Auroran Union

The following nations, as invited directly in their embassy threads by the Oan Isles, have ratified the Charter of the Auroran Union and ceded from the Auroran Continental Assembly as of the deadline that was set (18/09/2017):
[li] Caltharus
[li] South Staynes
[li] Tivot
[li] Tuvaltastan
[li] Blueacia
[li] The Oan Isles
[li]Yor Isles[/li][/ul]
Emberwood Coast and Axdel have until the end of the nomination period to leave the ACA and join the Auroran Union, after which they will have to apply just like any other country.

The representative of the Oan Isles, Stephen Realua, will preside over the proceedings of the summit. The summit has been called to elect the new Secretary-General of the Auroran Union. ONLY the abovementioned signatories have the right to nominate a candidate. They may (i.e. are allowed to but do not have to if they do not want to) propose a candidate to fill that vacancy. Nominations will be open until 23 September 2017.

The actual election will take place thereafter. If there is any confusion or any question please post, but refrain from turning this platform into a discussion where possible.

Representative Trimola Eknol of Tuvaltastan would like to nominate Lara Tarasovna, former Speaker of the Hall in Tuvaltastan.

Experience: A decade of taking lead in the Hall in foreign policy decisions ranging from free trade agreements to border dispute resolutions to discussions on declaring war. Excellent at formulating compromises for difficult and touchy subjects. Decades of pre-political experience in activism and volunteerism.

Representative Yankovsky Rodionovich of The Realms of Yor Isles would like to nominate Ivakina Frosya Savelievna, former Law student and representative of the Yor Congress.

Experience: Studied at the International Law School in SCE, worked with the Yor congress for 23 years (1992-2015) has worked on everything from Trade agreements to Peace Treaty’s. Can figure out situation quickly and is a great talker.

“The Oan Isles will not nominate a candidate”, Stephen Realua said.

The delegacy off Blueacia wants to nominate their current Prime-Minister Pearson Lagonus.

Experience: mr. Lagonus has led the country for a long time now. Ectually ever since Blueacia became independent in 1970 he has only not been the Prime Minister in one cabinet. So has led the country to lot of difficult times. And this would be a perfect step-up for Pearson for his long service of the country. Hope to be able to count on your vote

After a long period of debate and indecision, Axdel has decided to secede from the ACA and join the AU, assuming the right leave the union at any point.

The representative of Axdel, Aecha Lilliano, would like to represent former president and renown sociologist Lancer-Valentine Jolva for the position of Secretary General.

Lancer-Valentine is the father of the current Axdelian president Leon Jolva, and has a decade and a half of presidential administrative experience from his time in office from 2000-2015. Before then, he was a published sociologist, who controversially critiqued Keit Narvga’s totalitarian government. Finally, he was one of the original ‘Axdel coalition’ that laid the foundations for modern Axdel in the first few years of the nation, maintaining a fair system of order whilst the new constitution was drafted. He is a strong man who will not back down from any challenge that presents itself to him.

“Boohoo, kill the AU!”

“No Assembly, no peace!”

Several hundred protestors gathered outside of the Sani Bursil summit. Most had occupied a nearby park while awaiting the dignitaries, pitching tents and preparing many protest signs. These were mainly young people from all over Aurora who had lived their entire lives under the ACA, and saw its usefulness.

Several news crews were interviewing some of the protestors. One protestor from Absurdistan was being interviewed at length.

“…the Auroran Union represents nothing more than an attempt to redistribute power in Aurora. Not only is it such a thinly veiled attempt to do so, it will shock the member states that both leave and remain in the Auroran Continental Assembly. Do they even realize that this change is going to be met with political turmoil? Laws, treaties, and agreements will have to be renegotiated, trade will be in flux as tariffs and exchanges are changed. What happens to the Kirib, the largest monetary measure on Urth? Immigration and visa exchanges are going to be halted during this period, and with the issues in Kostoria-Obertonia and Imperial Fandom, is this really the time to do that? The GXE is still a threat to international security, and I fear the AU will not be strong enough to contain the country. The ACA, for all its faults, still is a world-renowned organization, one that has resulted in a period of economic growth and stability, enough to propel Aurora to be the strongest regional economy on Urth. And they want to get rid of that?”

