Campaign of Resident Vussul for Delegate

Residents and Citizens of The East Pacific, I am here to present my campaign for the Delegacy.

My present activity in The East Pacific only stretches back to June of this year. Despite that, I still wish to present my ideas for the region through this campaign.

Before I detail my ideas, I will say that I am hands-on and impatient. I want everything done as quickly as possible and will step in and do it myself if I feel a particular project is slacking.

General Ideas, Observations, and Goals

This campaign rests on two observations. The first is the lack of enthusiasm in TEP. This, I strongly feel, is what is keeping TEP back. I do not sense any strong motivation in the region. The general atmosphere is quiet. Second, I see that there still are many people in the region but few are employed in the government. This, I strongly feel, is due to the lack of energy.

These two observations are what my entire campaign is based on. To get this region to its former great status, I strongly feel that all TEP needs is a spark to get it running again.

Moving on from these two observations, I will present my ideas.

Immediately, I would propose a repeal of the Executive Act. It is an Act that only serves to add non-sensical rigidity to the Executive. Those Ministries will of course stay but an Act will no longer guide their structure. The needs of the Executive will define them.

I will push forward on the reward system overhaul which I feel is desperately needed to give people their due recognition and to encourage others to attempt to reach the same level as them.

The Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs and World Assembly Affairs would be renamed to simple Ministers of Foreign Affairs and World Assembly Affairs to keep a consistent naming convention. The Chief Minister of Regional Affairs will be abolished and a new position, the Chief Minister, will be created. The Chief Minister would act as an inspector, to keep a close watch on all Ministers to ensure they maintain their duties. I would mandate weekly reports from the Chief Minister on their observations of each Ministry covering plans, progress, activity, noteworthy staffers, and anything else of use. Separately, I will mandate monthly reports from each Minister covering the same areas as the Chief Minister.

All Cabinet advisors will be evaluated for why they are where they are and moved into the relevant inner circles. All advisors in general will be put under review for why they are where they are.

I will seek to appoint a Vice Delegate as IRL matters may interrupt matters. The Vice Delegate will have complete authority to make snap decisions and judgements where they deem necessary if I am preoccupied. When I am present, they will serve as an advisor.

As a result of this restructuring, the Cabinet will be reformed into a place for only the Chief Minister, Delegate, and, if one exists, the Vice Delegate. RA Ministers will use a separate inner circle for RA matters as will the WA, FA, and UTEP Ministries.

As Delegate, I will keep a logbook of actions performed and activities that occurred whilst I served. This logbook would then be released at the end of my term.

There are also two existing projects that I will force through to completion. The first is the dispatch overhaul. The second is the scripting infrastructure overhaul. The former needs the dispatch footers updated and REWARD updated. The latter needs work on API telegrams, the RMB endotarting bot, the REWARD overhaul, and Embot. REWARD overhaul is the most immediate project to complete. When it is completed, the dispatch overhaul is done. The next is the RMB bot. Lastly, Embot.


RA will be the strongest focus I have. I intend to have each Ministry cooperate as widely as possible. Each Ministry should work together to accomplish this. One hand washes the other as the phrase goes.

I am most familiar with the Ministry of News, having served as the de facto and later the official Minister. My plans for EPNS are wide-ranging.

EPNS is both meant to inform the domestic audience about governmental activity and project abroad to a foreign audience. This considered, my plans for the domestic audience include working with the Ministry of Outreach to complete the development of EPNS Lite, a short biweekly update of the government intended for RMB consumption and working with Outreach to accept articles from both the RMB and Urth communities, and working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to report interesting or noteworthy foreign updates. For the foreign audience, this will include reporting FA policy.

The Ministry of Outreach will work with the Ministry of News as declared above. I will also permit it to bring the Executive to the other communities in any way it can. This means that it can host the functions of the Executive game-side for the RMB community or any other way in any way it can devise.

The Ministry of Culture is dead. This has to be fixed. I will immediately seek out someone interested. I will give them the opportunity to create a festival with the Luasanne regions to develop their skills, give them a set of ideas (such as game side polls, ideas for game nights, etc.), some loose targets, and then let them have a free hand in generating as much activity as possible. Outreach will play a part in this. I hope to get Outreach to bring together both the RMB and Urth communities together for cultural events.

The Ministry of Immigration, which I would rename to the Ministry of Recruitment, would be potentially revived. It is not a priority. Recruitment is an important part of the government but I feel as if we are not lacking manpower. I feel as if we have enough talent as it is but the enthusiasm has dried up so there is little drive to do anything.


In FA, I would immediately orient TEP to be more, as the survey stated, determined. This would mean interventionism and a harder stance against regions that harm us or our allies.

I would push hard for a festival between the Lausanne regions and would aim to have multiple cultural events with many different regions. Both to strengthen our ties and revive TEP’s cultural scene as well.

All treaties will be put under review to see if the treaties still serve a meaningful purpose or need amendment or repeal.


The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs will remain unaltered. I will clarify that votes in the WA voting channel will only be advisory. I will not follow them if I feel they are contrary to TEP’s interests.

