2022 Series One Championship

After the the 2021 season has ended, Pre-Season has started. Rumours can now be started about who will drive where, will there be new rookies and who won’t we see back. We know Aleandro Trentini has retired meaning we won’t be seeing him back. Vultik went bankrupt at the end of the last season and we won’t see them as a team return to the grid this year. Also the UMF has decided to open up the grid to more teams. 10 is good for racing, but if the new teams can show they are financially stable they are welcome to join. However there will be a max of 26 drivers allowed during the races. meaning if we have more then 13 teams, the newest teams need to compete in a so-called pre-qualifying and only the quickest make it to qualifying for the race.

OOC: I will open a sheet like we had before where everyone can claim their spot with drivers and/or a (or more) team(s). But it would be nice if most of that was RP’ed here in this thread so everyone can see. I will be gone from Monday for a week, after that we will se what we have and if the pre-season can end and the real season can start. See you soon

Novia Racing is signing back up baby!  After a thrilling last two seasons from Matthieu Soyer who placed 2nd in 2020 and then 3rd in 2021, Novia is confident in their lead driver to continue to lead Novia Racing. On the other hand, the team is looking at potentially grabbing a different second driver after the lackluster performance that Concordio Trentini has been showing. However, this is all speculation at this current point in time, and neither the Team manager or the Drivers are currently commenting on the situation

Spiiker S1 team ofcourse will be on the grid for the next season. They tried their best to get Matthieu Soyer away from Novia Racing, but neither nor them wanted him to leave. Instead they opted to go for Haaland Rusnák in the place of Pedro Wilson who had 2 really bad season recenty. But discussions With Rusnák and Spiiker are still ongoing. Spiiker was able to announce their first driver of the season on the first press-conference, Marlan Kalming he was forced to have a gap year in 2020 but this gave him so much rest he took another year off. Now Spiiker offered him so much money He couldn’t refuse. In that same press-conference Spiiker announced that the teams using their engines are allowed to re-badge their engines to Audelli engines if they so wish to. This to be able to share costs of the engine between the 2 brands and getting Audelli some more international recognition.

Marchitelli Falcon has been struggling with finances as off late and are trying their best to be able to make the grid for another season. Since they are in financial heavy weather they weren’t able to comment on which drivers they were gonna sign on and such. Let’s see if they will be able to make the grid

A new team is appearing on the track this year, Eclipse Motorsport from Auravas, appearing alongside two rookies, Žydre Glemzaite from Zemeprievadai and Kiha Iveli from Auravas.



Metropol Racing is proud to announce the signing of two Vestravan drivers for this season. The Eyjarian, Mikal Christoffersen and the Nakosan Leo Arntsen. We cannot describe our excitement to bring these two on to our roster and can’t wait to see their performance this year. This is Vestrava’s team.

Now announcing a new team for the 2022 season! Watervalley Autosports is a team from the valley around Lake Kaskada in Lasówkrania. The drivers for the 2022 season are Stefan Amanar from Aivintis and Czesława Pajor from Piorunpreria. The team hopes to get a good start with their first season!

Our team at the Tamradh Monsal Foundation is pleased to announce our newly-assembled team for the 2022 Season!
Representing the Foundation (and Mirhaime) are the Duchess of the Lorenian Canton of Cadaf, Alfie Edarr Samatagh and Aedan Jaosar Lanfie.
We at TMF truly cannot express how excited and proud we are for both the successful addition of these drivers into our roster, and the season soon to come!

Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more updates!
Pigeon: @Official_TAMOF
Mousan: Tamradh.Monsal

MetroCiv presents the Cosmos team, composed by the Alkari Alphonse Dubost and the Phoexy Marianna Edifredi. The skilled drivers will will represent Phoenixia in the series one championship.


Tauríllienle Ftomovíler is back with the same crew it had in the previous season!!

[spoiler]Will hasn’t found the time to post this, but he asked me to do so. This way we will not miss the team of the person starting the S1 in the first place.
Bernitti-Domio is proudly announcing they are ready for the 2022 season. Luigi Delluci announced his retirement in the summerbreak last year, moving the Sokalan driver Pablo Saez to lead the team. Bernitti-Domio had a lot of options for the second seat. Bernitti-Domio also has switched their engine supplier. They will be the first team to use the rebadged Spiiker engines, they will be called Audelli engines. This decided the second driver of the team. Next to Pablo Saez the driver will be Pedro Wilson the Caltarusian driver. Both drivers will have to drive their best season thus far because Bernitti-Domio is having their next young talent in the blocks already being Marchello Bellini, some say he could be the next multiple champion if he gets a real chance.

