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“Tonight, the country faces social change that was in desperate need of happening with the Emergency Election of 2022 coming to a close with Futurist Leader Avros Jabronos getting the highest percentage of the vote and making him the new President of Almodaria! The Regency Council of Almodaria will be dismantled and the inauguration will take place sometime in January of 2023.”

Futurist Party: Avros Jabronos 36%, Traditionalist Party: Axel Savonaski 28%, Workers Party: Yuri Maxonov 15%, Independent League: Amina Tuvanos 21%

Almodaria to start Oil Trade for Malordian Tanks
A new deal has been made between Almodaria and United Malordia in which Almodaria will give Malordia oil in exchange for modern MBT’s something the country has been yearning for since uniting as one. So far, the only Almodarian MBT in service is the A-20 Apex which has served since prior to uniting and the planned A-220 Super Apex is not entering service for the foreseeable future.

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Inauguration of Avros Jabronos date set
The date for the inauguration of the new president has been set after a rough period in Almodarian Politics. The date is set for January 31st, 2023 where he will be sworn in to represent the country as we move towards a better future.

Parliament this morning has revoked the No Internet Policy of 2022 which prohibited lower class citizens from internet privileges. The fight in parliament was long and difficult with neither side coming to a clear conclusion with the Traditionalist dominated Parliament following the ways of former president Leo Skavardi. Die Hard Skavardi supporters now believe the country is going off the rails for the worst, but Futurists and Socialists see this as a grand opportunity to make change.

“This morning in the dawn hours, President Avros Jabronos was sworn in as President and Figurehead of Almodaria! This officiates his term in office which will end in November of 2025. Absolutely spectacular what can be done when the country is no longer divided as it was just a few months ago.”

POLITICAL INSIDER Politički insajder
This is an ACNBS special called Political Insider where Almodarians and others alike can get a insiders view of the inner workings of our country. Here are some highlights:

Communist Party Members Lobbying for more funding for minor parties.
The Workers Party of Almodaria (WPA) began lobbying for extended support and government funding for Minor Parties. The main argument being that “All Almodarians are open to support by their government in order to get what they want through the Parliament.”. The WPA has backing from the progressive Futurists, but the conservative Traditionalists question the intentions of WPA.

A new controversial bill enters Parliament.
Recently, the Prisons Reform Bill has entered Parliament. The bill if passed would lead to improved prison conditions after two cases of maltreatment have surfaced from inside the Hordevic Correctional Facility outside of Borna. Members of both Futurists and Traditionalists believe that prison reforms shouldn’t come and that the prisoners got themselves in that predicament in the first place. The other parts of either parties believe that Prisoners are people as well and deserve a somewhat livable space to be in as they serve their stay.

ALMODARIA TODAY! Almodaria danas!
This is an ACNBS special called Almodaria Today where Almodarians can tune into a new political debate every week and is graciously funded by our government! New episodes coming soon…

POLITICAL INSIDER Politički insajder
Welcome back to Political Insider where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. It’s been very busy over the past weeks lets get the highlights:

Almodarian Ultra Nationalist Sentiment on the Rise.
The ideology poll which is formally done as commanded by the Master of Parliament, has brought up concerning results of over 15% of the countries representatives in parliament believe in the Ultranationalist beliefs that have not been thought of since the days of tyranny those many years ago. The most alarming factor is the fact that the Futurist party which believes in progressive rights for all Almodarians, have the highest percentage of radical Nationalists.

The Prison Reforms Bill barely fails to make it past Parliament
The Prison Reforms Bill, which set to make prison conditions better for inmates and officers, failed to make it through parliament by 12 votes in the lower house. The bill, which was lobbied by Futurists for nearly a month, now felt like a waste of effort by high-ranking members and as another “Victory” for Traditionalists who dominate in the Lower House. The bill will be able to take another round through Parliament, but the question is: At What Cost?

ATMO on the rise again in Eastern Tuvaria
The Anti Tuvarian Militant Organization has been known for being unpredictable and volatile in their actions. They seem to begin escalating in small towns with more violence on the rise in the area. The police are speculating the possibilities of a Terrorist attack in the planning possibly by Pro Skavardists and ATMO agents. Stay Safe Almodarians.