Motioning for the camera to follow him to the side, the interviewee turned around and yelled to the crowd of Staynish, Cathalrus, Tivot, Blueacia, Axdel, South Staynes, Tuvaltastan, Oan Isles, and Yor Isles people, “What do you say about the Auroran Union?”


“And what do you say about those who say the ACA is irrelevant?”


“And why are you protesting here?”


The protestors, while a small group had a significant voice that was magnified by the diversity of its members and the focus with which the media attended to it. It was clear that the movement represented a sizeable demographic within the different nations of Aurora. With the fragility of the processes that began to set about the founding of the Auroran Union.

The protests needed to quietened down at least even if they could not be silenced altogether. Due to people’s foolish desire to document their entire lives on social media, it was easy to find people who were participating in the protests.

The Oan Foreign Office began calling its citizens who were part of or associated with the movement. Questionnaires, citizenship review assessment and other cumbersome bureacratic weaponry were drawn out from the armoury at the Office’s disposal.

“Now we shall see what you will do”, mused Chief Aide to Stephen Realua, Ana Marama.

“No AU, keep the ACA!” shouted by some protestors. “Get outta here with your imperialist bullshit Oan scum!” shouted by others. Several thousand protestors from Xagrurg arrived to Sani Bursil and joined the other protestors who already set up at a park. Ironically, the original protestors protest for the remain of the ACA because of the GXE’s threats, yet thousands of protestors arrived from Xagrurg to protest the growing power of the Oan Isles and that the ACA should remain to keep everyone in check. Meanwhile, XNNN camera crews are setting up to start broadcasting.

“Hey J.T., some of our people from the Oan Isles have been getting calls from the government offices, either holding up their call with questionnaires or telling them to get to the nearest embassy as soon as possible, I think the government is trying to dissipate our protest…”

“That’s ridiculous, well two can play at this game, tell the group I need to get in front of a camera.” J.T., the Absurdvani citizen who previously rallied the protestors, broke away from the fence wall the police in the SCE used to partition the protest and walked towards some of the camera crews. On the way, he was stopped by one of the Oan Isles organizers.

“Dude, we gotta do something about this thing with our government, I don’t want to tell people to ignore the calls in case it’s serious, but clearly the government knows we are here. How?”

“Well, every one of us is posting on social media and essentially making this protest the number one trending thing Urthwide, and it’s easy for the government to just watch our posts and pick out your country-people. It’s beyond me how it has your phone numbers so readily available, but regardless, we need to dilute the effectiveness. Tell your friends to post on social media that they are checking in at the protest here, even if they are in the Oan Isles. That’ll spam and dilute the number of protestors actually here, preventing the Oan government from easily identifying who is here and who is not. Also, tell protestors to organize and demonstrate outside of La Rochelle. We’re working on organizing demonstrations in the other AU cities as we speak, but The Oan Isles clearly needs to be first on the list.”

By this time J.T. had walked towards some GXE camera crew from XNNN. He said to the crew, “Hey, I’m one of the organizers of this protest here, you all want to interview me, right?” J.T. figured that XNNN, having no love for the AU, would likely give a favorable interview and continue to bolster support for the protest.

Tuvol, a XNNN reporter, is smoking his cigarette and his partner Alex is getting the camera ready when a man saying he’s one of the protest organizers approaches them and asks them if they want to interview him. “Sure, let me put out this fag real quick and we’ll be right with you,” said Tuvol. Alex finally gets his camera to work and gets into position and Tuvol tells the man we’re live on the air. Millions of Xagrurgian citizens are sitting by their TVs in their households, watching the broadcast of the protests, wondering what will he say.

The protestors could not be violently repressed by the Oan Isles. Because this matter was in the jurisdiction of the Staynish authorities their hands were tied. They were diplomats of course, so they would solve this matter… diplomatically.