It’s back again the S1!!!

Welcome to the 2022 S1 Championship.

Here are the teams and drivers:
Spiiker Squadron S1 are ofcourse present with Marlan Kalming & Haaland Rusnák
Novia Racing with Matthieu Soyer & Kasran is’Vaara
Marchitelli Falcon with Josephina Constantine & Mitch Noxal
Eclipse Motorsport with Žydre Glemzaite & Kiha Iveli
Metropol Racing with Mikal Christoffersen & Leo Arntsen
Watervalley Autosports with Stefan Amanar & Czesława Pajor
Tamradh Monsal with Alfie Edarr Samatagh & Aedan Jaosar Lanfie
MetroCiv Cosmos with Alphonse Dubost & Marianna Edifredi
Tauríllielle Ftomovíler with Nákel Intásime & Sirio Kobayashi
Bernitti-Domio with Pedro Wilson & Pablo Saez

The calender has also been decided on. And here it is:
Petra Cauda
United Malordia
West Borean Federation
Federation of the Southern Coast
New Leganés

Hello, it’s time for the UMF S1 2022’s first race.

The season will start in Morstaybishlia.
Here is the trackmap:

First off qualifying.
It started out dry but as the sessions went on the wetter it got. So it was almost he one who posted the first time were in the advantage, Q1 was done on dry tyres, Q2 on intermediate tyres and Q3 on wet tyres.

The results of the top 10 were as followed:
Marlan Kalming 1:45.728
Matthieu Soyer 1:45.737 +0.009
Haaland Rusnák 1:45.770 +0.042
Kasran is’Vaara 1:46.236 +0.508
Pablo Saez 1:46.379 +0.651
Pedro Wilson 1:46.640 +0.912
Alphonse Dubost 1:47.250 +1.522
Žydre Glemzaite 1:47.601 +1.873
Sirio Kobayashi 1:47:734 +2.006
Czesława Pajor NT

And now the race:
Lap 1 - good start from Kalming, Pajor trips anti-stall, touches wheels with Iveli, down to P14. Noxal drops two places.
Lap 9 - first drops of rain Lap 10 - all box for inters except is’Vaara, Kalming, Edifredi, Constantine
Lap 11 - rest box for inters Lap 17 - rain gets worse, all box for wets except Soyer, Rusnák, Saez, is’Vaara, Edifredi, who box next lap.
Lap 27 - rain gets better. Dubost, Pajor, Iveli, Arntsen, Noxal, Samatagh, Christoffersen, Amanar, Constantine, Lanfie box for inters.
Lap 28 - All others box for inters Lap 35 - Kalming crashes Christoffersen out of the race while lapping
Lap 41 - end of rain. Samatagh, Amanar, Constantine, Lanfie (lapped) box for softs. All box for softs except Soyer, Rusnák, Saez, Edifredi and Iveli.
Lap 48 - Mechanical DNF for Amanar
Lap 48-53 - Lanfie is an absolute menace on track when getting blue flagged. seems to think that all you need to do is slow down, and that you can do that on the racing line

The results after the race:

  1. Matthieu Soyer
  2. Kasran is’Vaara
  3. Haaland Rusnák
  4. Marlan Kalming
  5. Pablo Saez
  6. Pedro Wilson
  7. Czesława Pajor
  8. Alphonse Dubost
  9. Marianna Edifredi
  10. Žydre Glemzaite
  11. Sirio Kobayashi
  12. Nákel Intásime
  13. Leo Arntsen
  14. Kiha Iveli
  15. Mitch Noxal
  16. Alfie Edarr Samatagh
  17. Josephina Constantine
  18. Aedan Jaosar Lanfie
    Ret. Stefan Amanar
    Ret. Mikal Christoffersen

The top 3 in the Driver standings are:

  1. Mattheui Soyer (Novia Racing) with 25 points

2. Kasran is’Vaara (Novia Racing) with 18 points

3. Haaland Rusnák (Spiiker Squadron S1) with 15 points

In the team standings the top 3 is as followes:

  1. Novia Racing - 43 points
  2. Spiiker Squadron - 28 points
  3. Bernitti-Domio - 18 points

Hope to see you all soon again in Peregrinia

"Welcome back everyone, " the achnor greeted, “our top story tonight, not on the winner of the Staynish Grand Prix, but rather, on one who didn’t even cross the finish line. Mikal Christoffersen, of Metropol Racing qualified with the slowest time and was in the back of the pack during the race. During lap 35, Marlan Kalming of Spiiker Squadron was poised to lap Christoffersen. In this case, Christoffersen was required to move out of the way and let Kalming pass, and its shown that while he initiallydid, he diverted from this and continued along the line, which resulted in Kalming colliding with Christoffersen, shearing Christoffersen’s front left wheel from his suspension.”

