Almodaria Central News Broadcasting Service (ACNBS)

This is the Central Brodcasting Network for the Federal Republic of Almodaria as funded by the people of our Sovereign state

“Tonight, the country faces social change that was in desperate need of happening with the Emergency Election of 2022 coming to a close with Futurist Leader Avros Jabronos getting the highest percentage of the vote and making him the new President of Almodaria! The Regency Council of Almodaria will be dismantled and the inauguration will take place sometime in January of 2023.”

Futurist Party: Avros Jabronos 36%, Traditionalist Party: Axel Savonaski 28%, Workers Party: Yuri Maxonov 15%, Independent League: Amina Tuvanos 21%

Almodaria to start Oil Trade for Malordian Tanks
A new deal has been made between Almodaria and United Malordia in which Almodaria will give Malordia oil in exchange for modern MBT’s something the country has been yearning for since uniting as one. So far, the only Almodarian MBT in service is the A-20 Apex which has served since prior to uniting and the planned A-220 Super Apex is not entering service for the foreseeable future.

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Inauguration of Avros Jabronos date set
The date for the inauguration of the new president has been set after a rough period in Almodarian Politics. The date is set for January 31st, 2023 where he will be sworn in to represent the country as we move towards a better future.

Parliament this morning has revoked the No Internet Policy of 2022 which prohibited lower class citizens from internet privileges. The fight in parliament was long and difficult with neither side coming to a clear conclusion with the Traditionalist dominated Parliament following the ways of former president Leo Skavardi. Die Hard Skavardi supporters now believe the country is going off the rails for the worst, but Futurists and Socialists see this as a grand opportunity to make change.

“This morning in the dawn hours, President Avros Jabronos was sworn in as President and Figurehead of Almodaria! This officiates his term in office which will end in November of 2025. Absolutely spectacular what can be done when the country is no longer divided as it was just a few months ago.”