Ana Marama, Chief Aide of the Oan Special Representative and Chief of Staff of the Oan Delegation, walked out of the building, her fist lifted in supposed solidarity with the protestors. Ana Marama stood on a raised platform, she spoke into a mictophone and addressed the protestors.

“We have heard your concerns and we believe that the issues you have raised are very important”, she said, " They are so important that they need to be discussed and openly expressed on a public platform. My colleagues and I have taken the opportunity to organise a question and answer session in the auditorium of the Alaefaire Building a few miles down the street. The media will be there and you will be given an opportunity to tell your side of the story. In fact, we have organised buses to transport you there. In the Oan Isles we believe in democracy!" She concluded with a big smile.

Location: Lairds Council Hall, Drachenberg Palace, Weyrcliff, Grand Duchy of Dragonia

Looking upon his advisors, the Lords and Ladies that make up the Lairds Council, the aged Grand Duke nods as he counts the votes on the proposed withdrawing from the Auroran Continental Assembly and staying with the ACA.

Thinking to himself, ‘I’m surprised she wanted to withdraw from the ACA, Lord Daryen yes, I expected him to, but Lady Altair? Hmm.’ Internally smirking, ‘as my great grandson would say ‘what’s up with that’?’

“The majority of you have agreed, we will not be withdrawing from the ACA and will be declining the offer of ‘Observer Status’ for the Auroran Union.” He paused, “Good, We were not comfortable with leaving the ACA, Our father helped to build it, and Dragonia has helped to maintain it all these years.”

Looking around to see if any of the Lords and Ladies wished to say anything else, he paused then ended the Lairds Council “So mote it be.”

Immediately, Lord Daryen got up and left the room with a displeased look on his face. Lady Altair gracefully rose out of her chair and walked out the door right afterwards.

‘Hmm, I’ll have to have the Lord of Shadows watch them’ the Grand Duke thought as he chatted with the Lady Ambryen and Lord Tarren.

AWN - Axdelian World News broadcast

“…In the days following the decision by the house of representatives to join the AU and leave the ACA behind, Major protests sprung up in major cities around Axdel, the most powerful of which being in Nniikt. The protests have been heavily fuelled by the
Esercito Insurrezionale Anarchico, the insurrectionist wing of the second commune party, whom heavily dislike the “neoliberal and oligarchic” nature of the union. There are also many members in Sani-Bursil, where the largest protests of the continent are occouring, to demonstrate their disagreement alongside the rest of the multinational horde outside the summit. As well as that, there many celebrities and politicians who have voiced their opposition to the transition, spreading their opinions and messages all over social media…”


The back-clad insurrectionists moved out and dispersed themselves the crowd, which was now partially fixated on the Oan representative standing upon a raised platform near the government structure. There was a lot of noise, and they could hardly hear the woman talk, though that didn’t matter. One, who wore a gas mask and an armband displaying a black flag superimposed by a red one, clutched a flash grenade in his hands. He stared at the woman, an aide by the looks of her, and gritted his teeth. She represented all he hated about Oan society; her artificial smile, her spotless, expensive dress, her general demeanour, it infuriated him.

Wonder how many missiles her bosses have sold to dodgy dictators this week, he thought, his violent expression hidden beneath his mask.

She finished her short speech with: “In the Oan isles, we believe in democracy!” which tipped the insurrectionist over the edge. In one swift movement, he pulled the pin and tossed the grenade above the crowd and towards the podium, making himself small as not to be noticed. Within the second, three other insurrectionists had thrown their own flash grenades and smoke bombs, which exploded violently in front of the Oan woman’s face, creating a cloud of blinding light and loud bangs. The crowd of protesters immediately squirmed in reaction, some trying to flee, some standing to shout vulgarities or to throw their own missiles at the now smoky platform.

That’ll give them the message the insurrectionist thought, as he darted away, hiding himself among a group of similarly clad protesters hurling abuse at the riot police trying to hold them back.

