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The Tria Channel Tunnel
16th of May of 2024 | Parliament House, Fhål

It has been officially announced, the Tria Channel Tunnel project has been permitted and funded by the Federal Government of Thøn. Originally proposed in 2019, the project was criticized by the government at the time, they were sceptical about its high cost and how there was already an option to travel over the Tria Channel. That being the Tria Crosser Ferry, which take cars and passengers from The Port of Tria in Fhål State to The Channel Port in Zhæl State. The Port of Tria sits at the end of Yor Ty 1 (international equivalent to “Freeway 1”), which follows a path from Fhål to Tria allowing easy driving to Zhæl, Yor Ty 1 has no speed limit, and thus it is quite quick to travel from Fhål to Tria, however, taking the ferry across the Tria Channel takes a long time, and Thøn’s government believes that by building the tunnel it can save travellers over four hours and allow a smoother experience. The tunnel would be 102.2 kilometres long and would contain a 10-lane highway to facilitate the high demand. The project would reportedly cost the government ØK6.8 billion.

The government have also announced an ØK9.9 billion, 131.2-kilometre tunnel to Thalor from Western Zhæl. This tunnel would have 16 lanes and have no speed limit similar to the Tria Channel Tunnel. It would cut travel time to Thalor by over six hours. It would start in Fhaled and head due east to Thalor’s coast, where it would merge with the existing highway infrastructure.

At a press meeting at Fhaled Electronics Corporation, Prime Minister Solveig Christiansen said that the tunnel would “help boost Thøn’s economy even further and promote growth within Trintersphere”, she also stated that “the cost is negligible considering the humungous economic growth these projects might supply for [Thøn].” And on commenting how far away the completion is, she said “time is of the essence, we will be spending a lot of money on attempting to finish construction within three years or less.” Construction of both tunnels will commence in the next month.
-Mx. Kay Mathisen

Kahl State Infrastructure Package
17th of May of 2024 | Kahl Farmer’s Monument, Kahl

The Federal Government of Thøn has passed a bill to give The State Government of Kahl a total of ØK24.5 billion to spend on large infrastructure projects in Kahl, the federal government noted that his would not be the only infrastructure package given to Kahl. Mr. Teodor Knutsen, Premier of Kahl, said that “this package will help fix Kahl’s abysmal infrastructure. From the congested roads to outdated train system, Kahl needs an overhaul.” We also asked Mr. Joakim Nygård, who studies income equality from around Novaris, on his thoughts about this bill. “Kahl is the poorest state in the federation, they might be richer than a lot of other countries, but they’re still poorer than their sibling states. This bill, I believe, will help with federal government satisfaction in Kahl, it’s currently at an all-time low and I think the government have realised this and are attempting to bring Kahl back.” He stated. “These bills need to be more common because they keep the country together, the federal government in the 80s and 90s acknowledged this and use it to their benefit, this government should do the same.” He added.

The ØK24.5 billion worth of money will be sent to The State Government of Kahl on the 7th of June 2024, the federal government’s quarterly payments and accounting day, and should go into projects like the Cross-State Freeway, which would move traffic off local roads and onto a specifically build freeway, increasing the quality of life for surrounding residents. The money is also expected to be used for The Government Farming Company, which would provide farmers with lent out equipment, free use of storage and more necessities that take money out of their dwindling profits. In the end this bill helps every part of the government, with the exception of the treasury, and we can expect to see more like it not only for Kahl but for other states as well.
-Miss. Carmela Pereiro

Ancient Village Found in Hæl
18th of May of 2024 | Tro Mountain, Hæl

An ancient village has been found underneath Tro Mountain in Hæl, the village was found by a group of hikers who happened to camp on top of the village, they were surprised to find that the dirt roof crumbled away along with their tent after leaving for the day to explore Roru Lake. The group came back and discovered that their tent and all its contents had fallen into a ginormous square hole in the ground. They immediately called the local ranger who then contacted archaeologists to learn more about it. “Now, this is quite interesting, the village seems to be from the 15th century, which was when The Trinterian Commonwealth was slowly dying.” Explained Mrs. Gry Hansen, leader of the Hæl Group of Archaeologists. “We suspect that this village may have been used as a hide out for rebel groups. There are a few signs that suggest this, firstly, engrave on the walls it says, ‘Up with the revolution’ and then we can see a flag engrave on the wall, the flag of The Eastern Revolution, a large revolution that attempted to seize modern day Thøn from The Trinterian Commonwealth. They ended up failing and we have managed to locate the majority of their camps and bases, but this is by far the biggest. Therefore, I expect it to be their headquarters, this one has proper housing, unlike the other, suggesting that is it was a place for the elite leaders of the group.” The Federal National Sites and Parks Authority has declared the area of the ancient village to be a restricted zone, blocking all non-authorized personnel from entering the area. “We are committed to allowing the public to observe history; however, this site does pose a high risk of danger due to the potentially unstable ground. We therefore see that it is best to restrict access to the site.” Explained a press statement they released earlier today. “We expect the larger area to be reopened within two weeks, with the site still being restricted.”
-Ms. Siw Moen

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