you’ll be split into groups of two. after that you all will hop in a cab which will bring you to different restaurants around the city. there you’ll find clues to get 3 things. 1000 Kririb for the bank for each group, two immunity coins and there are a few a safes in which you will find the location where I will be. you will get 3 hours for this challenge the ones who arent on time at the location I am will have to face the elimination test. if you all make it on time no-one will be send home. Well I see you guys hopefully all later and the time starts now.” then he walks off.
inmidiatly there is rumor in the group. than the camera switches to a room in which one of the conestants is sitting. Alina Belluci: “So we just landed here in Stormharad and the first one might have to go home after just like 3 hours.”
then someone of the group yells “allright guys, we need to make groups of two. i’ll say lets make the groups with a male and a female. I would say Natanaele and Angelina, Aleandro and Eugenia, Maurizio and Alina and as last team Catherine and me. Does everyone agree?”
agian the camera switches agian to the room this time Alvaro was sitting there “everyone was just chatting and no-one was taking the lead so I thought if no-one does it I’ll do it so we can start this challenge because the time allready was running”
the contestants all took their backs and ran off to get to the cabs which were waiting for them. when they all got in all the cabs drove of in different directions and all brought the contestants to different restaurants.
the camera’s in the restaurants all show a phone, a enveloppe a key and a map of the city.
Aleandro and Eugenia are the first group to arrive at one of the restaurants. they look for the clues but they cant find any. so they decide to order a quick drink before thinking what to do next.
then the camera switches to the next group of Alvaro and Catherine which just pulled in at the restaurant. They hop out and run into the restaurant where they ask the bartender if he know anything about clues. he points to a table with a phone, an enveloppe and a key. they rip open the enveloppe and see pictures of the other contestants and a letter with the short message “try and look at it from a different side”
the camera then switches to the team of Natanaele and Angelina as they walk into the restaurant and inmidiatly spot the table with the clues. as Angelina rips open the enveloppe Natanaele starts up the phone and sees that on the backgroud there is a picture what says “group 3” he quickly searches out the phone and what it consists. he discovers that there are 4 other contacts in the phone called group 1, 2 and 4 and Louis Trudeau.
the camera switches agian this time to the last group of Maurizio and Alina who allready are at the restaurant and opened the phone and enveloppe. Alina look at the clue “try and look at it from a different side” so she decides to look at the backsides of the cards at the contestants and sees that on the cards of . so she tells Maurizio to call an other team and see who will answer the phone. then Alina is shown in the room and says “the clue acctually wasvery easy. you always look at the frontside, but why not look at it from the backside?”
then the camera swiches back to Aleandro and Eugenia as they here a phone ringing. they look around and see the phone is on a table close to the door they just came into. they walk to the ringing phone and see that they acctually missed they clue as they came inside. then Aleandro says to Eugina “how could we ever miss that?” and then aswers the phone. “hello, Aleandro answering.” “hey Aleandro its Maurizio calling. we just called a random group n our phone and you are groups 4. we have clues for the next locations for Angelina and Catherine” Aleandro askes “where did you find the locations then? all we see are the map, key and some papers with the names of the contestants on it” “the locations are on the back of the cards” yells Alina. Aleandro says to Eugenia “quick look at the backside of the cards maybe we have clues for them” Eugenia turns around the cards and sees they have the clues of Aleandro himself and Maurizio. he gives the location to Maurizio. they thank eachother and both hang up.
camera switches to Natanaele and Angelina. Natanaele decides to phone team 1, at that same moment Angelina falls of the chair and and some cards fall out her hand. some cards land on theur back and then Angelina sees there is a text on some. “Look Natanaele, the locations are on the back” I guess those are the clues of the people. so in this case Alvaro and Alina." Catherine answers the phone Natanaele says “hey, Alvaro was with you right? we have a location for you, they are on the back of the cards you should look at them and give our clue if you have one.” he gives the location and so does Catherine who happens to have the clue of Natanaele. they hang up and so all the groups start to phone eachother and the locations are given. Then Alvaro starts thinking about the location of the chest. would one of those locations be it? and what about the money and immunity then? they pick all the stuff up and start rushing to the first location.