J.T. prepared himself to speak into the XNNN camera. He had timed it fairly well to coincide with the speech from Ana Marama, the Chief of Staff from Oan. His fellow protestors knew the drill, rain down boos, hold up signs to obstruct cameras during Ms. Marama’s speech, and to constantly chant protest slogans. What they were not to do was obstruct police, jump fences, or assault Ms. Marama. The flashbangs were not part of J.T.'s group of protestors.

J.T. had begun his speech to XNNN before the grenades fell. “I have always understood that I was part of a system that would give me opportunities to fulfill my dreams. Well before my lifetime, leaders of Aurora got together and decided to give peace a try, and created an organization that has resulted in a peaceful and stable Aurora. Not only this, but an Aurora that has become the economic powerhouse of Urth, while still also providing for its fellow citizens. This organization is the ACA, and while not perfect, it represents the best of all of us on Aurora. People my age have had dreams of providing for their families, and living life to the fullest. A handful of greedy oligarchs have twisted and poisoned what the ACA stands for so it can better suit their purposes. These oligarchs have created a separate organization that will only serve to grow their own wealth and power and will do the most harm to my generation. All the progress we have made over the past forty years, everything we have done, will be upended with this Auroran Union, and the young will suffer the consequences of the greed of the old.”

“So, why do we protest? Why are we not content with just staying at home on our devices? Because, contrary to what the older generation says, we are committed and active, and have one goal in mind: to leave Urth in a better place than we were born into. Mark my words, the Auroran Union won’t do this. It will only serve the neoliberals and the oligarchs. Look at that woman behind me (points back to her). She is attempting to sway the crowd, expressing solidarity, likely saying she ‘hears their concerns’. Don’t believe it. Down with her, down with the AU, keep the—”

As J.T. is still pointing, flashbang grenades went off near Ms. Marama’s podium. Smoke quickly filled the air, combined with screams and the sound of fences, and people, being thrown to the ground. J.T. is pushed aside by the XNNN crew, who move to get a better shot of the pandemonium. Did someone just attack the woman? J.T. thought. This is bad; the police will be all over our protest. I need to get out of here. J.T. grabbed the megaphone he carried with him and yelled, “everyone, get out of this area, don’t cause trouble, get out of here!” Quickly grabbing a couple of protestors and running, J.T. noticed a sizeable number of black bloc individuals. Anarchists, of course, they have disrupted our protest. The best thing to do is to let them stay here and get quelled by the riot police, and for the real protestors to get outta here.

J.T. ran from the summit location and the park, and continued to yell out to his fellow protestors to leave and don’t cause trouble. [edit_reason]Wrote post[/edit_reason]

As flight 220 from Luthernburg to Sani Bursil park at gate 3 of the airport Vice reporter Morgan Bowell stepped off with his suit case and walked towards the cab section. He had come to film and document the protest in Sani Bursil. “Just a few hours before I arrived a series of attacks were conducted towards some Protesters at a rally, shit went left from there hopefully things are a little calmer” he says into the camera. As they neared were the protest were conducting the sun was starting to go down, he checked into a hotel and quickly got outside and into the protest to see what was going on. As he was walking across the street a group of protesters that were for the AU started to attack Anti-AU protesters throwing rocks and bottles. As he ran to get cover and still have a shot a series of explosions went off as the Sani Bursil Riot Police quickly moved into position separating the crowds.

“So basically these guys are clashing in the center of the city, the police are attempting to step in and stop the violence I saw couple people get hit, i’m trying to find a man by the name of J.T i’m going to have to start looking around” he says. As he walked down the street some men were running they screamed " The fucking Anarchists are coming run", Bowell quickly started running with the rest of the crowds as shots started to ring off and screams grew quiet.

Security personnel quickly escorted the disoriented Ana Marama to the building in which the summit was being held. As the representatives had gone to recess, he was able to see her. He beamed with satisfaction, his brilliant teeth, dark and heavily tattooed face expressing joy rather than concern.

She looked through the gradually fading haze and recognised this satisfaction and was a little confused. “Are you smiling”, she asked.

“Yes, I am indeed smiling”, Stephen Realua, the Official Oan Representative, replied.

“Why”, she asked, barely masking the sting of his lack of concern for his staff.