This afternoon, citizens in the city of Ivanograd report seeing explosions and gunfire from the outskirts of the city. It is unknown at this time who or what caused the explosion as smoke billows up from the site. The Tuvarian Governorship has declared the attackers responsible are the Anti Tuvarian Militant Organization (ATMO). The group are known terrorists who vow to destroy Tuvarians on a global scale and Ivanograd residents are advised to steer clear and evacuate the city.


We return with news that the attackers have been confirmed to be ATMO agents who’ve now been reportedly setting cars aflame with molotov cocktails and firing at civilians. It is unknown if anyone has been killed as of yet but currently, the Tuvarian Governorship have declared martial law and are requesting support from the Almodarian National Reserves. It is theorized that ATMO plans to capture the city in order to make demands to get Far Right and Ultranationalist agendas through parliament using blood alone. UH-12 helicopters from Almodarian Reserves have already arrived at the scene and are circling that area of attrition to collect further data on the situation.


We return with new news following the first strike in Ivanograd by Ultranationalist insurgents. The ATMO enforcers have taken control of the Ivanograd Municipal Capital and have hoisted their flag with the grey cross onto the flagpole. There are according to reports, 26 politicians inside of the building. The Almodarian National Guard Reserves have started firing back and forth with ATMO agents at the edges of the city as explosions fill the silence of the day. The number of Civilian casualties rise as many are trapped and cannot leave the city due to the ongoing fight. President Avros Jabronos is yet to comment on the attack, and it seems that he is leaving press matters to the Master of Parliament, James Ackerman. When asked on the matter at hand, Ackerman told us the following: “I have nothing but a doubt in my mind that these attackers are the same men who killed millions in the civil war almost a decade ago. They will be punished.” although, these comments confuse many knowing his previous connection to the notorious dictator Viktor Yurichenko. Back at the matter at hand, it is reported that the ATMO agents are using the Politicians inside the capitol as a bargaining chip. We’ll have more information soon.


We come back on the air this morning with new information. The Almodarian National Guard Reserves have set up a no-fly zone and a heavily guarded checkpoint on the perimeter of Ivanograd and it is advised that if you can hear the explosions, turn the other way and get far away from the city. In a major incident that occurred last night, an Almodarian UH-12 helicopter carrying 12 soldiers, was shot down by ATMO insurgents who have their hands on Surface to Air missiles. It is reported that of the 12, 6 are dead from the crash. When asked for a statement on the situation from the chief of the Armed Forces, Alexander Cherkasy, we were told that “No statements will be made by officials until the situation is cleared.”. Almodarian high command are reportedly suggesting using psychological warfare tactics on the bunkered down terrorists, but such an attack wouldn’t be sanctioned by the public. Meanwhile, Avros Jabronos continues to be under scrutiny for his silence since the beginning of the attacks.

Almodarian casualties have risen to 36 injured and 25 killed as day 3 of the hostage crisis begins. Negotiators have been attempting to get the Politicians inside the Ivanograd Municipal Capital out of the city but have been met with a concerning silence from their captors. More coming on ACNBS later today.


We return to the air with further news on the surprise attack in the heart of the country. The army has deployed 6 A-20 Apex Main Battle Tanks to the battle-stricken city with plans to forcefully bring the ATMO “Mini Army” out of the city. The addition of heavy armor vehicles to the conflict brings up the concern of civilian fatalities rising higher than previous estimates but from the looks of it, there’s no going back. There are reports of the FK-3 Hawk multirole fighter jet being brought into the conflict with a squadron of the jets taking off from the nearby Ivanograd National Airbase loaded with what seems to be incendiary and large bombs and rockets.

Negotiations have fallen through once again, as time is running out to get the 26 hostages out of the city. Almodarian soldiers pushing into the city have made a major breakthrough down in the southeastern suburbs with the possibility of the ATMO defenders having much less ammo than earlier reports suggested. The following is a list of casualties on Day 4 of the battle:

Almodarian National Guard Reserves: 67 injured, 45 killed

ATMO Insurgents: 98 Injured, 100 killed (estimate)

Civilians: 15 injured, 29 killed (estimate)

2 UH-12 Helicopters shot down

We return with your normal news broadcasts after the Insurgency in Ivanograd was destroyed.

