Borea Anthology

Borea Anthology is a collection of various short stories taking place in Borea. All RPer’s on Borea are free to use this thread for their various short stories and Non-Borean Rpers can message myself about posting stuff on here for their Borean short stories.


[Outside of the temporary congress building, Grand Shrine of Lilith; Newport, Nystatiszna]

Revolution has been won, the counter revolution foiled and the first civil war is over. The communists, fascists, monarchists and all others who opposed the democratic will of the people lay dead in the streets. To be gathered and burned, given funeral rites they do not deserve but will receive anyway by the soft hearted Nystatinne Akuanists.

Thanks in part to the work of Viktor von Dotseth, leader of a street gang and a thug to the head of state security. Founder of the revolution’s internal security division, despite his young age. His body was young, but his mind was older, molded by family abuse, violence on the streets and what felt like the apocalypse of civilized society only to be turned around to the era of new ideals. Freedom for the slaves, destruction of those who oppressed them. Yet no justice would be served to them, even now the liberals and socialist inside argue what to do with them instead of taking the simplest solution by taking them out back and kill the bastards.

It’s not that Viktor had any ideology to him, he only cared about Nystatiszna. He could care less if the socialists wanted to create a socialist utopia or if the liberals wanted to create Akuan democracy. All he wished was for a moment to himself, quietness in the middle of beating heart of politics.

Viktor leaned against the outside doors, taking a quiet moment to light up a cigarette and enjoy a smoke. The chilling breeze of the south sea slammed against his black cloak. Quiet moments like this are ever so rare for the young revolutionary even after the violence was ended. The endless arguing inside the parliament for the future of the country, what to do with the slave owning class and everything in between. His agents across the country, still keep busy despite him telling them otherwise. He wished for them to return home, to return to their families and find new work. Well, the ones that still had families left that is. Instead, the majority of them kept tabs on the local happenings of their region or reports on the status of the military stationed there.

If he was ever honest to himself, then he realized he is just an addict to the spy lifestyle and the endless stream of information it brings. Why else does he keep reading the reports or give suggestions to his agents? Never orders them, he would ask them to stop again but they’re going to ignore that order and keep working then he might as well put them to good use.

Leaning his head back resting his head against the ancient stone wall, taking a drag from his cigarette and exhaling the smoke.

“Something told me you were out here.” Naylorbrookisza, the unspoken leader for the military of the revolution, exited the large shrine office being used for the discussions. She gave a cruel smile, resting next to Dotseth and spoke in a soft tone. Taking out a cigarette and putting it her lips. “Got a light for a lass?”

Vitkor reached into his pocket taking out his lucky silver lighter and held it out to the colonel. She leaned over and lit her cigarette. Vitkor put the lighter back into his pocket. He shoved both his hands pocket as well, keeping them warm.

“Strange seeing you out here instead of inside.” Naylorbrookiszna took a puff from her cigarette, giving a small shiver as the freezing breeze slammed against her. Viktor couldn’t help but notice it, Naylorbrookiszna wasn’t from this land and from far away. Aurora, where the sun is always shining and food just rains down from the sky or whatever bullshit.

“Needed a smoke.” Vitkor breathed out the smoke through his nose, not wanting to take his hands out of the warmth of his pockets.

“You must be smoking a lot then. I haven’t seen you inside there all week.” Naylorbrookiszna danced around the subject. Viktor kept quiet, why was he here if he wasn’t even going to enter the discussion. Instead of taking a hand in the future of the country and freedom he fought so hard just to sit outside to smoke.

“They are talking about inviting a monarch, after everything that happened. Not another Arachne but one from out of Borea. Possibly even one from fucking Aurora, the same people we killed trying to free ourselves.” She spoke with a fiery, hateful tone. Dotsteh couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, at the Auroran comment given the place of her birth.

“I see that look Vikky, I might be born Auroran but my soul is Borean.” The colonel spoke, taking another puff from her cigarette. “I never belonged in that cursed place, I was lost before I came to Borea. Now I am here, I know my place in the world. I am a Borean.”

“Alright.” Viktor replied in a simple tone, finishing his cigarette and taking out another cigarette from his pack inside his coat. Her words are not really motivating him.

“Nystatiszna is a special place, in a special time of its existence. It can be shaped to be a truly special place, a holy place, one without blemish like other nations. It is why those other of inferior types have to suppress it, they know the future glory and dominance of it. It is Nystatiszna future to rule Borea. It just needs a firm hand to guide it.” Dotseth’s interest has peaked properly now, her words actually meaning something to him. He already had an idea what she was going to ask him though he didn’t yet say anything. Taking another puff from his cigarette looking forward.

“You know that words carry weight, not in there with the corrupt politicians but with the people that have seen what you seen and done what you have done. The people who fought instead of sitting on their hands and knees pleading for scraps. They believe Nystatiszna just a place, that is simply a nation like any other.” Naylorbrookisza kept her eyes on the Zrei.

“You can take part in shaping this country, far more than those who refused to take part in the fighting. Those who misbelieved that freedom could be won by protests and marches. You can shape it into the Nystatiszna we both know it needs to be.” She kept going on with her hard sale.

“I don’t care to be a politician or be known by the history books, I just want peace and quiet.” Dotseth replied to his friend in a respectful tone.

“You don’t have to make yourself known to influence the outcome. As for peace, there can be no peace in Borea. Not when politicians care more for themselves and what they gain. Even now as they ta…” She cut off my Dotseth.

“Speak to me as your friend, not a starry eyed fool you are trying to convince on your side.” Dotseth took another puff from his cigarette, letting the smoke exit through his nose.

Naylorbrookisza gave a smile. “Sorry Dotseth, I’ve been spending too much time in that damned building.” She rested her hand on Dotseth’s shoulder.

“Listen, I have a plan to save the revolution, to make the true Nystatiszna we fought for…” Again Dotseth stopped her.

“I’m in.” His words are short and simple.

“Just like that? I haven’t even told you anything yet.” Naylorbrookiszna was slightly taken back. She didn’t believe Viktor von Dotseth of all people would be so quick to join her.

“You don’t need to. I trust you.” Dotseth tossed his cigarette onto the ground and stomped it out.

“I thought you wanted peace and quiet?” She gave a cheeky grin.

“I want the unattainable. What are your orders Colonel?” Dotseth replied. Once an addict, always an addict no matter the lifestyle or drug. By the spirits he is addicted to everything Naylorbrookiszna was offering, revolution struggle, spywork and to demonstrate his unmatched love for Nystatiszna. Not the nation itself but the concept of Nystatiszna, the future Nystatiszna.