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“Tonight, the country faces social change that was in desperate need of happening with the Emergency Election of 2022 coming to a close with Futurist Leader Avros Jabronos getting the highest percentage of the vote and making him the new President of Almodaria! The Regency Council of Almodaria will be dismantled and the inauguration will take place sometime in January of 2023.”

Futurist Party: Avros Jabronos 36%, Traditionalist Party: Axel Savonaski 28%, Workers Party: Yuri Maxonov 15%, Independent League: Amina Tuvanos 21%

Almodaria to start Oil Trade for Malordian Tanks
A new deal has been made between Almodaria and United Malordia in which Almodaria will give Malordia oil in exchange for modern MBT’s something the country has been yearning for since uniting as one. So far, the only Almodarian MBT in service is the A-20 Apex which has served since prior to uniting and the planned A-220 Super Apex is not entering service for the foreseeable future.

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Inauguration of Avros Jabronos date set
The date for the inauguration of the new president has been set after a rough period in Almodarian Politics. The date is set for January 31st, 2023 where he will be sworn in to represent the country as we move towards a better future.

Parliament this morning has revoked the No Internet Policy of 2022 which prohibited lower class citizens from internet privileges. The fight in parliament was long and difficult with neither side coming to a clear conclusion with the Traditionalist dominated Parliament following the ways of former president Leo Skavardi. Die Hard Skavardi supporters now believe the country is going off the rails for the worst, but Futurists and Socialists see this as a grand opportunity to make change.

“This morning in the dawn hours, President Avros Jabronos was sworn in as President and Figurehead of Almodaria! This officiates his term in office which will end in November of 2025. Absolutely spectacular what can be done when the country is no longer divided as it was just a few months ago.”

POLITICAL INSIDER Politički insajder
This is an ACNBS special called Political Insider where Almodarians and others alike can get a insiders view of the inner workings of our country. Here are some highlights:

Communist Party Members Lobbying for more funding for minor parties.
The Workers Party of Almodaria (WPA) began lobbying for extended support and government funding for Minor Parties. The main argument being that “All Almodarians are open to support by their government in order to get what they want through the Parliament.”. The WPA has backing from the progressive Futurists, but the conservative Traditionalists question the intentions of WPA.

A new controversial bill enters Parliament.
Recently, the Prisons Reform Bill has entered Parliament. The bill if passed would lead to improved prison conditions after two cases of maltreatment have surfaced from inside the Hordevic Correctional Facility outside of Borna. Members of both Futurists and Traditionalists believe that prison reforms shouldn’t come and that the prisoners got themselves in that predicament in the first place. The other parts of either parties believe that Prisoners are people as well and deserve a somewhat livable space to be in as they serve their stay.

ALMODARIA TODAY! Almodaria danas!
This is an ACNBS special called Almodaria Today where Almodarians can tune into a new political debate every week and is graciously funded by our government! New episodes coming soon…

POLITICAL INSIDER Politički insajder
Welcome back to Political Insider where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. It’s been very busy over the past weeks lets get the highlights:

Almodarian Ultra Nationalist Sentiment on the Rise.
The ideology poll which is formally done as commanded by the Master of Parliament, has brought up concerning results of over 15% of the countries representatives in parliament believe in the Ultranationalist beliefs that have not been thought of since the days of tyranny those many years ago. The most alarming factor is the fact that the Futurist party which believes in progressive rights for all Almodarians, have the highest percentage of radical Nationalists.

The Prison Reforms Bill barely fails to make it past Parliament
The Prison Reforms Bill, which set to make prison conditions better for inmates and officers, failed to make it through parliament by 12 votes in the lower house. The bill, which was lobbied by Futurists for nearly a month, now felt like a waste of effort by high-ranking members and as another “Victory” for Traditionalists who dominate in the Lower House. The bill will be able to take another round through Parliament, but the question is: At What Cost?

ATMO on the rise again in Eastern Tuvaria
The Anti Tuvarian Militant Organization has been known for being unpredictable and volatile in their actions. They seem to begin escalating in small towns with more violence on the rise in the area. The police are speculating the possibilities of a Terrorist attack in the planning possibly by Pro Skavardists and ATMO agents. Stay Safe Almodarians.