Endotarting will occupy a large part of my tenure. I will do my absolute best to raise the endorsement count of the Delegate beyond 600. I will endorse and telegram simultaneously to reach this goal and will actively hunt out non-WA issue answerers and get them into the WA. This will additionally serve as a potential recruitment tool.


UTEP is dead. I am willing to let anyone who can manage it take a chance. My general idea is to hijack the energy for political discussion and host formal debates. Literature encouragement should be another part of a revived UTEP. The literature UTEP does accept should be advertised in EPNS, preferably by the authors themselves.


I would flatten the ranks. There should be the simple Militiaman, then the Soldier, then the Commander, then the Overseeing Officer. R/D participation is something I want to aim for. Successes will be advertised both as they happen and in EPNS.

Concluding Notes

I wish all candidates good luck. I hope to see my ideas discussed. I hope that should someone else become Delegate, they should at least consider some of my ideas.

So, pretty much, you want the creation of a ‘Chief Minister’ (which I guess would be like the equivalent to a Prime Minister?) Would they act like a head of government or just a supervisory role for the cabinet?

The Chief Minister would be charged with ensuring that Ministers are doing the things they are charged with and presenting reports about it. They do not have any additional powers beyond that. Their goal is to be the Delegate’s eyes and ears in case the Delegate misses something.

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  1. I like your idea for a Chief Minister position supervising the other Ministers. This is where my appreciation for your campaign falls apart, I’m afraid. What is the functional difference between CM and VD? A CM oversees ministries and a VD takes over decision-making when you’re not around? That feels like a waste of manpower when both positions could be combined into one. Especially since having a “Chief Minister” fulfill VD duties is a clear solution to Zuk’s suggested issues with the VD position, which is the idea that a “Vice Delegate” is predetermined to succeed their Delegate.

  2. Why are you “re-evaluating” (getting rid of and moving around) advisors? Is it just to make the government more exclusive? Is there a practical reason?

  3. What do you think a three person cabinet with no advisors will entail? What will you discuss? Minister activity? Wouldn’t it be more productive to centralize discussions of administering the Ministries of the Executive?

  4. If you CAN’T get the Executive Act repealed, then will you alter your plans? Because right now your cabinet idea would be in violation of the Executive Act.

  5. Speaking on that, as well, I vehemently oppose the repeal of the Executive Act. I don’t see the restrictions as nonsensical at all. All it imposes is that the Delegate has a MoFA, MoWAA, OO, and some form of RA minister. I wouldn’t call that nonsensical, I would call that ESSENTIAL to ensure that the Delegate does not abolish the ministries just because he feels like it. It provides structure for our government which we desperately need - it is the bones of the Executive, and I personally don’t like the idea of a boneless, formless government. The East Pacific’s Executive government is the most unstructured mess I’ve ever seen. Just look at Zuk’s timeline of Ministers/Ministries - there is wild inconsistency over the eras. The whims of the Delegate decide everything, and the whims of the Delegate can fail. I freely admit my Delegacy was a failure - I used it to experiment with structure and in doing so I doomed my term to a mess of an administration which I eventually had to reverse, leaving a net zero effect on TEP except for the inactivity and confusion birthed from huge changes such as those. If we take TSP or FNF as a better example, we can see how their Executives are structured within their laws. When they need to evolve, they do, but after deliberative legislative process with care and caution. Not the fickle whims of their leader. Our Executive needs MORE legal structure, not less, in my opinion.

  6. Why does the WA ministry need an Inner Circle? Afaik the only current member is the Minister. Why does the RA ministry need an Inner Circle? What’s wrong with the categorized threads? It feels like your proposed government structure is to revert to 2020 TEP, a TEP whose system of Executive governance only succeeded due to unnaturally high levels of activity which cannot be replicated.

  7. What will you do if you cannot find someone interested in taking on Culture?

  8. A Lausanne festival is already planned.

  9. What will this “harder stance” in FA entail?

  10. Adding onto the above: Consider the situation where TCB and BOM delbumped TNP but then TNP griefed our embassy. What would you do in this situation?

  11. How will you define whether or not treaties “serve a meaningful purpose”?

  12. What if multiple people wish to manage UTEP? How will you decide which person to appoint?

  13. How do you intend to implement these formal debates in UTEP? How will you structure them, come up with ideas for them, ensure participation in them, and moderate them?

  14. Won’t flattening the ranks remove possibilities for engagement on the basis of seeking promotion?

  15. Would “flattening the ranks” include abolishing the EPEF?

  16. How will you find a replacement for yourself in EPNS?

  1. You have very specific views as to who is a TEPer and who is not. How will you ensure that we won’t lose talent? When Aga came to TEP they definitely weren’t a TEPer by your standards - yet they got a chance extremelt early on and became one of the most important figures in modern TEP. Similar for Aurora.

So again. How will you make sure your views don’t negatively affect new talent?

To clarify the status of this campaign. My candidacy does not appear to be legitimate. My campaign should be ignored and discarded.

Re: Endotarting, it is worth noting TEP will soon dip below the 600 total WAs number.