“Kalming was able to finish the race, however the damage done to his bodywork slowed him significantly and his lead diminished until he was overtaken by the two Novia drivers and his teammate.”

“The controversy reached public ire when allegations came out that Christoffersen had covertly bet several thousand Kiribs against Kalming winning the Grand Prix. Christoffersen has responded to many claims, though he only seems interested in protecting his ego, rather than his conduct.”

“In response to his conduct and the controversey, Metropol Racing announced Christoffersen would be suspended for the Peregrinese Grand Prix, and would be replaced with their reserve driver Haulan Edzhurat.”

“This is not the first such occurence with Christoffersen and Metropol, and with Christoffersen’s poor performance in the past year, his time at Metropol may be running short. That’s all for tonight, thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you next time.”

Hello, and welcome to the second race of the 2022 S1 season.
After the previous race it became clear that Mikal Christoffersen was suspended to race by his team for 1 race, when it turned out he had gambled money on the race. The UMF went 1 step further they included a new rule to make it absoluty forbidden that team members are not allowed to bet on races anymore. Furthermore Mikal got a fine of 5000 Kirib and will be suspended to drive in any UMF sanctioned race classes for as long as the investigation will take.
Now, on to the race we have today. Race 2 will be held in Peregrinia. This is seen by some as one of the most diffucult races in the year. The circuit almost on the eaquator. Which makes it one of the hottest races we have in the year. and with the high humidity it almost always rains as well.
Let’s quickly look at the trackmap:

The qualification results of Q3 were as followed:

  1. Marlan Kalming 1:34.343
  2. Kasran is’Vaara 1:34.830 +0.487
  3. Matthieu Soyer 1:35.002 +0.659
  4. Pablo Saez 1:35.029 +0.686
  5. Pedro Wilson 1:35.052 +0.709
  6. Haaland Rusnák 1:35.077 +0.734
  7. Alphonse Dubost 1:35.636 +1.293
  8. Marianna Edifredi 1:35.690 +1.347
  9. Sirio Kobayashi 1:35.824 +1.481
  10. Czesława Pajor 1:35.983 +1.640

Here are the highlights of the race:
The race started with some light rain. Forcing the officials to call it a wet race to make sure everyone started on wet or intermidiate tyres.The light rain fell during the first six laps, but quickly cleared. When the time seemed right to change to the slick tyres, almost everyone went in at the same time. This causesd chaos in the pit lane, leaving is’Vaara, Rusnák and Kobayashi waiting for their teams’ pit boxes to clear, as all the teams only have 1 box to stop, and the race wasn’t old enough for the gaps to be big enough to make sure the drivers didn’t have to wait. Costing each driver several seconds. Aivintian driver Stefan Amanar was one of the five who stayed out and pitted on the following lap; on pit exit he was clipped by Mitch Noxal. Pablo Saez and Alphonse Dubost made contact three times during lap 12, causing both to need new front wings. Alfie Edarr Samatagh retired on the same lap due to unrelated mechanical issues. The rest of the race went without a hinch.

The results of the race:

  1. Marlan Kalming
  2. Haaland Rusnák
  3. Pedro Wilson
  4. Matthieu Soyer
  5. Karan is’Vaara
  6. Pablo Saez
  7. Sirio Kobayashi
  8. Alphonse Dubost
  9. Stefan Amanar
  10. Marianna Edifredi
  11. Czesława Pajor
  12. Kiha Iveli
  13. Žydre Glemzaite
  14. Nákel Intásime
  15. Leo Arntsen
  16. Haulan Edzhurat
  17. Mitch Noxal
  18. Josephina Constantine
  19. Aedan Jaosar Lanfie
    DNF. Alfie Edarr Samatagh

The WDC top 3 are as followed:

  1. Marlan Kalming (Spiiker Squadron) 39 points

2. Matthieu Soyer (Novia Racing) 37 points

3. Haaland Rusnák (Spiiker Squadron) 33 points

And the top 3 in the Constructor Standings:

  1. Spiiker Squadron - 72 Points
  2. Novia Racing - 65 points
  3. Bernitti-Domio - 41 points