a clock appears in the screen saying that they only have 1 hour and 50 minutes remaining.
he starts discussing with Catherina about the locations. “Maybe we should call Louis and see what he has to say.” so they decide to call him. then they hear “This is the voicemail of Louis Trudeau, I hope you are on the right path. this phonecall costs you 500 Kirib. the clue is: To find the safe you have to look not only with your eyes. The next voicemail will cost you 1000 Kirib.”
the camera switches to the group of Natanaele and Angelina who also are about to call Louis. and they get the same messages.
Maurizio and Eugenia just arrived at their first location they start searching for a small package with money or immunity coins. after a few minutes Maurizio finds the package with 1000 kirib in it. they run back to the cab and move to the second location.
Aleandro and Alina arrivered at their first location just as the other two team of Alvaro and Catherine and Natanaele and Angeline. and they all start searching for their first package. Alvaro and Catherine almost inmidiatly spot the package which contains 2 immunity coins. and decide to each take one. but the other two team cant seem to find the package. all the teams start rushing to the next location.
the clock now shows only 1 hour remaining
the two groups who couldn’t find the first location decided to call Louis and they got the following messages "The code the next city we will be. with 5 letters. this voicemail costs 1000 Kirib, the next one will be 1500.
the groups slowely make their way to the next locations. Maurizio and Eugenia are the first ones to make it to the next location.and they start searching. then the camera shows the other teams who are arriving at the second location. and they all start searching. 3 groups find their package. Maurizio and Eugenia find immunity just like Aleandro and Alina. and they share their immunity. Natanaele and Angelina find 1000 kirib the group of Alvaro and Catherine cant find their. then the race to the chests starts.
only 45 minutes to go
When they are discussing they place of the chest Catherine feels that the enveloppes feel wierd and that they make a letter and two numbers namely M18. they look on the map of the city and see that on the exact place they look is a big park. and they start to call the other teams. but the team of Natanaele and Angelina dont believe the story and they decide to call Louis. who has the message “the chest can be found on M18. this message cost you 1500 kirib. and this was your last message.”
20 minutes to go
the groups start running at the park and the two groups of Alvaro, Catherine and Maurizio, Eugenia see eachother and decide to look with the 4 of them to the chest and 5 minutes later the find they chests and open them and run accros a few block to find Louis.
as the camera goes back to the park where the teams of Aleandro, Alvina and Natanaele, Angelina are still looking for the chest. Aleandro and Alvina find the chest, open it and run to the location as the clock is shown with only 30 second left and ticking.
Natanaele and Angelina gave up because they couldn’t find the chest. and shamefully Aleandro and Alvina were just to late at the ocation they needed to be.
so they have to make the elimination test. Louis just waits when all the contestants are with him. then he says. I have good news and bad news. 2 teams were on time, but 2 werent. and you guys could have earned 5000 Kirib for the bank, you’ve earned 2000 Kirib. but you all spend 4000. which makes a total of -4000 Kirib

the voice of Louis starts in voiceover "it’s time for the test. 20 questions about the mol and its actions, the end of the test someone will go home. except for the mol which never has to go home.

after the test the 4 contestants who made the test are sitting next to eachother. Louis askes if the contestants are ready for the elimination. all the contestants say they are ready.
first of Alvina
a green screen
then is Aleandro who put a immunity coin on the table
a green screen
then its the turn of Angelina
a red screen
the other react suprised and start hugging Angelina goodbye.

(!!!important!!! you all can react to this. but this won’t affect the show. you guys all can guess for example who the mol is, and see at the end if you had the right mol)

hope you all liked it and see you next episode