This afternoon, citizens in the city of Ivanograd report seeing explosions and gunfire from the outskirts of the city. It is unknown at this time who or what caused the explosion as smoke billows up from the site. The Tuvarian Governorship has declared the attackers responsible are the Anti Tuvarian Militant Organization (ATMO). The group are known terrorists who vow to destroy Tuvarians on a global scale and Ivanograd residents are advised to steer clear and evacuate the city.


We return with news that the attackers have been confirmed to be ATMO agents who’ve now been reportedly setting cars aflame with molotov cocktails and firing at civilians. It is unknown if anyone has been killed as of yet but currently, the Tuvarian Governorship have declared martial law and are requesting support from the Almodarian National Reserves. It is theorized that ATMO plans to capture the city in order to make demands to get Far Right and Ultranationalist agendas through parliament using blood alone. UH-12 helicopters from Almodarian Reserves have already arrived at the scene and are circling that area of attrition to collect further data on the situation.


We return with new news following the first strike in Ivanograd by Ultranationalist insurgents. The ATMO enforcers have taken control of the Ivanograd Municipal Capital and have hoisted their flag with the grey cross onto the flagpole. There are according to reports, 26 politicians inside of the building. The Almodarian National Guard Reserves have started firing back and forth with ATMO agents at the edges of the city as explosions fill the silence of the day. The number of Civilian casualties rise as many are trapped and cannot leave the city due to the ongoing fight. President Avros Jabronos is yet to comment on the attack, and it seems that he is leaving press matters to the Master of Parliament, James Ackerman. When asked on the matter at hand, Ackerman told us the following: “I have nothing but a doubt in my mind that these attackers are the same men who killed millions in the civil war almost a decade ago. They will be punished.” although, these comments confuse many knowing his previous connection to the notorious dictator Viktor Yurichenko. Back at the matter at hand, it is reported that the ATMO agents are using the Politicians inside the capitol as a bargaining chip. We’ll have more information soon.


We come back on the air this morning with new information. The Almodarian National Guard Reserves have set up a no-fly zone and a heavily guarded checkpoint on the perimeter of Ivanograd and it is advised that if you can hear the explosions, turn the other way and get far away from the city. In a major incident that occurred last night, an Almodarian UH-12 helicopter carrying 12 soldiers, was shot down by ATMO insurgents who have their hands on Surface to Air missiles. It is reported that of the 12, 6 are dead from the crash. When asked for a statement on the situation from the chief of the Armed Forces, Alexander Cherkasy, we were told that “No statements will be made by officials until the situation is cleared.”. Almodarian high command are reportedly suggesting using psychological warfare tactics on the bunkered down terrorists, but such an attack wouldn’t be sanctioned by the public. Meanwhile, Avros Jabronos continues to be under scrutiny for his silence since the beginning of the attacks.

Almodarian casualties have risen to 36 injured and 25 killed as day 3 of the hostage crisis begins. Negotiators have been attempting to get the Politicians inside the Ivanograd Municipal Capital out of the city but have been met with a concerning silence from their captors. More coming on ACNBS later today.


We return to the air with further news on the surprise attack in the heart of the country. The army has deployed 6 A-20 Apex Main Battle Tanks to the battle-stricken city with plans to forcefully bring the ATMO “Mini Army” out of the city. The addition of heavy armor vehicles to the conflict brings up the concern of civilian fatalities rising higher than previous estimates but from the looks of it, there’s no going back. There are reports of the FK-3 Hawk multirole fighter jet being brought into the conflict with a squadron of the jets taking off from the nearby Ivanograd National Airbase loaded with what seems to be incendiary and large bombs and rockets.

Negotiations have fallen through once again, as time is running out to get the 26 hostages out of the city. Almodarian soldiers pushing into the city have made a major breakthrough down in the southeastern suburbs with the possibility of the ATMO defenders having much less ammo than earlier reports suggested. The following is a list of casualties on Day 4 of the battle:

Almodarian National Guard Reserves: 67 injured, 45 killed

ATMO Insurgents: 98 Injured, 100 killed (estimate)

Civilians: 15 injured, 29 killed (estimate)

2 UH-12 Helicopters shot down