POLITICAL INSIDER Politički insajder
Welcome back to Political Insider, where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. It’s been a slow week but here’s what’s up down south:

Arguments in Parliament over the false religion of Prostorism leads to an Upper House Brawl
This week, the upper house which takes care of domestic affairs, fell into chaos after a discussion on the legality of Prostorism goes south. It started when Futurist Parliament member Adem Markovic brought up the recent takedowns of underground churches preaching the ways of the Prostoric religion which is banned in the country. Traditionalist Parliament member Ahmet Tomic then responds with the endorsement of the imprisonment and high sentencings of Prostorics. The following details are scarce, but it seems the pro disestablishment of state atheism Markovic took it harshly and started the fight. Both have been detained for an uncertain amount of time.

This comes as pro religious sentiment seems to be on the rise as Futurists lobby for religious freedom and crackdowns on underground churches grow. Some Traditionalists and Historians are beginning to refer to the drama as the “Second Prostoric Reformation” due to the majority of protesters being Prostoric followers. The future of State Atheist policy seems to be unclear as President Jabronos is yet to comment.

Almodarija Danas!
On a lighter note, earlier this week, the Almodarian National Hockey Team brought their country home a trophy of massive scale. This is the first ever Almodarian sports victory in an international sport…and it was Hockey! The win shocked many as Almodaria is not known for their Hockey as the team is the newest formed with their first match being back in 2006. The Almodarian National Football Team also have their sights on victory in the upcoming 2024 World Cup after their first appearance in the knockout rounds of the Golden Cup only a few months ago which tragically ended early in the first round. But a comeback is possible.

That is all of our news this week. Come back next week for a fresh batch of news from the heart of our country: Tuvaria!

We return this week with various stories from around the nation. Stay tuned as we begin.
POLITICAL INSIDER Politički Insajder
Welcome back for another week of Political Insider, where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. The news was rolling in this week lets go over it:

President Avros Jabronos finally comments on the ongoing “Secular Schism”
Since last week and some weeks prior, the growth in support for a religious free state has become faster in the left as Futurists call for the end of Prostoric Oppression while Traditionalists call for further shakedowns on underground churches in order to “Save the democracy that has been held up since 2003.” the Vocal Traditionalist Ahmet Tomic said to us Sunday night: “Not everyone will go gently into that good night, there will be fighting. We don’t need more fighting in this country.” He argues.

Now this morning, Avros Jabronos has finally spoken out about the ongoing issues. “It has become a stark issue to me as tensions begin to rise between our fellow countrymen over the past weeks. The Prostoric people and other religious Almodarians alike are just as human as the rest of us. The so called “Nightmare Scenario” will not occur under my leadership and I will assure you all that you can sleep well tonight.”

The supposed head of the Prostorism and great descendant of Zvrtko of medieval Almodaria, Lukas who goes by no last name, has spoken out publicly about the chaos going on. “I call for my fellow Prostorics and pious people alike to speak out against the heretic, Tuvarian government. Prostor has claimed the land as his own and we will not stand down.” Traditionalists call this declaration a declaration of war, but this has been deemed false. The situation is still developing, and we’ll keep you all at home notified.

We return this week with various stories from around the nation.
POLITICAL INSIDER Politički Insajder
Welcome back for another week of Political Insider, where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. The news was rolling in this week lets go over it:

Silence follows after peak religious tensions in the Nation
Back in August of this year, it seemed likely to many that revolution of some sort would come out of the Prostoric Resurgence that came like a flash. But as of October, the 17th, no major developments have come out of the debate. The Traditionalists in Parliament have declared this silence to be a sign of their victory over Futurist values, bringing a new round of division through our country. The pro Prostoric politicians in the country are yet to respond with the “Prophet Leader” Lukas, the figurehead of the religion, falling into obscurity once again. Will this be the end of religious conflict in the nation? or is this the beginning of a larger problem. More news on this situation as it comes.
United Malordian MBT’s ratified to enter active service
This week, history was made as the first United Malordian MBT’s adorned in Almodarian labels and colors, were transported from the Almodarian Armored Vehicle Production (AAVP) grounds in central Almodaria to their new home in Fort Dorsevic Army Base, Almodor. These tanks were only made possible through the Oil trade Almodaria had founded with Malordia nearly a year ago. The first shipment of vehicles underwent testing and were used over months to train Tankers on how to properly operate the modern vehicles. These are now the most advanced and powerful tanks in active service. Traditionalists however disprove of the decision to begin the trade, believing that instead of getting our vehicles from external parties, that we should instead put more funding into the Armed Forces Research and Development Department. Either way, a bright future is seen with these vehicles.
A new space program? Parliament to split aerospace funding into space sector
Another major development comes with the passing of a new bill in Parliament that would put roughly 66 million Almodats into the development of an orbit capable launcher. This comes seemingly out of nowhere as Futurists began pushing for the further development of the space sector while Traditionalists continue in their disbelief of a stable space agency. In our interview with one of the futurist parliament members who voted for the bill said quote “Our neighbors are large and powerful states who have their own stakes in aerospace. If we don’t catch up to our neighbors both militarily and scientifically, we’ll be stuck in a tight space.”. The new group overlooking the space program are the Almodarian Committee for the Advancement of Spaceflight (ACAS) and have been tasked with sending a dummy payload into orbit by 2025.

