[AMENDMENT] Making Voter Registration Make Sense Again

Trying to prevent this from happening again + making voter registration more lenient. Feedback appreciated.

Updated after feedback from Discord.

This looks great and seems to address all the concerns raised during the last elections.

Made some formatting changes to match my preferred formatting given our forum move.

I’ll move this to vote a week after I move the Conclave Act to vote, which itself should probably go to vote 10 days from now.

Thoughts on removing the WA requirement?

Would make sense, considering that WA membership isn’t required to be a citizen.

On the other hand, if you’re voting, you’d probably be expected to then endorse the winning candidate, right…?

It’d allow for TEP Citizens that are WA banned, WA-locked in another region or even R/Ders that aren’t part of EPSA or don’t want to do anything with the WA at all to vote for the Delegate as noted in the Magi channel on main server.

Realistically our security apparatus would still be able to maintain TEP’s integrity even once we return to a more open voter registration system. I’d be in favor of such a change.

While it is requested for all WA nations to endorse the Delegate, it isn’t a requirement.

Ah yeah, that’s true. But again, what’s the point of electing a Delegate if you’re not going to then go on to support them?

As it currently is, registered voters dont need their WA in TEP so its a moot point I think

Is this withdrawn in favor of the more recent overhaul, or are they competing proposals?


Proposal has been withdrawn by the Sponsor.

Proposal has been re-opened at the request of the Sponsor

Any reason for that?

This bill was made to fix some problems, and I still intend to fix them. I had this shelved in leiu of my more radical proposal, but seeing as that was ill-advised, I have returned to this.

In any case, made a minor change but otherwise this is the same bill as before. I’ll wait a week - since this bill has already had substantial feedback - then submit this to vote.

made a change so that the 48 hour timer starts once the office notifies people on the thread

since a lot of people don’t check forums i don’t think this woul dbe the best way to reach people, but I also think it’d be unfair to the Office to have them huntdown the contact information of every single voter whose about to loose their registration, esp. as contact points may differ (one person may have their WA nation alive, another may be on discord, etc.). Forcing a forum notification has at least some cursory notice, which is better than nothing.

I’d remove the part where it’s after 48 hours of notification. Makings the Office hunt down contact information for people seems a little mich. Since if the nation has CTE’d, it down make it hard to notify them there. That and not everyone puts a discord tag on their profile. I also feel most people don’t check the forum daily or even every other day.

That’s why I specified the Thread - everyone has a forum account, so all the Office has to do is ping people on the forums and leave it at that

True, people don’t check the forums, but I do think some reasonable notification is better than either an unreasonable notification process like you describe or nothing at all