World Assembly Central Library Compact

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the work of the Universal Library Coalition (ULC), its Executive Committee (ULCEC), and their Universal Literary Exchange Network (ULEN), in promoting literacy;

Concerned, however, by a lack of protections for preserving physical written works, and thus, that the mission of digitizing and distributing literary works may be hindered by not having a central repository from which to conduct this import work;

Therefore, Hereby:

Establishes & builds a World Assembly Central Library Complex (WACLC), with the purpose of:
-Restoring & Replicating older written works, which may have become damaged with age,
-Collecting new & informative written works for archival purposes,
-Displaying rare, unique, or important works from nations,
-Providing scholastic access to such works, and maintaining the circulation of important written works among nations;

Mandates that WA Nations seek to preserve &, wherever possible, restore the historic & cultural written works of their nation, which may have become damaged through age;

Further, Requires all WA nations adopt standards governing the preservation, restoration, and security of historical, cultural, or important written works;

Encourages that all WA Nations unable to provide for the preservation and security of historic & cultural written works, seek wherever permissible to donate such works to the WACLC;

Mandates, that in order to achieve these goals, that the ULC be tasked with:

  • Collecting & Preserving written texts as donated by entities to the WACLC, and when applicable returning original texts to their donor,
  • Providing for the storage & security of written works;
  • Creating replicated copies of works which may not be stable enough for public handling,
  • Comparing digital copies of works to original written works to prevent tampering,
  • Restoring & Repairing, at fair cost, written texts, at the request of donor entities;

Mandates that ULCEC oversee & consult with donors on:

  • Ongoing funding efforts for WACLC operations,
  • The importance, or literary value of a written work donated to the WACLC,
  • The restoration or replication of written works provided, to ensure authenticity and validity,
  • The security of written works donated to the WACLC,
  • New standards of preservation, restoration, and protection of written works against loss or damage,
  • Transfers of written works from donors to the WACLC;

Mandates that the Office of Building Management (OBM) locate suitable land(s) and/or a planet, in international territory on which to build the WACLC, which shall:

  • Have adequate access to transportation to & from the WACLC & WA Nations,
  • Be sufficiently large enough to include for future expansion(s) of the WACLC,
  • Ensure necessary protection against fire, natural elements, or other natural phenomena;

Encourages all WA Nations seek wherever possible to donate new, informative written works to the WACLC and the ULEN for circulation amongst nations and/or archival purposes;

Affirms that all donors retain cultural ownership of all written works donated to the WACLC, and may elect to remove their work from circulation by providing written notice to the ULCEC;

Clarifies that nothing herein shall be read as to remove written works from member states, and that all contributions to the WACLC must be voluntary;

Affirms the rights of all WA Nations in promoting, as they see fit, the written works and literary traditions of their nation.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

This is one of the few good ones.

World Assembly Central Library Compact was passed 16,203 votes to 1,754.