World Wrestling Championship

For years wrestling has only been a fringe sport in most of the world. But today, that changes. Today, we bring professional wrestling to the forefront of all sports. We have assembled the best of the best across the entire Urth to bring you the World Wrestling Championship! Now, let’s meet our wrestlers.

From Nisserige and one of the only gnome wrestlers on the planet, its Big Hicks. He might be small, but don’t let that fool you, he’ll throw you around like a ragdoll if he gets the chance. Known to be a respectful and hardworking man he looks to prove that all the matters is the size of the fight in the dog.

A Baron in the ring and in Volscina, this chivalrous knight will defend his honor and the honor of his country. Think his armor will slow him down? Think again, he’ll be behind you and drop you before you can even blink.

I’m not even going to give this thing the satisfaction of an intro.

Former Series One driver Mikhailing from Eyjaria is here to prove that they made a big mistake throwing him to the curb. He even stole his driver suit from Metropol and uses it in the ring. Uh… don’t tell them about that.

Our tallest wrestler will no doubt show you how to slay, Queen. …God that was awful. Anyway, one hit from her is enough to put most down for the count. All hail the queen.

Disgraced and searching for redemption, this wrestler hasn’t even told us his actual name. Like seriously, he won’t tell us. All we know is he’s here after being… well, exiled from Tavari wrestling. Frankly, if he’s one of the outcasts, I’m a little afraid to see their superstars…

This feline is always… feline to pick fights…Who wrote this script man? Only thing this cat likes is nothing but the utter humiliation of his opponents. Also fish, salmon specifically.

Now bear with… alright I’m done with these puns, I’m firing whoever wrote them. This bear will rip you limb from limb and leave nothing left of you. There’s no escaping his bear hug grasp.

A burning passion for wrestling is what this wrestler is known for. Like real fires, it takes a lot to put her out. She knows how to burn you out before she’s even worked up a sweat.

Last and certainly not least, this wrestler is known for the power behind everything he does. Nothing about them is subtle, and they sure won’t be in the ring.

Our 10 wrestlers are ready and waiting to go at each other for the ultimate prize, to be crowned as World Champions. Of course, the road won’t be easy, and some more may be joining us along the way. This is wrestling at its best. This is the WWC.