That is all of the news from our united nation. Come back next week for a new update on what’s going on.

We return this week with various stories from around the nation.
POLITICAL INSIDER Politički Insajder
Welcome back for another week of Political Insider, where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. The news was rolling in this week lets go over it:

Advancements in radioactive materials propel forward Nuclear Energy Program
For years now, Almodarian energy initiatives have been working to push into the nuclear realm of renewable energy. And there seems to have been a small but important breakthrough in this dangerous science. Scientists at the National Radiology and Nuclear Research Center (NRNRC) were able to successfully transfer coolant into a dummy reactor in a mock simulation of reactor startup. The director of the research center Besim Avdic said the following afterwards: “For almost 60 years now, we’ve attempted to crack the code of nuclear energy and with this new test, we believe we’ve made our first step towards a cleaner future.” The center has the goal of bringing Nuclear Energy to Almodaria by the end of this decade. For much of modern history, Almodaria has been dominated by the coal industry which powers nearly 100% of every piece of infrastructure in the nation with small percentages of citizens opting for solar energy. A switch from coal to nuclear energy would be beneficial to the environment and the economy according to reports made by the NRNRC in 2021.

Almodarian naval vessel rams fishing boat. 1 dead and 4 injured
On Monday of this week, the Almodarian National Navy Destroyer “Riba” struck a fishing boat off the coast of Almodor in what has been deemed a “Captain Error incident”. The accident occured at 11:05 AM whilst the Riba was conducted a coastal patrol operation along with two other destroyers. The fishing boat according to witnesses on the bridge of the Riba was “Indescribable” and “Out of view”. Many sailors onboard had no clue another ship was in their way when suddenly a sudden “hiccup” notified the crew of problems. The ship had cut the fishing boat in half, killing a deckhand who has yet to be identified and injuring 4 others including the captain. The Riba suffered minor damages. The captain of the Riba, Alija Avic was charged with reckless endangerment and a fine of 5,000 Almodats.

Evolution of the A-20 Apex to begin development in 2024
The long awaited evolution of the A-20 Apex Main Battle Tank is in the works according to the Armored Forces of Almodaria. The A-20 Apex has incredibly aged since its introduction to the region in the 1960s. It lacks many modern features and lags behind other vehicles in neighboring nations. But in a press conference with AFA representatives, they said the following: “The A-220 Super Apex will exit the design phase and enter mechanical development in 2024.” According to information we have now, the A-220 Super Apex will completely revamp the armored corp. It will feature modern Night Vision and Infrared sights, a hydraulic suspension that will allow the chassis to depress in height slightly, a modern armament from a new cannon to machine guns, and improved armor and anti-missile technology.

That is all of the news from this week, come back next week for new developments.

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We return this week with various stories from around the nation.
POLITICAL INSIDER Politički Insajder
Welcome back for another week of Political Insider, where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. The news was rolling this week lets go over it:

ACAS granted 60 million Almodats to continue Launch Vehicle Development
Previously on this network, we’ve discussed the creation of the Almodarian Committee for the Advancement of Spaceflight or ACAS who’ve been tasked with developing a launch vehicle and dummy payload for flight in 2025. Well, last week, parliament managed to pass a bill giving ACAS 60 million dollars to develop said launch vehicle with a separate paycheck coming later this year for the payload. This is the first major bill of the year. The current launch vehicle program is named the “Long Range Launch Vehicle program” or LRLV. According to insider reports, since Q3 of 2023, the development of a solid fueled rocket engine for the vehicle has gained significant traction and the first static test of the solid fuel powered engine will occur later or next month.

