World Assembly Statue Garden


RECOGNIZING the varied achievements of the citizens of member-nations

BELIEVING these influential people deserve greater international recognition

THEREFORE, the World Assembly Garden of Statues (WAGS) shall be created on World Assembly Headquarters grounds.

MANDATING that each member-nation be allowed to submit a single statue of an important person from their history to be displayed in the WAGS. These statues shall be of a reasonable size such that they do not take up an inordinate amount of space. Each statues shall also have beside it a plaque detailing the life and achievements of the individual.

MANDATING that each nation shall pay for their statue and any associate upkeep. The nation may, however, allow a company or other group to pay for the statue and associated upkeep fees.

STIPULATING that any nation may take down or change their statue at any time.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] World Assembly Statue Garden

This resolution i;s now up for vore.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.