“Because, these people have fallen head first into the trap”, he explained, “We offered them an opportunity to hear their concerns in a logical and orderly way. We offered them a chance to engage with us on a horizontal rather than vertical basis. They spat it back in our faces. They refused to engage with us and worst of all, they threatened the safety of my staff. Whatever ideals they had, legitimate or not, have been invalidated by the action of a single individual. They have torn their own argument apart, without any assistance from us”.

He gazed out into the window and giggled a little and said, “Although the intense passion with which the Aurorans defend their democracy is admirable, it is flawed in one way: they are impatient, proud and unwilling to engage or compromise, and most importantly, they fail to understand that an individual is part of and works for the good of the whole. This requires a certain body of processes and debate, compromise and patience. It is also amusing that they wonder why we believe that our civilisation is superior to theirs, why we seem proud or uppity. My only real real concern is that there were Oans among them too. Can we trust such people, whose wanton childishness can spark violence in mere seconds, to make important decisions on matters of the whole when they have a childish nostalgia, childish reasoning capabilities and childish self-centeredness?”

The Staynish security could not decipher the unusual Oan language that the two individuals were speaking. All he could think about was: Only Oans can walk around half naked, with garrish tattoos and feathers in their hair, and still be considered diplomats.

Although the protests had been a minor respite from the mundanity of international diplomacy, the more challenging and thrilling portion of the summit had begun. Although the nomination period was over, it was time for the negotiations process - uncontrolled waters where the fish were free to eat… or be eaten.

He proceeded to speak to the Blueacian diplomat, whose name he had forgotten, and greeted him. They sat together at one table in the dining room where a lavish dinner had been prepared. Although the food was a little strange, it was prepared with enough respect and skill to cause any person from any culture to salivate.

They dug into their meals gladly, exchanging comments on the great taste of the food, and the measured and dexterous application of rosemary and basil. They lauded the chef here, spoke about sports there and so on. He did everything in his power to put the Blueacians at ease and conceal his nefarious intention.

He proceeded to have a more private conversation with the head of the Blueacian diplomat: “Sir, I am glad to see you. It is always good to be in the company of familiar and warm political and diplomatic allies. The Oan Isles and Blueacia, regardless of divergences in our interests, have always maintained not only amicable, but intimate relations. That intimacy makes me unusually bold. I wish to speak to you about your nomination for the Secretary General”.

As the two diplomants were eating and they spoke about lots of things the Blueacian diplomat Baldo Siciliani was having a good time. He just became a new member off the staff of diplomats and the meeting with the Oan diplomat was excually his first meeting in his position.

“You want to talk about our nominee for Secretary General. I hope you only speak with respect about mr. Lagonus. And I hope you brought me here to talk how we can get Oans vote to get mr Lagonus in that position.”

“A man who get’s straight to the point often misses the view. Regardless I am glad that you did. The Oan Isles and Blueacia have always enjoyed a close relationship. Trade and finance form the basis of that relationship, regardless of all the political idealism, money propels the plane and moves the ship. Our ideals, common values and democratic process simply give it direction and meaning. Since we have all been civil in our relations and prudent in our business, we’ve avoided clashing seriously. The world is gradually shifting, moving more so in times of serious struggle such as the war from which we just came. As such the Oan Isles needs a change in the rules a little bit”.

“Firstly, the Polynesian Union as a whole, has been burdened with debts. As our union is tackled with new tasks and long term economic challenges, we need to grapple with the present and think for the future. Then it occurred to us that the first transformation begins in the financial sector. We want Blueacian banks to restructure our public debt repayments and review the debts of households and either cancel or restructure them”.

“Our financial system, while effective, has been weakened by the flight of Oan capital to Blueacian banks. We need some commitment that Blueacia will repeal certain banking secrecy and bankruptcy laws, or at least review its policies, with a view to reducing the amount of tax evasion on the part of wealthy Oans”.

“Thirdly we request your nation’s continued diplomatic support in the newly created Auroran Union and the Peacekeeping Forces of Urth, for the recent declaration of a no fly zone over and blockade of Gemica.”