Suspicious vehicles removed from multiple New Years events
Earlier this week, many were celebrating the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one. But for some, these events were cut short when multiple suspicious vehicles were found parked in crowded areas. According to the witness reports of multiple bystanders, men who wore all black would park in the center of municipal areas before disappearing into the crowd. Police were called and riot control inspected the vehicles before coming to the conclusion that no dangerous objects were found in the reported cars. The cars were impounded and removed from the area. The event is being classified as just a misunderstanding with the drivers never coming up to grab the cars. Truly an odd occurrence.

Engine fire during training exercise leaves 3 injured
Only weeks after an incident where a Naval vessel rammed a fishing boat leaving 4 injured and 1 dead, another incident this time on land as occurred with the Armored Forces of Almodaria. Just after new year’s, a basic training exercise for tanker recruits went horribly wrong when during a driving test, the engine of the A-20 Apex involved, caught fire unexpectedly. All three crew members were able to escape as the conflagration grew in size but was shortly after extinguished by firefighters. The fire completely destroyed the vehicle and a brief investigation occurred soon after coming to the conclusion that a mechanical error caused the engine to catch fire. In the past there have been incidents with the engine of the A-20 Apex but those were much smaller in scale and in all previous cases the vehicle was successfully recovered. This new accident has led to more consideration into retiring the extremely aged vehicles and get the new A-220 Super Apex into service as soon as possible.

Candidates for the 2025 government elections begin their campaigns
Although 2024 has just begun, many government officials looking for a spot in their next term have already begun campaigning. Current President Avros Jabronos when asked if he will campaign said that he planned on starting his campaign in “The following months” but has not commented further. Currently according to polls done by ACNBS, Jabronos has an approval rating of 65%. A very lukewarm rating due to his slowness as leader but overall, not too bad. Competitors to his campaign however are beginning to rise with the Workers Party of Almodaria going for a second attempt at a presidential campaign after the close loss back in 2022. A new independent, Ademir Dedic, has entered the race with a strong following which is surprising as independents usually have the least amount of support and fall out quickly. The race is too early on to decide a winner but we will see in 2025.

That is all of the news from our united nation. Come back next week for a new update on what’s going on.

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We return this week with various stories from around the nation.
POLITICAL INSIDER Politički Insajder
Welcome back for another week of Political Insider, where Almodarians and others alike can get an inside view of the inner workings of our country. The news was rolling this week lets go over it:

Latest crackdown on religious movements captures high ranking individual
As many may know, the police of various states within Almodaria working with the Almodarian National Guard conduct many different raids and strikes on underground churches and cults. Well, this recent one has been raising eyebrows as a futurist politician was found worshipping a god from one of these cults. The politician was Ajna Puskar who has a seat on the futurist side of parliament in the upper house. When asking party leader and president Avros Jabronos on the situation, he refused to comment. The church in question was the notorious Prostoric church. Historically, the practice of religion and more specifically Prostorism has been banned since the days of kingdoms old. If you may remember, in 2023, the futurist party grew more support in legalizing the religion and others like it before signs of their activity went under the radar once more. We went to the streets to find opinions with one of our interviewees saying the following: “I’ve been with the Traditionalists for as long as I could vote for this exact reason. Futurists are dealing with criminals and cultists.” More details are coming soon.

First test of solid fueled booster is successful says ACAS
As mentioned last week, the Almodarian Committee for the Advancement of Spaceflight or ACAS has been working hard to make an orbit capable launch vehicle that can launch by 2025. But a breakthrough has reportedly been made on Monday this week when a static fire test of the SRB first stage went according to plan. The profile for this test was to test the conditions the SRB would be going under during the first minutes of launch. The test began at 6:30 AM with the testing grounds out in the varatistani arid plains being turned into a bright ball of light as thousands of pounds of thrust were produced by the large nozzle. The static test lasted 5 minutes as the SRB was flexed and wobbled to test its stability whilst under powered flight. The only casualty of the test: a few hundred pounds of concrete that were tossed up by the exhaust.

Sabotage on central Tuvarian power supply leaves hundreds in the dark
This Wednesday, an unexpected blackout occurred inside of the capital of Tuvaria, Tuvaria. The blackout began around 10:30 PM with witnesses reporting multiple masked men in the vicinity of the electrical plant followed by multiple arc flashes and a blackout. Electrical crews were able to get the power back up by 11:00 PM that night but there are still questions to be answered. Could it have been another ATMO attempt at victory? Or was it just a coincidence. Simply who knows.

That is all of the news from our united nation. Come back next week for a new update on what’s going on.